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Site News and Suggestions

News relating to Earth-2.net and the forums can be read here. Site-related comments and suggestions should also be posted within.

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Post of the Day - last post by The Master

Store Suggestions and Feedback

Suggest new products and discuss current ones right here!

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DVD commentary suggestions - last post by You Know Who

Mainpage Feedback

Respond to recent Earth-2.net columns and reviews.

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Gamergate and Perspective - last post by Rjoyadet


Read the latest news from around the comic book industry and beyond!

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Star Wars Legends Epic Coll... - last post by Dread

Mainpage Awards

Voting for the 6th Annual Mainpage Awards will take place here.

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Awards general talk/discussion - last post by D.W.

Dear Guests

Please read this if you're new to the site.

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Welcome! - last post by The Master

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Animezing Podcast

Animezing Podcast is Earth-2.net's source for news, reviews, previews and everything else you want to know about anime and manga! Whether you're a diehard otaku or even just a little curious about Asian animation, this is the show for you.

  • 174 topics
  • 290 replies
Episode 173 - last post by RSS

Avatar: The Last Podcast

From "The Boy in the Iceberg" to "Avatar Aang," Randy Forbister, Steph Ives, and Kellen Scrivens dissect every episode of the legendary cartoon Avatar: The Last Airbender.

  • 19 topics
  • 70 replies
Episode 17 - last post by Modnarandom

Big Damn Heroes

Earth-2.net's resident podcast for all things Joss Whedon. Hannah and Will go through Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Serenity, Dr. Horrible, Dollhouse, and anything else Joss might whip up in the meantime.

  • 98 topics
  • 200 replies
Episode 86 - last post by RSS

Bigger on the Inside

No matter if you're new to Doctor Who or a longtime fan, Bigger on the Inside is the podcast for you! The two hosts one a very knowledgeable fan, the other being new to the program will examine every serial with keen eyes and an unending wit.

  • 177 topics
  • 1,856 replies
Episode 141 - last post by Donomark

Books Without Pictures

Tales of speculative fiction have been told since before recorded history, but in the past century it has grown into an art form all its own. From Asimov to Wells, from adventures in space opera to cyberpunk dystopias, from Amazing Stories to your e-reader and beyond, join us as we discuss some of the most important and acclaimed science fiction novels of all time. Warning: Here be spoilers.

  • 27 topics
  • 94 replies
Sci Fi Cover Art - last post by Rjoyadet

A Cure for the Common Podcast: A WWF 1997 Retrospective

In 1997, Vince McMahon's WWF was at a crossroads. With Ted Turner's WCW and its nWo storyline dominating the legendary Monday Night Ratings War, the WWF found itself in the unfamiliar territory of having to fight from behind to become the number one promotion again. History shows us that they were successful, but Tom Hemmings and Kellen Scrivens decided to take a long, hard, and thorough look of how it happened. What worked, what didn't, and how does it all hold up today?

  • 7 topics
  • 41 replies
Week 06 - last post by slothian

Dread Media

From reviews to interviews to news, Dread Media is your source for the best, the worst and weirdest the horror genre has to offer. Every week Desmond Reddick casts a shadow over all aspects of the genre. Movies, books, television, comic books, music... nothing is safe. It's horror geek Mecca! Look for new episodes of Dread Media every Monday, and listen with the lights on!

  • 406 topics
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Episode 391 - last post by RSS

Dread Media Presents

Dread Media Presents is for everything Dread Media could not contain! A collection of the macabre, grotesque, and entertaining minicasts brought to you by Dread Media and Earth-2net.

  • 47 topics
  • 119 replies
The Horrorcorps 01: Sick Man - last post by RSS

Dropped D

Desmond and DW are on a rock n' roll odyssey to review their favorite bands' discographies album-by-album, track-by-track. You see, kids: there used to be things called albums that were a collection of songs by a single musical artist or group of artists. You may have to take our word on that.

  • 32 topics
  • 318 replies
Dropped D Tally! - last post by Dread

Earth-2.net: The Show

Earth-2.net: The Show is a weekly mishmash of reviews and editorials focusing on comic books, video games, anime / manga, and sci-fi / horror.

  • 840 topics
  • 5,777 replies
Episode 778 - last post by RSS

The Edge of Forever

Years in the making, Earth-2.net's Star Trek podcast has arrived! Whether you're a fan of Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway, or Archer, you'll want to listen to this chronicle of every Star Trek franchise from start to finish!

