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  2. A couple episodes into the new Unsolved Mysteries and loving it. Beautiful cinematic documentary filmmaking combined with the tone and case-type of the original show. No host was the best thing they could have done. Robert Stack is unreplaceable.
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  4. I’m disappointed that my constant trolling has gone for naught, as there was no reference to the second 3MB member to get future endeavored and make it all the way back to win the WWE Heavyweight title during the lifespan of this podcast!
  5. The Last Space Race #1: I think I found it. A sci fi comic I actually give a shit about. The Unstoppable Wasp #1: I loved the last series, but I can't get past the art here. Can't do the manga influence. Not for me. Weapon H #9: still fucking great. What If Marvel Comics Went Metal with Ghost Rider? #1: god this is fucking horrible. What if Peter Parker Became the Punisher? #1: this is really fun. Felt like an old school 90s What If? X-23 #5: not bad. Didn't light my world on fire. X-Men Black Mojo #1: Oh my God...this was fucking funny. I dug it a lot. X-Men Black Mystique #1: decent. It did feel very rote. Babyteeth #13: holy shit. This was good. Bettie Page Halloween Special #1: the first story was fun, but the second was almost unreadable. Books of Magic #1: so...are they just remaking the original series? No complaints here, really, because the other Sandman U reboot books have sucked horribly. This was pretty good. Dead Kings #1: good introduction to the world. I'll try another. High Heaven #2: still pretty good. Infinity Wars Arachknight #1: this was...not too bad. Infinity Wars Sleepwalker #2: still pretty good. Infinity Wars Soldier Supreme #2: this was also pretty good. Judge Dread Toxic #1: no thanks. Justice League Odyssey #2: this is kind of cool. KISS Blood and Stardust #1: I'm intrigued, but not enough to continue. Lodger #1: a crime book by the Laphams? I'm in...I read it. Nope. Not in. Mars Attacks #1: I liked this a lot more than I thought I would. I would check it out in trade. Moon Knight #200: this was a slog. Old Lady Harley #1: holy shit this was awful. Red Sonja Halloween #1: same as the Bettie Page one, first story was decent, but the second was unreadable. Also, can we do something other than Kulan Gath? Supervillains Unite! The Complete Super-villain Team-up: this is a really fun collection of mostly shenanigans between Doom and Namor. I did it as a read-along for the Defender's Dialogue podcast like Godzilla. Next up is Man-Thing! And now the stuff that's been sitting on my bedside table forever: Savage Dragon #246-7: really enjoying this part of the run. Young Romance The Best of Simon & Kirby's Romance Comics: some of these are pretty hokey, but there's a lot of really great storytelling and boisterous early silver age work here. Recurring themes: young women are a pain in the ass. Haha! People talk all about Kirby defining superhero comics in the 60s, but he also created several genres with Simon, Romance Comics being one of them. In the Pines: 5 Murder Ballads: this is a cool collection of adaptations of old murder ballads by Erik Kriek. There is stark terror in a lot of these pages and it was extremely compelling. Flayed Corpse and Other Stories: I almost bought this when it came out through DCBS but it was an expensive month so I dropped it. I then picked it up last summer when Stacy and I went to Seattle at the Fantagraphics Books store. It is quite easily the best sequential work I've read all year. It's a collection of short strips that deal with horror, sex and nihilism. It's beautiful, funny and sad. Josh Simmons has quickly climbed my list of favourite cartoonists. Issues: 145 Trades: 12 Omnibus: 4 Graphic Novel: 7
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  7. Wow, that was a fast turnaround from the last one. Really looking forward to listening to this.
  8. Think "American McGee's Batman '66". You will like it. I'm not familiar with the actor but if I'm being 100% honest I won't miss Rose all that much. This opens the show up to some new avenues to go down and I'm here for it.
  9. The novelization by Alan Dean Foster (*cough*, sorry, "George Lucas") spent a lot of time on that scene. In the days before VHS it was very easy to convince yourself you had just forgotten about it.
  10. Though I've not seen Batwoman, this is a great move on the part of the production team and I am excited to see how she does.
  11. Y'know what, I like it. We still have a Queer Actress in the part and another show on The CW that is anchored by a person of color. I am pretty excited to see what they do!
  12. Javicia Leslie is taking the lead on Batwoman. She'll play Ryan Wilder / Batwoman.
  13. On the note of the Mr. A/Arcade connection, that does get followed up in Uncanny X-Men#145. I am so happy to see Earth 2 in 1 back! Always a fun segment!
  14. On Week 46, Vince McMahon sits down with Jim Ross to say "Bret screwed Bret." How will Kellen and Tom side on the matter? (If you've listened to us before you probably know.) Meanwhile, The Rock and Stone Cold continue to make each other's acquaintance, and Rick Rude manages to be in two places at once. [ 1:45:47 || 50.9 MB ]
  15. Dan and Mike return to Earth-2-in-1, but this time they jump way ahead to speak about Golden Age Batman and Disco Thing in The Brave and The Bold #167 and Marvel Two-in-One #68. [ 1:17:13 || 39.8 MB ]
  16. I only got around to listening to this today. First off, How DARE you continue to call me out over watching The Holiday Special! It's not like I have voodoo dolls of both of you set-up in front of a TV where I leave The Holiday Special playing sometimes while I'm at work or out of the house for a few hours. Mostly kidding there. So, something that came to mind when listening to the episode was about the Luke and Biggs at Toshi Station scene. I remember that for the longest time, the internet was convinced that the scene has been present when Start Wars was first broadcast in the early 80s on Television. People had vivid memories of the scene, could describe it, and it lined up perfectly. While this sounds weird, it is a common practice for a movie to either take out scenes to fill the broadcast time or add deleted scenes in if they don't have enough to fill a timeslot. This was accepted as reality until around I think it was the Special Edition when someone actually dug up a VHS copy of the Broadcast and, sure enough, it wasn't there. Turns out, it was a combination of kids having read Star Wars #1 and a Star Wars Story Book that had stills from the movie and then remembering it a certain way when they talking to a bunch of strangers on a Usenet. The Mandela Effect in action, y'all.
