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  2. Yeah, at this point I'm not sure we're worth saving as a species.
  3. Speaking as a Brit with a geology degree: Today I think Jon might have a point about rocks Vs humanity.
  4. FX #1: "Sure," I said. "What could hurt trying out John Byrne's series from 2008?" Everything. Everything hurts. 100 Bullets vol 1: holy shit, this does NOT hold up. Rereadthrough of the series...cancelled! Red Hood and the Outlaws Annual #2: not great, but I don't think I remember the last time I've read a good annual. Weird. Joker/Daffy Duck: terrible. X-Files Case Files Hoot Goes There #2: fun. Venom First Host #1: eh...not terrible, but not terribly good. X-23 #3: brilliant. Great book. X-Men Blue #34: excellent. Aphrodite IX Ares: a Top Cow talent search book. Not great. Comics: 198 Trades: 16 Graphic Novels: 11 Omnibus: 3
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  6. The Fear of Looking Up/Under ConTROLL/Await the Dawn/In their Eyes/Paranormal Systems/Live or Let Die/Survival Guid/Captain Jarvis and the Red Soda Kid/Fornacis/When the Fever Breaks/Lake Michigan Monster/Artik/Luz: The Flower of Evil/ Santet/Deathcember: features for the festival Features: 174 Shorts: 15 Documentaries: 13 Rewatches: 6
  7. I know some people have been uncharitable to Bendis' Superman era (mostly because of bias), and I will admit his dialogue can be a bit much (Adam Strange was annoying), but he gets Clark Kent in a way most new writer simply have not in a long time (Jurgens doesn't count, not being a new writer to the character). Additionally, today's issue of Detective Comics by Tom Taylor really surprised me. I went in thinking it was going to be another dull fill-in issue, but it was a brilliantly told story of an orphanage named after Martha Wayne, and Batman's connection to it. One of the best issues I've read all year.
  8. Superman #18: This is the coming out issue, if you'll pardon the wording. Before the entire world, Superman reveals his civilian identity -- but not before telling those closest to him. As I noted on Twitter, I actively went into this issue wanting to shit all over it. "How dare Bendis and DC take away such a crucial element of the Superman mythos," I wanted to scream at the clouds. But I finished the book in tears. They did the exact opposite of my fears. They did not remove anything from Clark Kent or Superman, they actually added to him. He no longer has to hide anything about himself, thus allowing himself to be who he truly is: Clark Kent, Kal-El, and Superman all at the same time. The only piece that bothered me, and I'm glad they addressed it, was the Jimmy scene. No spoilers, but it felt like it was done that way because they didn't have enough pages to actually have the scene that moment deserved. (That could be an entire issue.) The wordless moment with Perry White was brilliant, and was perfectly sold by Ivan Reis and the entire artistic team. As was the also-silent two-page spread preceding it. Clark taking a moment to decide who to tell first -- his best pal, or his mentor -- shows he's really struggling with this. He's still reflecting upon it. (Literally, he sees himself in his monitor as he contemplates the moment.) It's all wonderful storytelling.
  9. So we're at the halfway point before the two-part finale in January. I loved most of part one, the only thing I liked less (and even then wasn't a dealbreaker) were the scenes with future Oliver. But the sense of desperation is exactly what Crisis needed from the jump and I felt part one delivered. Additionally, the opening two minutes are gonna go down in nerd history. Part two I enjoyed much less. I loved all the Routh scenes (the most perfect looking Superman costume ever delivered on live action) and I ultimately liked how crazy Conroy's Bruce was, just as a goof. But I would've preferred a more traditional Batman, and you can't really say Conroy portrayed him. And Tom Welling was excellent, slipped right back into the role with his wry sense of humor, but I was very disappointed they closed the door on him in such a short and nonplussed way. Also there was a lot of dumb, needless humor in awkward places. Tonight's Part Three I loved just as much as Part One. The sense of urgency returned and the cameos were brilliant. The ending was totally unexpected and was a fantastic cliffhanger. And all of Black Lightning's scenes were awesome. The only thing I'll agree with Stavros on is some of the effects. Supergirl's always had really lousy effects, going back to season one when she was on CBS, and the Super-people fight scenes look terrible. Finally,
  10. I like it, just as I liked the first one. Her being the one helping Steve who is the fish out of water is a nice idea. I feel like it could be more 80s though. Kinda wish Wonder Woman had gone with some big hair ala George Perez. No idea what to make of Wiig though, not enough to judge. Why do I feel like Pfieffer Catwoman will be and influence, dorky girl to cat person etc.