  • 17 topics
  • 149 replies
Episode 15 - last post by Rjoyadet

Extra Lives

Extra Lives is a podcast about video games. Every two weeks, Aaron Robinson and Damien Wilkens come together to bring you some of the most entertaining (and often eccentric) discussions on current and classic gaming without the over-analytical news format of other shows. Join the Aussie and the American as they revisit some of the best and worst examples of gaming history, while at the same time keeping current with talk of the newest and upcoming titles on the horizon. They also like to make jokes about codpieces. We're sorry.

  • 49 topics
  • 139 replies
Episode 47 - last post by Rjoyadet

For Better or Worse

  1. The Douchies

For better or worse, it seems as though Hollywood is bent on remaking every movie and rebooting every franchise. Sometimes they're warranted, but most often they're not. Either way, a new version of your favorite movie is near. And that's where married couple Michael and Shana Sims come in. Every other Friday they'll recast, rewrite, and reboot cinematic classics, underrated gems, and stinkers with potential. Hollywood might not get it right, but these two will.

  • 90 topics
  • 578 replies
Episode 52: Back to School - last post by SteveJRogers

For Your Ears Only

For Your Ears Only fills that niche in the podcasting market for a monthly run-through of all James Bond films in chronological order. Hosted by genuine British people Ian Wilson and Adham Fisher, this podcast celebrates both the past and the future of England's most venerable action hero, and will leave the audience shaken, if not stirred!

  • 64 topics
  • 593 replies
Episode 13 - last post by Donomark

Hey, an Actor!

Every month, genuine British brothers Ian and Andy Wilson look at a trio of entries in an actor's filmography to gauge their range, talent, and shoe size.

  • 33 topics
  • 303 replies
Episode 15: Julianne Moore - last post by slothian

Married to Movies

Married to Movies is the he said / she said review show with a twist. Every episode, real life married couple Desmond and Megan alternate between a chick flick and a guy's film. Whether it's boobs and blood you love in your movies or tears and dance numbers, these two will give an honest evaluation of its merits. If they can keep from fighting with each other, that is.

  • 47 topics
  • 374 replies
Episode 40 - last post by Dread

Shake and Blake

Dave Probert and Ian Wilson watch Blake's 7 from the beginning, giving their thoughts on each episode from their perspective as long-term fan and newcomer, respectively.

  • 33 topics
  • 134 replies
Episode 23 - last post by Hermitdude

Tranquil Tirades

Tranquil Tirades, dispensing monthly doses of sardonic wit and righteous anger on the worst movies of all time!

  • 54 topics
  • 931 replies
The Tranquil Tirades Wiki - last post by teenalphabro

Twice as Bright, Half as Long

Dave Probert and Ian Wilson watch short-lived TV shows to see if they were cut off in their prime or put out of their misery.

  • 22 topics
  • 162 replies
Episode 05.01 - last post by dc20willsave

World's Finest Podcast

Starting with the critically acclaimed Batman: The Animated Series, hosts Michael David Sims and James Deaux will review every episode of every cartoon in the DC Animated Universe. Every other Wednesday World's Finest Podcast will focus on five episodes of a DCAU cartoon, taking long, hard looks at the story, animation, dialog and character development. Along the way Easter Eggs and little bits of trivia will be pointed out, and laughs will be had by all!

  • 157 topics
  • 4,073 replies
Worlds Finest Podcast Insig... - last post by Stavros

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General Discussion

Here you'll find general news and discussions relating to the comic book industry. This is also the place to discuss web comics.

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Every comic you've read... - last post by Venneh


With much thanks to Editor-In-Chief Joe Quesada, Marvel has ushered in the Platinum Age of comics by hiring the best writers the industry has ever seen and in the process we've been rewarded with titles such as Ultimate Spider-Man and Daredevil.

  • 208 topics
  • 2,884 replies
Marvel Comics Discussion Th... - last post by dc20willsave


DC isn't just about Superman and Batman anymore. The publisher has a more modern, realistic line in Wildstorm. A mature readers imprint responsible for some of the best comics of all time in Vertigo. And an awesome kids line of comics in Johnny DC. But if you're still interested in the heroes who defined superhero comic books, the DC Universe combines the best writers and artists in the business on some of the world's most iconic characters for your monthly enjoyment.

  • 242 topics
  • 6,221 replies
DC reboot - last post by Delete


Image, Dark Horse, Boom!, Dynamite, and so many other smaller publishers might not have the financial power of Marvel and DC, but they produce great comic books nonetheless. Feel free to promote your own comic in here as well.

  • 100 topics
  • 302 replies
Rat Queens - last post by Rjoyadet

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General Discussion

Here you'll find general news and discussions relating to the video game industry.

