Members' Columns and Reviews

Members: Post your columns and reviews here.

Members' Columns & Reviews Rules

The following rules apply to the MEMBERS' COLUMNS & REVIEWS forum:

-This forum is for posting your reviews and columns.

01. Reviews and columns should have some meat to them, and have a clear focus and grading scale (i.e. A through F, 1 through 5, * through *****, etc.)
02. If you are caught plagiarizing you will no longer be welcome at Earth-2. Period. Your piece will be deleted, as will your account. Your IP will be banned as well, ensuring that you never have access to these forums again.
03. If you're going to cut-and-paste reviews that you've written elsewhere provide a link to the original.
04. Reviews and/or columns that shine, may be posted on the mainpage.

01. Be respectful of the writers. If you disagree with a review and/or column, provide constructive/insightful feedback. Bashing a writer or their writing will result in your post being deleted.

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