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  2. Right? And Batman being like, "If we let the cops arrest Jason for murder -- with a gun -- he'll expose us," is a big NO! Barbara is the only one acting like a Bat-family character, yet she has no agency. If she's not bowing to Bruce, she's kissing Jason -- WHO JUST MURDERED A JOKER AND WHICH SHE'S RIGHTLY BEEN 'WTF-ING' ABOUT TO BATMAN WHO'S DONE NOTHING BECAUSE "KGNLK NGJHGIOEaHAUG:ANg gAIIO :GAegrhj!d"
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  4. The art is so good but this is ground well covered in better books when it comes to Joker trauma. Jason is also written badly. He's never blamed Batman for making him Robin or his death.
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  6. All that and one of the actresses in the film is Trans so I am really excited to see what they do.
  7. Train of the Dead: review forthcoming, but yikes. Paper Tiger: this is classic Bill Burr. So good. Lucy: somehow managed to never watch it. The premise turned me off because the "humans only use 10% of their brain capacity" thing is just plain made-up bullshit. If I recall, this was around the time of Under the Skin, so I guess Scarlett wanted to go for the "alien" character during this era of her career. It's a stupid movie, but it's beautiful. It's also very scattershot in its editing. I guess I understand what they were going for injecting the images of the wild, but it felt very
  8. Figured I'd give #2 a shot. What even is this book trying to accomplish? The art is good, but Johns is not moving the story along at all. He does, however, script one of the Jokers in Mark Hamill's cadence.
  9. This is the map for my homebrew world for my D&D Campaign. This took waaaay longer than I care to admit.
  10. While it's very much a remake ("We are the weirdos, Mister"), at the 1:50 mark there's a very clear sign that it's also a sequel. So this might be interesting.
  11. After the news broke this weekend that Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix named their newborn son River, I decided to watch Stand by Me. At the moment I'm an hour in, and, man, I always forget how much of this movie River Phoenix shoulders. He's elevating everyone around him, and the kid was only 15 / 16 here. He plays the adult of the four boys, but he's still such a child himself. There's so much power in his performance. So much unsaid about this life. Without him, I'm not sure this movie would be as fondly remembered as it is. Something I noticed this time around is the scar Eyeball has
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  13. Oh that sounds cool! I'll have to check them out.
  14. I only thought of this after you made your post, but maybe you should look into the Dishonored series, Mike. You play as various supernatural assassins throughout the games and you can approach a level in so many different ways, from lethal/non-lethal, cruel/kind or superpowered/grounded. Dishonored 2, in particular, has some of the most clever levels I've ever seen, like a mansion that rearranges itself and a place where you can travel between two timelines at will.
  15. I've been playing Hitman 2 for at least a month. What I love about this game is that, at its core, it's a puzzle game. Yeah, it's a puzzle game in which you take out bad people, but the fact that it can be played any way the gamer sees fit -- and that it's actively asking you to do so -- creates the potential for infinite fun. Sometime I go in looking for the Silent Assassin achievement, while other times I go full T-800 in the police station.
  16. This week on Dread Media, Chris and Des take a look at the 1931 horror film that earned its lead actor Frederic March an Oscar: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Then, Rich the Monster Movie Kid reviews the South Korean period-piece kaiju film Monstrum. Songs included: "Jekyll & Hyde" by Iced Earth, "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" by The Damned, "Creeping Death" by Metallica, and "Man or Monster" by Gorgeous Frankenstein. [ 1:12:36 || 35.1 MB ]
  17. Finished playing Dragon Age II. And despite agreeing with the criticisms, mainly the passage of time feeling like a joke and repetitiveness in the mission structures (and areas, jeez), I really loved the characters and the tone of it. I don't prefer epic scale stories, so having this be mostly driven by the characters is perfectly fine by me. I never thought I'd love Varric to the extent that I do, Isabela is a riot, and Merrill is so adorable despite the absolute buffoonery she gets into. It's similar to Mass Effect: Andromeda, another flawed but likable game (probably my favorite of tha
  18. Scream 3: Synopsis Watch for future episode of The Show. Still need a more through notes rewatch. In related news, guess who's probably getting drunk this weekend? Films: 120 Documentaries: 1 Rewatches: 2 Mst3k/Rifftrax/Other Assisted: 14
  19. Saw your update on Twitter. It looks like GoDaddy has a podcast hosting service. So it appears that the left hand doesn't know what the right hand it doing.
  20. Spaceballs: I was taken aback at the language in this, since it was only rated PG. They even dropped the F Bomb late in the movie! If this were made today it would definitely be PG-13. I don't have a problem with the language necessarily, just surprised to see it in a PG movie. Back then, PG was much wider than it is now. Films Watched: 33
  21. That, or an episode of The Show. Also, it would be interesting to see your Karate Kid retrospective expanded into a full-length article or a podcast. If we ever meet in person, you have permission to bop me on top of the head for piling more work on you, given your already daunting workload.
  22. The Spinosaurus entry has been updated in light of recent discoveries.
  23. Update 9 has been posted, because GoDaddy are asshats.
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