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  1. Dan added a post in a topic Every Film You've Watched in 2017   

    We finished the season last night. Still gathering thoughts.
  2. RSS added a topic in Dread Media   

    Episode 504
    This week, Dread Media gets topical. First off, Brian Yuzna's 1989 brilliant and gooey satire of the ruling class is never more relevant than it is today in Desmond and Darryll's review of Society. Then, women may often be viewed as sexual playthings by many men, but in Desmond and Duane's review of the Swiss folk horror film Sennentuntschi, we see that they are not to be toyed with. Fun fact about each of today's songs: each track played is the fourth track on its respective album, except for one which is an unreleased cover track. Enjoy: "Control" by Biohazard, "Society" by Pennywise, "Ford Mustang" by Mike Patton, and "The Evil that Men Do" by Iron Maiden. [ 1:10:01 || 33.8 MB ]
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  3. JackFetch added a post in a topic Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2   

    Reviews are out, and almost everyone is saying it's not as good as the first one. Also I got spoiled reading one of them, so fuck them. Why would a legitimate reviewer put spoilers in a review for a movie not out yet? 
  4. Dread added a post in a topic Every comic you've read in 2017   

    Excited to get my copy.
  5. Dread added a post in a topic The Convention Thread   

    I'd like to go, but I am very unlikely to be traveling south of the border during the current administration.
  6. jim added a post in a topic Every comic you've read in 2017   

    Caravaggio v1: Dark Horse released the first graphic album of Manara's biography of Caravaggio. MANARA DRAWS PRETTY, news at 11.
    Yes, Roya: An erotic story involving a love triangle, cartooning and the politics of the 50-60s. Well done.
    Princess Princess: A short story about little girls saving each other and family strife. Cute and kind.
  7. Venneh added a post in a topic Every comic you've read in 2017   

    Yes, Roya: Short erotic comic that combines m/f/m femdom, the 60s, cartoons, and a really well done plot centering on our main character. Got this at the recommendation of the writer, and it's one of my favorites of the weekend. 
    Shutter vol 2-3: First off: Del Duca does some absofuckinglutely amazing things with process and deconstruction over these volumes. Second: think I'm getting the shape of the story, but not entirely sure, and I can live with this. Well done, looking forward to seeing how this continues to play out.
    Princess Princess Ever After: Think I remember when this used to be on tumblr. A twist on the standard princess formula that deals with toxic family, lesbians, and standing up for yourself. Would give this to various female relatives as youngsters. The binding kinda sucks though.
    Descender vol 3: Impressed with this; half to two thirds of the issues are flashbacks that fully flesh out our characters, and the last third or so moved the plot forward. Well done.
    From Under Mountains: Collected volume of what's come out so far; apparently after this it's changing teams bc Marian and Brandon broke up. I still can't entirely tell what's going on, but Sloane Leong is gorgeous on this, and I'm sad she won't be coming back. 
    Single Issues: 140
    Trades/Graphic Novels/Anthologies: 34
    Omnibuses: 1
  8. Dread added a post in a topic The Defenders   

    I can't imagine a scenario where I am bothered by this piece of news.
  9. teenalphabro added a post in a topic Every Film You've Watched in 2017   

    Kung Fu Killers: Definitely going on my 'comfort food movie' list. 
    Films Watched: 52
  10. Donomark added a post in a topic The Defenders   

    Makes sense. I know Karen Page is in at least one episode, probably the first. If Claire's in every show it'll feel forced. It already by Iron Fist. I never bought her interest or connection with him compared to Matt, Jessica or Luke. 
  11. Donomark added a post in a topic Every Film You've Watched in 2017   

    Unforgettable: Rosario Dawson gets harassed and terrified by Katherine Heigel for 90 minutes. There's a microscopic level of racial commentary one can pick out if they're feeling frisky. Otherwise it's a movie we've all seen half a dozen times. But I love Rosario Dawson, so it gets a pass.
  12. You Know Who added a post in a topic Every Film You've Watched in 2017   

    I have to disagree with you, at least when it comes to sheer quality. It's not a classic, but I think it's an improvement on the original on pretty much all fronts -- including the villain, the songs, and the direction. It also removes (though doesn't necessarily resolve) the previous film's biggest plothole (i.e. where are all the dogs?) On a more subjective note, it's one of two films starring Jimmy Stewart where I don't find him insufferable. 
  13. Kscriv added a post in a topic The Convention Thread   

    Same weekend as Anime Detour, fuuuuuuuuuck
  14. dc20willsave added a post in a topic The Convention Thread   

    For anyone planning ahead, C2E2 next year is April 6th-8th.
  15. dc20willsave added a post in a topic Every Film You've Watched in 2017   

