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  2. Uncut Gems: while I like this movie a whole fuckin lot, I think it’s like. Just great? And not the most perfect thing ever? That said, it’s really great. And I can’t believe I’m saying that about a Sandler joint. Films Watched: 5
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  4. Valentine: I don’t remember it being this boring. This is from 2001, with Denise Richards. Films watched: 3
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  6. The Crow: Wicked Prayer -- If you're going to have a movie with a character named Jim Crow, he needs to be a villain and a vicious racist.
  7. Dave and Mike kick off 2020 with an all-access Geekly News Roundup. In this edition, they discuss trailers, trailers, and more trailers: Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn), Wonder Woman 1984, New Mutants, Black Widow, Mulan, Free Guy, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, Top Gun: Maverick, No Time to Die, and Star Trek: Picard. [ 2:05:18 || 88.7 MB ]
  8. My head is spinning from the following: I don't know what any of that is about. I kinda wish they went with the title "Morbius: THE LIVING VAMPIRE" but I figure it's slightly cheesy. Honestly this does not look that bad as an adaptation of the character. Especially that shot of him all mutated. As a spin-off, I think this is more honest than a Spidey-less Venom movie.
  9. Hot Tub Time Machine: pretty decent. Very predictable, but there are good performances. Sebastian Stan as the villain of EVERY eighties movie was a delightful surprise. Wishmaster 3: Beyond the Gates of Hell: review forthcoming Features: 6 Shorts: Documentaries: Rewatches:
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    Episode 646

    This week on Dread Media, we take a look at some of the best horror films from 2019, both independent and big studio releases. First up, Desmond and Duane take a look at the mumblecore cosmic horror film Starfish. Then, Rich the Monster Movie Kid reviews Doctor Sleep. Songs included: "Stray Dog and the Chocolate Shake" by Grandaddy, "Seafood" by Porchlight, "Enter Sandman" by Motorhead, and "Bring Back the Plague" by Cattle Decapitation. [ 1:10:45 || 34.2 MB ]
  11. Cobra: This is one of the most nakedly political movies I have seen - an absurd far-right fantasy. I won’t rant about how wrong it is, but I will say it makes no sense at all. Cobretti’s enemies in the police are given terrible lines and worse arguments, they don’t believe mountains of evidence and Cobretti is too “cool” to explain anything. The final battle sees Cobretti with a Game Genie surgically implanted in his brain, as his ridiculously perfect aim with a handgun had me laughing and guffawing. Also, Brigette Nielsen is not a good actress. Films Watched: 2
  12. The Unicorn: It's a film about a couple trying to have a threeway. It's not bad but it slowly hits some Chasing Amy areas that I started to dislike. Beetlejuice: One of my favorites. It has some problems but from a production standpoint, it's a standout! Films: 4
  13. To be fair, that would be more exciting than three quarters of the stuff currently on WWE. As I said on Twitter yesterday, Love you Molly and your experience is important!
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  15. I need to rewatch that, because Des reviewed it alongside Phantom of Paradise and thought SOF was the second coming, whereas I heavily preferred POP.
  16. The Trans Experience sounds like we're wrestling Asuka and Kairi next week on Raw.
  17. Congrats, Molly. And welcome to The Trans Experience.
  18. Congrats! Also, not to Bogart your moment. But, Good News, everyone. I'm a woman! Ive started transitioning, I'll spare you the gory details, but I'm going by Molly now, with my pronouns as she/her. I'm still my kids' Dad. I'm still here, just new look, new name. Like when they changed the Doritos bag.
  19. Streets of Fire: it’s pretty good, tbh. Everything’s a bit wooden, but other than that, it’s good. Films watched: 4
  20. My publishing guru (for lack of a better word) convinced me to a write a short conclusion/epilogue to my book. After a bitter month's struggle, that conclusion is now in a presentable form and after four years, the book is finally being submitted to publishers. I'm sure it'll be a while before it's on shelves and there'll be a lot of to-ing and fro-ing with the publishers before then. In the meantime, I'm glad to finally be at this point and am already working on the next one.
  21. ARQ: It's a Netflix Original joint. Holds up pretty well from the last time I watched it. Films Watched: 3
  22. The cocaine power-up is hilarious.
  23. That looks fucking great.
  24. Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies: review forthcoming Features: 4 Shorts: Documentaries: Rewatches:
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