  • 340 topics
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Batman: Arkham Knight - last post by Pan-dub


With the launch of the Wii U, Nintendo is looking to bridge the gap between the hardcore and casual gamer, while the 3DS is still dominating the handheld market.

  • 149 topics
  • 1,557 replies
WiiU - last post by Venneh


Though the Vita didn't rock the world, the PS3 has enjoyed a resurgence through increased focus on the PlayStation Plus service and a small but impressive library of exclusive franchises.

  • 106 topics
  • 1,196 replies
HD remakes - last post by Rjoyadet


Xbox Live is still the dominant force in online gaming, with little end in sight. Through sheer force of will and a powerful library, Microsoft has managed to keep gamers glued to their seats without any handhelds or next-gen teases.

  • 64 topics
  • 724 replies
XBox One news - last post by KnightWing

PC, iOS, and Web Games

At the end of the console cycle, the PC has become home to the best versions of big-budget titles, along with a steady stream of indie developers keeping the art alive.

  • 56 topics
  • 255 replies
Square-Enix RPG's on iOS - last post by Jack Fetch

Classic Systems and Games

You won't have to blow into anything to get this forum to work. We promise.

  • 36 topics
  • 592 replies
The Dubs Thread of Random G... - last post by D.W.

Toggle Movies & TV Movies & TV

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General Discussion

Wanna talk about a movie or television show that doesn't fit into one of the categories listed below? Then do it here.

  • 542 topics
  • 15,778 replies
Every Film You've Watch... - last post by Dread

Comic Book Adaptations

We're lucky to be living in the renaissance of the comic book adaptation. Sure, they're not all winners, but the occasional bomb is surely offset by epic blockbusters like Spider-Man 2.
Comic book related cartoons should also be discussed here.

  • 473 topics
  • 22,531 replies
Powers - last post by Jack Fetch

Horror, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy

Horror, sci-fi and fantasy have been in an upswing these last few years, with many thanks to Saw, Doctor Who and The Lord of the Rings. Will that trend continue, or will perpetual sequels and spinoffs once again water-down the genres?

  • 451 topics
  • 11,319 replies
The Doctor Who thread - last post by dc20willsave


Though the heyday of Saturday morning cartoons have come and gone, there are still many outlets to get our retro and modern cartoon fixes.

  • 119 topics
  • 1,601 replies
DuckTales - last post by Rjoyadet

Anime & Manga

For the discussion of the mega-popular Japanese animation styles of anime and manga. Be it books, movies or TV shows, it's all fair game here.

  • 131 topics
  • 1,196 replies
What are you watching/reading? - last post by dc20willsave

Toggle Versus Versus

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Think Batman would kick the snot out of Spider-Man? Ever wonder who'd walk away if Agent Smith took on Darth Vader? Then this is the forum for you.

  • 133 topics
  • 1,816 replies
Badass Women of Cinema - last post by Rjoyadet

Fight Suggestions

Use this section to discuss fights and tournaments you'd like to see.

  • 13 topics
  • 291 replies
New Tournament - last post by Rjoyadet

Versus Archives

Fights that predate the current version of Versus can be found here.

  • 106 topics
  • 931 replies
Spawn vs Juggernaut - last post by The Master

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Article Help

Mainpagers: Need assistance writing a particular piece? Ask the forumites for help.

  • 46 topics
  • 453 replies
Need help naming a character. - last post by Rjoyadet

Members' Columns and Reviews

Members: Post your columns and reviews here.

  • 52 topics
  • 147 replies
Nikolai Dante: Too cool to... - last post by Shining knight

Fan Fiction & Art

Have a really cool Superman or Buffy story that you just have to share with the world? Wanna show off your art skills? Do it here.

  • 95 topics
  • 437 replies
KnightWing Draws Things - last post by KnightWing

Toggle Hodgepodge Hodgepodge

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Talk about anything that isn't covered by the other forums.

  • 687 topics
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RIP Leonard Nimoy - last post by teenalphabro


Just because we're geeks doesn't mean we're oblivious to the wide world of sports. Here you can discuss football (both kinds), baseball, MMA, wrestling, rugby and whatever else you're into.

  • 39 topics
  • 4,376 replies
Random wrestling thoughts - last post by SteveJRogers

Shameless Self-promotion

Wanna link us to your website? Have an eBay auction you want to promote? Is your band selling a CD? Whatever you want to promote, do that here. Shilling outside of this forum is forbidden.

  • 210 topics
  • 1,542 replies
Demon Souls Deluxe Edition... - last post by Chops

Classic Threads

Sometimes a thread is so awesome, it deserves to be archived.

  • 16 topics
  • 2,952 replies
Every comic you've read... - last post by The Master

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