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  2. Koete

    The Doctor Who thread

    Liking Whittaker, still not liking the coat.
  3. dc20willsave

    Star Wars, nothing but Star Wars...

    Clone Wars is coming back for 12 episodes on Disney's streaming service.
  4. dc20willsave

    Random movie and tv thoughts

    Comcast has dropped their bid for 20th Century meaning Disney is the only buyer.
  5. dc20willsave

    Everything DC

    The DC Universe Streaming service is going to run 7.99 monthly or 74.99 annually.
  6. Professor

    Random wrestling thoughts

    Definitely my favorite thing I've seen today
  7. Delete

    Everything DC

    The second I saw the set pictures I knew this was doomed
  8. The Master

    Everything DC

    I might give it one episode. Probably not, though. This is not the tone I want from a Titans show. Like, at all.
  9. The Master

    Everything DC

    This is very NSFW.
  10. The Master

    Every comic you've read in 2018

    X-Men: Red #6: Still easily the best X-team book out there. Twice now Jean has used her powers on other people without consent. Both times she was doing good, but I hope they make something of this; she cannot be psychically influencing others without blowback. Jessica Jones #1: A surprise digital-first issue which picks up right where Bendis left off. While some of the tropes are still there -- such as the two-page spread of talking heads -- the dialogue is less Bendisy. At 40-plus pages, it's essentially two issues rolled into one. Batman #51: In the aftermath of last issue, Bruce is in a bad place -- which makes it the worst time for him to be called for jury duty. Even worse, the case he's assigned calls Batman's legitimacy into question, as Mister Freeze claims he only confessed to a murder spree because an enraged Batman was going to kill him. This issue is mostly setup for the next, but I like what they did with Bruce here. Using very little dialogue, you know everything he's feeling. From his bathroom outburst to his loneliness in the hotel, this is a very broken man. The Magic Order #2: Mark Millar and Olivier Coipel begin to expand their world, and we get a few more clues as to what's going on. Tony Stark: Iron Man #2: Character wise, Slott has me hooked into this book. Plot wise, he needs to start moving this somewhere. Rogue Trooper: Tales of Nu-Earth, volume 1: In truth, I've only read the first 50- or 60-ish pages of this 400-page beast. They're solid, Silver Age-inspired war stories set on an alien world. They're also quite repetitive; reading them all in one sitting was a mistake on my part. For future readings I'll consume maybe two or three stories at a time, rather than pushing through, because these are fun, action-packed, beautifully drawn stories.
  11. Last week
  12. slothian

    Everything DC

    And it's being rescreened on IMAX over here to mark the anniversary. Can't deny it, I am tempted.
  13. You Know Who

    Everything DC

    The Dark Knight came out 10 years ago today. Holy pencil trick, Batman!
  14. Dread

    Every Film You've Watched in 2018

    TAU: review forthcoming Features: 85 Shorts: 42 Documentaries: 4 Rewatches:
  15. dc20willsave

    Everything DC

    The CW is developing a Batwoman TV Series.
  16. Venneh

    What You've Read Recently

    63. The Mere Wife, Maria Dahvana Headley: This is tied with In Other Lands for my favorite book so far this year. This comes out in two days from when I’m writing this. Go to your bookstore (or Amazon, if it so pleases you), and get this the moment it comes out. Yes, Beowulf in American suburbia is a reductive description, but the way it looks at gentrification and recenters women in the story and reframes the monstrosity at the center of the tale is incredibly well done. There’s also some really good craft work too - as an example, there’s three translations that lead off the book (pictured below), and the sections of the book are titled after each of the translations of the hwaet, and each chapter’s first word or first sentence includes the section’s translation. Go read this, and enjoy the ride. 64. Commonwealth, Ann Patchett: I found this remaindered around the time someone in a FB group I’m in posted about it, and I decided to pick it up. This was a very interesting experience. This book is basically centered around three major events; the one that opens the book, the act that creates the novel in the book (which, coincidentally, totally has the same title as the book itself), and a death that has a ripple effect over the next five decades. I liked the style, and how the narrative jumps from character to character at different points in their lives, and makes sure that all the loose ends are tied up. The diversion with a famous novelist that just so happens to write a novel loosely about the central family and where everyone is bitching about various publishers and it gets turned into a movie feels a bit too eye rollingly meta. It was also an experience as someone who had her dad marry someone new in the last year, and then died suddenly two months ago. There’s some parts of this that I recognize intimately, but others that I’m never going to get to experience, and it’s rolling in my head as such. Definitely an interesting read.
  17. teenalphabro

    Every Film You've Watched in 2018

    Blue Ruin: By the same guy who did Green Room, and it absolutely shows. Films Watched: 49
  18. Donomark