  11. Sadly, it looks like Earth-66 was obliterated. But maybe he'll come back should they merge the Earth's at the conclusion.
  12. Ian!!!! Look, I persevered. Because I have a taste for stuff that's basically trash sometimes. The Supergirl Lex Luthor is...hes just awful. And I've enjoyed a wide range of portrayals. So actually Tom Welling completely no-selling his ridiculousness was the best thing in this so far. Smallville Luthor was SO much better. Close second is the Brainiac 5 character from Supergirl. I love Brainiac 5 in the DCAU so to see him reduced to some weird autistic genericharacter is miserable. Upsides- Kevin Conroys voice still gives me chills. And I'm glad they felt they could use him in a spot less beholden to continuity, evil insane Batmen is a thing in DC right now and I don't mind representing it here. Brandon Routh still looks the part as Superman and hes still representing the overall movie continuity which is a nice nod. Between him and Kevin Conroys segment theres a lot of nods to Kingdom Come. KC Superman is a favourite of mine, his run as past of the JSA was excellent. Wondering if they'll do more with Burt Ward.
  13. Haven't watched yet, but I have seen people take the anti-Hemmings position and state that this is more epic than Avengers: Endgame. I'm inclined to agree, simply to rile up Tom.
  14. Does anyone else feel like a scene on Earth-96 was hacked out?
  15. Thoughts so far. -The acting is just terrible. -The effects are worse than that. -Love the full Supergirl suit, hate the bangs. -Kryptonians need to stop building baby-only rockets. -The whole thing just has an air of cheap tackiness that ignores the Golden age of television. This is like a tv show from a universe where HBO never existed. This might not be for me....
  16. Believe it or not these are all from the last four days, and I didn't watch anything yesterday. Might try and get another in tonight. Harvest Lake/Borgman/Atomic Blonde: reviews forthcoming Nail in the Coffin: The Fall and Rise of Vampiro/Rammstein: Paris: reviews forthcoming The Pool: Cool premise. Stupid characters. Awful CGI crocodile. 1000 Eyes of Dr. Mabuse: Fritz Lang teaches a masterclass on editing in this one. Any other filmmaker would have made this 90 minute film into a two and a half hour snooze fest. Everything is so tight and moves at breakneck pace, but it still manages to slow down and show some amazingly quiet suspense. Manriki/Beyond Hell/Stomach/Hunter's Moon/Fragmentary: features for the festival. Features: 159 Shorts: 15 Documentaries: 13 Rewatches: 6
  17. The Ring: The first American remake. It actually holds up super well, considering it's an American remake of a Japanese film. Films Watched: 52
  18. Favourite Featured Actor: Andy Serkis Favourite Review: North (Elijah Wood) Worst Movie Covered: Well, Wilsons, I had to think a long time to pick my worst picture of 'The Year of the Rings'.. about a tenth of a second. And, believe it or not, its the same one you chose.. its North. Favourite Jingle: Bob The Train "We Go Song" Most Anticipated Subject for Next Year: Michael Keaton or Daniel Day Lewis
  19. The Skeleton Twins, Bridesmaids and Ghostbusters. If you find the latter two too similar, you could throw in Welcome to Me.
  20. What's interesting is that they show Max Lord and Cheetah (in her human form), no actual threat is seen. They're keeping that under wraps.
  21. Looks good. Not amazeballs or anything but a few cool bits in there.
  22. RIP He was total geek royalty, and a great performer.
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    Episode 641

    Adam, Jeff, and Scott join me for a funny / nihilistic splatter-punk double feature. First up, a Dread Media revisit of the amazing Rutger Hauer film Hobo with a Shotgun. Then, a film I've always wanted to rewatch for the podcast but never got around to. Well, now I've gotten around to it: John Gulager's Feast. [ 53:24 || 25.9 MB ]
  24. Goat: It's a film about toxic masculinity and the Greek Fraternity system. It's a film. Not sure if I ever started to enjoy it at any point. Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2: So, the first half is all recap of the original film but the second half is pure hammy hold! The Hunger Games: Catching Fire: There's a lot more world building but it suffers from existing as set-up for the next film. Still, it has it's merits. Films: 172 Documentary: 1 MST3K/Rifftrax Assisted: 11 Repeats: 8
  25. He died today at the age of 79. I’m more familiar with him as a voice actor than his live action work but he played my favorite character on DS9 (albeit from a pretty crowded field).
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