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  2. New York tabloids dubbed him the "Death Wish" gunman. And a google search brought up this very disturbing article regarding Death Wish III.
  3. Since you were saying what other things the actors were in, I was hoping you would introduce David Arquette as a former WCW champion. 🙂
  4. The Last Exorcism: I like this movie in spite of its ending, tbh. Films Watched: 41
  5. I'm really enjoying this guys. The level of detail each of you adds is fascinating. I'm going to have to read along with each episode. One point, and I don't know if the panels contradict this at all, but I always figure that part of Rorsachs plan would be to get the name Edward Blake out there, send terrified lowlifes out with word hes searching for the killer. It's a very Daredevil thing to do. Then again, maybe back when Dan and Rorsach used to investigate Dan suggested that sort of action and it just became habit for Rorsach, he doesn't really remember why they did it it's just an automatic reaction. Find crime = Terrify bar, that kind of thing.
  6. The Hills Have Eyes (2006): I definitely enjoy this a lot more than the Wes Craven version, tbh. I think it's mostly due to the fact that I find the protagonist family a bit more realistic, and the hill monsters to be way more, well, monstrous. Films Watche: 40
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  8. After a bit of talk about TIFF 2019, Skyler and Will gab about Scream 2. Along the way they discuss the idiot ball, handsome victims, and praise Laurie Metcalf a bit. Okay, they praise her a lot! [ 2:52:45 || 84.8 MB ]
  9. Child's Play: I've never actually seen Child's Play. You can see the seeds of what would make Chuckie a long-lasting character but it just never clicked for me. Hellraiser 3: Hell on Earth: Oh good, I was wondering when this series would fall into "Slasher with a little bit of S&M." Kill Your Friends: Maybe it's because it got billed as horror but the film is pretty bad and a good soundtrack never makes up for it. Shriek if You Know What I Did Last Friday the 13th: Amazingly, despite coming out the same year as Scary Movie and primarily making fun of the same two movies, they don't retread any jokes. I laughed about three times. That's the most I can compliment it for. Uncanny Annie: This is the second time I've watched on of Hulu and Blumhouse's Into The Dark films and the second time I've been pretty disappointed. They took what could have been a pretty interesting concept (Horror Jumanji) and wasted it. There is some elements that work but they're far and few between. Films: 117 Documentary: 1 MST3K/Rifftrax Assisted: 4 Repeats: 5
  10. Ah, well perhaps that had a hand in the shootings after the fact. I swear I've heard that before.
  11. That surprised me too, but then I heard there's some racial tension in Full Sail Arena. The crowds, apparently, have been known to start racist chants. So when Ciampa attacked Angel Garza's Mexican flag-themed pants, it had a certain look to people who were aware of the racist crap at Full Sail.
  12. Did my normal Monday listen to wrestling podcasts, specifically the ones post last weeks NXT. And I was surprised to hear so much conversation about Tomasso Ciampa beating up a pair of pants. Or rather pants that happen to be the same color as the Mexican flag. And thus controversy. Apparently. Not once did that enter into my mind watching the episode. I don't get it.
  13. With Dark Fate coming out in a few weeks, what about a shorter segment covering all six movies in the Terminator franchise?
  14. This looks like a $100+ million B-grade action film, and I am all-in on that. It's been a while since I saw a "popcorn" movie in the cinema*, and miss that. *I think Godzilla (2014) might have been the last one.
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    Episode 634

    This week on Dread Media, the George A. Romero classic finally gets its due on the show as Darryll and Desmond review Dario Argento's European Cut of the original Dawn of the Dead. Then, Rich the Monster Movie Kid reviews the obscure Vincent Price-starring anthology film Escapes. And finally, Tom reviews the Korean horror film Death Bell. Songs included: "Consumed of the Dead" by Occultist, "Zaratozom" by Goblin, "Escape" by Metallica, "Incubus" by Walking After U, and "The Last Rager" by Municipal Waste. [ 1:12:21 || 35.0 MB ]
  16. Actually, the Goetz shootings took place in 1984. Death Wish was 1974 and Death Wish II was 1982. Rather than ranting again about the DW films here, I'll link to my rant from the other thread.
  17. Professor


    Spending a quiet weekend at home crossing off many things on the mile long 'to-do' list is greatly satisfying.
  18. Both were inspired by the Bernhard Goetz subway shootings. 1981.
  19. As a DC Universe movie, "Joker" is the worst comic book movie I have ever seen. Worse than Batman & Robin and worse than Howard the Duck. I don't care about the Joker's tragic origin and I don't have any interest in sympathizing with the character. And the movie went into WAY too much detail on the Joker's life story and everything he went through. That isn't necessary at all, IMO. I hated the ending. If @The Master slammed his head into his desk with Batman 89 and Jack Napier... As a character study of Arthur Fleck, if it wasn't connected to DC Universe characters at all, and with the names switched to all original characters, this movie is easily an an A+. Joaquin Phoenix was amazing. I liked the fact that... Also... When does this take place? Seems like it should be in the 1980's. Films Watched: 30
  20. Just finished my second playthrough of Season 3 of The Walking Dead. At first, I didn't care about the Garcia family at all. It certainly was an interesting design decision to make Clem a secondary character / NPC. After I finished the game I liked it a bit more, and actually cared about the characters.
  21. Thank you for sharing that, Don.
  22. Had a morning pre-opening shelving shift at the B&N I work at, and it was really cool to listen to this while surrounded by books, specifically the Sci-Fi/Comics and Graphic Novels section. Loved that you caught the note “Black Unrest” at Metropolis’ meeting. There’s a great article by Osvaldo Oyola on how that rightly surmised that there would be no black crime fighters in the world of Watchmen.
  23. As Edward "The Comedian" Blake is laid to rest, old friends reflect on their time with him. It's rarely pleasant. [ 1:22:58 || 40.3 MB ]
  24. I may be late to the party, as they apparently had the same music in ROH, but I'm in love with SCU's entrance/music.
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