  17. This week on Dread Media, we go back to the old standard: the zom-com! Only, we've got something a little different this time. First up, it's not quite a zombie movie and not quite a comedy, but The Dead Don't Die is definitely a Jim Jarmusch film as Tom and Desmond discover. Then, Desmond goes solo on a Dread Media Top 5 Obscure Zom-Coms! Of course, there are tunes: "Summah Starved Zombies" by Howard Kremer, "The Dead Don't Die" by Sturgill Simpson, "My Boyfriend's Back" by Raveonettes, and "Like the Dead Would Laugh" by Deadboy and The Elephantmen. [ 56:44 || 27.5 MB ]
  18. Watched Nancy Drew. I figured it would much the same as Riverdale. Kinda is, maybe leaning into the spooky more. It tries to be horror at times, but their version of trying is jump scares. It got old. Slightly hurt by the shutdown (cut from 22 to 18), but with I'm sure was a bit of extra editing, the finale works as a decent enough cliffhanger. I will say, for a show bases on a character who solves mysteries, the two main mysteries of the seasons had really weak reveals. And now I await the Encyclopedia Brown series. He will be in a fight against an alien invasion with the help of his single parent (played by someone from Melrose Place this time (and maybe a single mom this time, to shake things up)).
  19. The Invisible Man: Some of the scenes stretch the limits of being believable. And by that I mean how characters would react if this were real. If I got punched in the face and the only person in the room was too far away to have traversed the distance to hit me, I would be willing to believe her story about an invisible stalker - especially since strange things have been happening and she is convinced her ex-husband has made himself invisible. And people being punched and thrown around in the mental hospital would have been captured on security camera and saved in the cloud. The minute he goes on a rampage in the sanitarium, the gig is up in terms of hiding the fact that he has the suit. Also, does the suit give him super-strength too? Because he's a little too powerful. Films Watched: 26
  20. I have read the book (okay, listened to the audiobook) and yes, that scene is in the book and no, I don't think you could not have in the film without weakening Lisbeth's character (which is admittedly problematic to begin with) or downplaying the theme of misogyny (in fact, the book's original Swedish title is Män som hatar kvinnor -- "Men Who Hate Women"). I've not seen the movie for awhile (it's mostly good but paraphrases the plot of the book quite a bit; Michael is in jail for libel for a chunk of it) and I haven't seen many other Fincher films; however, one of those films was Se7en, so he does have precedent having horrific things happen to his films' leading female characters. That said, the scene in Girl is legitimately horrifying and if it had to be shown, it needed to be. The only thing that got me through it in the book and while re-watching the movie was the knowledge of what happened to him afterwards.
  21. I Am Not Your Negro: As someone who fell into James Baldwin in the past couple of years, this was more of the same which simply means it's great fodder but nothing new if you're familiar with him. Highly recommended anyway because it's Baldwin. SLJ does a terrific narration, embodying Baldwin's spirit through his reading. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (David Fincher version): I've not made up my mind on this. What I liked about it is Rooney Mara as Lisbeth Salander. An iconic performance. Just hypnotic in every scene, an awesome character. I also enjoy seeing Daniel Craig in anything other than Bond. The scene where he was loudly crying out in pain over his head-wound contrasted in my memories with a similar scene in Casino Royale where he's completely silent. Stellan Skaarsgard was great too, and this was the same year he appeared in Thor. The brutal rape scenes however just left me completely paralyzed. Having not read the books, IDK if they could've been cut out from the film or were left in just to show how intense and crazy Lisbeth can get, but they were far and away the most disturbing scenes of violence I've witnessed in mainstream film. True, a them - the theme of the story is misogyny, but was Fincher the right director for those kinds of scenes? I don't know...I need more time and other voices to speak on it.
  22. *Mike upon changing his forum username*
  23. I knew about the notorious Lawrence Tierny from the Simpsons Season 7 DVD commentary. In the episode where Bart steals the Bonestorm game, the security guy was voiced by Tierny. In the commentary, Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein go on for most of the remaining episode to talk about how bizarre an experience it was to record him. Apparently the limo driver that brought him to the studio said "I'm not dealing with that guy again" and sped off. Tierny wanted to do the voice in a silly accent, and did not understand the joke about leaving a voicemail for Homer and Marge. They said he was the most intimidating guest they've ever had, but so memorable that in Oakley and Weinstein's UPN series "Mission Hill", Gus, the gruff gay neighbor, is expressly based on their dealing with Lawrence Tierny.
  24. Hagazussa/Revenge: reviews forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga: this was not bad. Rachel Macadams is a delight and Dan Stevens is great. Some decent laughs. Not a bad date movie. Also, is there a sexier man alive than old, bearded Pierce Brosnan? Features: 63 Shorts: 2 Documentaries: 10 Rewatches: 1
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  26. Batman: Mask of the Phantasm: It’s Netflix now but don’t watch it there and especially not on a big screen. Whichever cut or version they used is grainy as hell.
  27. And I bet he looks phenomenal with a purple bucket on his head!
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