    Every comic you've read in 2018

    Optic Nerve #1-6: By Adrian Tomine. A series which may be more familiar to the older members of this site, I'd never heard of it until this week. It's peak 90s Indie-Hipster comics, with all of the black and white rendered writer-artist existential malaise Gen-Xer misery you could ask for. Very much like Ghost World, but unlike that series this title is an anthology with several short stories making up the first few issues, and continuing long-form stories starting with issue #5. Also unlike Ghost World, while the protagonists are often pathetic wrecks of human beings, Tomine does a better job rendering them as understandable and sympathetic instead of detestable like Enid Coleslaw. And honestly, I love 90s hipster comics with all the sadness and minimalist that comes with it. It's a nostalgic vibe I get, because I remember these being around back when I first got into the game. I'd be interested to know what others thought if they've read this series, but for myself I'm really enjoying it and look forward to finishing the last six issues. Trade Paperbacks: 16 Single Issues: 171
  19. teenalphabro

    Every Film You've Watched in 2018

    The Big Lebowski: Goddamn it's been a while since I watched a movie, holy shit. Also, this one still holds up really damn well. Films Watched: 48
  20. You Know Who

    What are you watching and enjoying?

    Mainlined the first season of Spartacus over the weekend based on the recommendation of four different people from two independent sources, those being Dave & Lizbeth on The Happy Place and Peter & Harry on Questions We Don't Have Answers. Overall, a very pleasant surprise. Thanks everybody! It starts very much as Spartacus done in the style of The 300 but quickly establishes its own voice and takes a hard emotional turn mid-season. I can't stress enough that it's gory -- often to a fault -- but the characterization, story, and performances are more than good enough to make up for the occasional cartoonishness of it. If I were rate this TABHAL style, I'd say John Hannah's the MVP, though major props to Lucy Lawless and Peter Mensah as well. It also has a large number of people that were eventually cast in DC adaptations, including one Deathstroke (Arrow), one al Ghal (Nyssa, also from Arrow), and two Captain Boomerangs (Arrow and Suicide Squad). Also, listen to the aforementioned podcasts.
  21. The Master

    The awesome video thread

  22. Dread

    Every comic you've read in 2018

    Vampironica #1: Jughead the Hunger is leaving me pretty cold, but I'm digging this right off the bat. Weapon X #15: this is my jam. Classic Wolverine comics stuff right here. X-Men Blue #23: this is what Ultimate X and Bloodstorm have been up to while the other XB folk were off fighting symbiotes in space with Venom. Fun. Archie #29: this will be my last straight Archie comic for a while. It's the same it's always been, maybe a little of the shine is off, but I'm bored of it. Avengers #685: solid. Why do I like Red Hulk so much? Babyteeth #9: killer. Batman #43: this is fucking terrible. God. Poison Ivy is the all-time worst Batman villain. Damage #3: three issues in to his own series where he was introduced and Damage has already fought Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman, and it looks like they're spiralling out into the JL. Cool. How about establishing your character a little bit because this is just Hulk vs. The Marvel Universe with a Hulk that no one gives a shit about. I'm done here. Death of Love #2: this is weird and fun and I enjoy the art. Deathbed #2: ehhhh...I'm not really into this. Evolution #5: still great. Ice Cream Man #3: this was really cool and weird. Comics: 745 Trades: 21 Graphic Novels: 9 Omnibus: 10
  23. Donomark

    Everything DC

    Cassandra Cain is getting her own movie gonna be in the BOP movie. I'm deluged with massively mixed feelings.
  24. Jedi Master DJR

    Episode 62

    I just had to add an update to this. I’ve been listening to these earlier episodes again because I’ve been slowly making my way through the classic series itself (though I’ve listened to all the Bigger on the Inside episodes so far to current) and got to Shada. And lo and behold they just did a new version for home video so I didn’t have to watch a reconstruction or listen to Big Finish like the early stories. Having just listened to this episode again, Dan and Mike, get your hands on this. Same for anyone else reading this. I will not bias you with my thoughts in depth, but just watch it. And maybe cover it again, some day. Derrick
  25. RSS

    Episode 568

    This week's massive episode of Dread Media features an interview with our oldest friend: David Agranoff. In it, David and Desmond discuss the horrific circumstances leading to his brand new eco-horror / cli-fi novel, Ring of Fire, and comes clean about the last solo interview David did with us. Then, David sticks around to review and pitch a prequel novel to a film that he and Desmond have talked about for years: the great dragon apocalypse film Reign of Fire. All that and music: "World on Fire" by Corrosion of Conformity, "Inherit the Wasteland" by Earth Crisis, "Killing the Dragon" by Dio, and "The Dragon Flies" by Black Tower. [ 1:52:35 || 54.3 MB ]
  26. Dread

    Every Film You've Watched in 2018

    Major League: watched this with my youngest today as he's been asking for it. Far more straight-faced than I remember as a kid. I distinctly remember it being more screwball, but this comes across more Bull Durham with a wink and a laugh. Maybe I'm thinking of the sequel which I also haven't seen since it came out. Haven's End: feature for the festival Features: 84 Shorts: 42 Documentaries: 4 Rewatches:
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