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  2. Perpetually behind on NXT UK. I mostly enjoy the shows, but every time I hear that damn Gallus theme I get so damn sleepy.
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    Episode 616

    This week on Dread Media, we take a look at a slate of 2019 horror films. First up, Desmond goes solo on a review of Us (and offers a giveaway of said film). Then, Tom Deja reviews the brand new Godzilla: King of the Monsters. Finally, Tom and Des team up on a review of The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then The Bigfoot. Songs included: "Down the Rabbit Hole" by Michael Abels, "I Got 5 On It (Tethered mix from Us feat. Michael Marshall)" by Luniz, "Godzilla (feat. Serj Tankian)" by Bear McCreary, "Bigfoot" by The Worth, and "Them and Us" by Bad Religion. [ 1:10:43 || 34.2 MB ]
  5. Due to it being on constant rotation on local TV, I have seen this movie dozens upon dozens of times. It never gets old.
  6. Bad News Bears: Boy, this was a blast from the past. I love how pure thesis. It doesn't give a fuck about anything outside the baseball team. There's a machination at the league level to get this team out of there, but the film doesn't give a fuck. There's a former love story with a player's mom, but the film doesn't give a fuck. It's just about alcoholic Walter Matthau coaching a bunch of nerds, Oscar Winner Tatum O'Neal and young Rorshach even though he's not really interested. Loved it. Boys did too. It actually took me to the credits to realize it was Jackie Earl Haley. I'd completely forgotten. So I showed the boys the "You're locked in here with me" scene from Watchmen. I may have to watch that with them next. Always Be My Maybe: this was really fun. It's pretty standard romantic comedy until Keanu Reeves shows up and it kicks into wildly hysterical comedy territory. He's a treasure. Randall Park is a legitimate movie star too. Features: 50 Shorts: 15 Documentaries: 5 Rewatches: 4
  7. Re-watched "Wake The Dead" from JLU. Two observations: The ending is one of the saddest I have seen. Superman is extremely reckless in the opening minutes of the fight. Great episode.
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  9. I'm of the opinion that the first X-Men film is the best, so I'm down.
  10. X-Men was my first fandom so yeah, count me in!
  11. I'd be interested. Not seen the early movies for ages or the latest one yet, but the X-Men comics were the first ones I read consistently and I've seen most if not every episode of the 90s and early 2000s cartoons. I even had the DK X-Men encyclopedia at one point. Not sure if I'm up for full synopsis duties, given that I've only done it once and I took way too long.
  12. I'm interested, although we do still need to plan our other project.
  13. Now that Dark Phoenix has capped off the Fox-led X-Men franchise*, I'd like to cover all 12 movies on The Show. Who would like to join me? *I don't think we'll ever see New Mutants. And if it does come out, then we add one more to the list.
  14. Star Trek III: The Search for Spock A solid follow-up that picks up immediately after the last one left off with zero time skipped. Like with Wrath of Khan, the plot feels lesser than it is. Both films have a plot, but they almost feel invisible to the character conflicts. Not a criticism, just an observation. Shatner gave another solid performance full of emotion, and the support players had way more to do than I've seen them in probably ever. This made the movie really heartfelt, with the theme of friendship making all of the crazy BS worthwhile. The ending got me, not gonna lie. The new actress for Saviuk wasn't terrific, but she was way more Vulcan-like than Kirstie Alley, so I liked her better.
  15. Really slowed down on my comics reading lately. Locke & Key vol 1 Welcome to Lovecraft: wanted to do a reread of this for a while until I get to the new stuff I haven't read yet. A very solid little weird supernatural horror comic. Beauty and the Beast: a late 80s graphic novel featuring the amazing art of Jordi Bernet. Definite influence on Sin City here. It's undeniable. Bone Parish #1: I don't remember much from this read-through, to be honest. So, I think I'll drop it. Lots of stuff to catch up on. Brittania Lost Eagles of Rome #1: not lighting me on fire. I'm out. Brothers Dracul #4: still great. Good stuff. DC's Beach Blanket Bad Guys Summer Special #1: I almost skipped this. But how often have you read an anthology comic where every story is good? Fucking rare. This might be the best one shot of the year. Lots of different styles of story here. All are interesting. Comics: 115 Trades: 11 Graphic Novels: 7 Omnibus: 3
  16. So, I think it is an adaptation of the book, but on further thought, it only really makes sense to incorporate elements of the Kubrick film into the film version of the book. Otherwise, it's a pretty intensely missed opportunity. Just visually, I mean. And the staggering amount of people who have seen The Shining versus those who have read it would probably agree. I'm willing to bet there's very little if anything that is rehashed from Kurbick's film beyond what was shown in the trailer. I could be wrong though.
  17. I haven't read it either, tbh. But either way: the film looks extremely good.
  18. Silver Surfer: Black #1: The writing was okay but the art was super cool Spider-Man: Life Story #4: I've loved every issue of this mini and #4 was no exception, especially as a fan of the Clone Saga. THIS SERIES MAN Single Issues: 202 Trade Paperbacks: 7
  19. No, primarily because you need to establish the Shi'ar empire first. And having Jean Grey destroy an entire planet and murder billions of sentient beings would not fly in a movie. I'm sure that's why... And the Hellfire Club thing was very important to the story. Like @Donomark said, it would have to be more than one movie.
  20. I'm reminded of Mary Jane Watson getting cancer in Spider-Man: Reign.
  21. Looks like maybe they're reconciling Danny's past with the events of the film, but then just adapting the novel. I'm not sure how much the book references The Shining as I haven't read it yet.
  22. Hyped! Though I am confused: is this a sequel to King's novel or to Kubrick's movie? From the trailer it seems the latter, but press material seems to indicate the former.
  23. Infinity - The event Hickman did years ago. I have a fondness for this, as it's the only event (aside from the original Spider-Verse) I followed as it was coming out, so far. I didn't read all of the tie-ins though, so I only got part of the story. With this complete set of the Hickman-written stuff...I still don't get it beyond the broadest of strokes, but I respect how hardcore scifi this was. Let's see somebody try to make a movie out of this, hah. Mostly dug the art, with Yu and Opeña, and Cheung, Weaver, and Deodato all complementing each other in different ways. Only nitpick is that the former group draw faces and bodies really oddly from time to time, which was really distracting. Skyward - Bought the two volumes out so far, since there was a sale. I can see why it's been nominated for an Eisner, even if I kinda doubt it'd win. The storytelling is solid, the world is fleshed out despite the out-there premise. I really dig the protagonist, she's a ton of fun. Love the art by Lee Garbett, he does a lot of good character work, especially in relation to the wacky low-gravity stuff. Antonio Fabela's colors are gorgeous, they really help set the tone.
  24. Godzilla: King of the Monsters - Mixed on this. It looks really nice, the monsters are framed in appropriately mythic scale. The cast is fantastic, and commit to the material. They're much more memorable here than in the 2014 movie. The monsters get a lot of great moments, each manage to convey their personalities in fun ways. I never expected Mothra to be a breakout character, despite being beloved by fans of the original movies. On the other hand, the movie crammed so much material at such a relentless pace, it was exhausting. My response to Godzilla arriving during a battle with two other kaiju shouldn't be "this is still going on??". I don't know what else they can do for Godzilla vs Kong.
  25. Skims through Immortal Hulk #19... what the hell?!
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