    Cry Wilderness, The Time Travelers, Avalanche, The Beast of the Hollow Mountain, Starcrash, The Land That Time Forgot, The Loves of Hercules: MST3K. New Season. Thoughts at a later time.
    Kubo and the Three Strings: Absolutely wonderful. I love stop-motion and this might be one of the most inventive and moving cases of it that I can remember. Yes, I am including Nightmare Before Christmas in there.
    An American Tail: Fievel Goes West: No. Just... it misses all the point of the original.
    Films: 55
    Made-For-TV Movie: 2
    MST3K/Rifftrax: 10
    Repeats: 1
    Best Film So Far: All About Eve
    Best Film So Far that isn't one of Will's five favorite of all time: Duck Soup
    Worst Film So Far That Isn't Showgirls: Cruel Intentions 2
  16. Dread added a post in a topic Every comic you've read in 2017   

    Old Man Logan #17: ok, this was a little much. I'm done with issue-long fever dreams at this point.
    Planet of the Apes Green Lantern #1: this was slow to start but looks like it could be very cool. Will read another one or two.
    Reborn #4: this is moving faster than expected. I'm enjoying this.
    Red Sonja #1: holy fuck, even though this plot if lifted right out of a Conan What If? issue I'm loving it.
    Savage #3: took me three issues to realize I didn't like this. And I've already got the fourth and final issue. Ugh.
    Skybourne #3: dumb fun with gorgeous art.
    Spell on Wheels #4: still good.
    Star Trek/Green Lantern #1, 2: read these and was kind of confused with how familiar everyone was with each other. Turns out I missed a whole miniseries crossover. Will go back and read those before continuing on here. Thanks Mike.
    Suicide Squad #10: not the best tie-in/epilogue.
    Superman #16: ugh, is it over?
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #66: feels like this is in flux. Nothing's really happening anymore after so much forward movement. They did so much and now I'm bored with it because crazy shit is not constantly happening.
    The Fall and Rise of Captain Atom #2: not sure how I feel about this.
    The Flintstones #8: still one of the best comics being made. So weird. They cram so much satire of modern life here that it risks being too much, but they keep delivering. Solid.
    Green Hornet Reign of the Demon #1, 2: these are so fucking dense and take a long time to read but there is no more story than any other regular comics. They're clearly over-written. 
    The Kamandi Challenge #1: fuck. off.
    Odyssey of the Amazons #1: ugh...garbage.
    The Unstoppable Wasp #2: this is really fun.
    The X-Files #10. Fucking great. One of the best openings of a comic I've ever read.
    Uber Invasion #2: fuck...most of this is an autopsy of Boston in the form of a newsreel after the Nazi superpowered invasion. It's fucking grim.
    Unholy #1: no thanks.
    Vampirella #0: one of the best single issue horror comics I've read in a long time.
    Comics: 422
    Trades: 23
    Graphic Novels: 9
    Omnibuses: 7
  17. Dan added a post in a topic Episode 951   

  18. Donomark added a post in a topic Episode 951   

    I trust that Dan has since shown Mike this, but just in case...
    And lest we forget
  19. The Master added a post in a topic Every comic you've read in 2017   

    Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys: The Big Lie #2: Nancy has begun to show her hand, yet the mystery grows. Very well-crafted.
    Comics: 304
  20. Donomark added a post in a topic Every Film You've Watched in 2017   

    Gifted: A film starring Chris Evans about a guy who's taken in his dead sister's genius little girl and fights her grandmother in custody over determining how best she should be raised. Decent performances doesn't really make this mopey, almost smug film worth watching. 
  21. Donomark added a post in a topic Episode 951   

    Dude. Guys. GUYS.
    You should look at the 1989 Punisher movie vs. Netflix Daredevil's Punisher from the first 3 episodes! (Also ask which is better: Punisher War Zone or Guardians of the Galaxy)
  22. Dan added a post in a topic The Defenders   

    Rosario Dawson has confirmed that Claire Temple will not be appearing in The Punisher.
  23. Koete added a post in a topic Marvel Comics Discussion Thread   

    Marvel Legacy: definitely, totally, absolutely not exactly like DC Rebirth.  
  24. Dan added a post in a topic What games are you currently playing?   

    Finished the main campaign in Mass Effect: Andromeda. By almost every standard, it's a step down from the first trilogy, but I still enjoyed it quite a bit. The combat is much simpler and as a result I found it to be somewhat more fun, even as the story itself was kind of meh. The first couple of planets you land on are quite dull, and the main story takes a looooooong time to really get moving, but the side quests and loyalty missions are fairly entertaining, enough so that I was still on board once the main storyline got going. The game has a lighter touch as well; there's a fair amount of humor amongst the squadmates, who really do seem to like each other, and Ryder is much more personable and, frankly, likable than Shepherd ever was; she (I played as a female) has a personality, and is fairly funny and even kind of dorky. There are a lot of "I have this copy of Chopping Mall on VHS that needs to go back to the video store, can you swing it by the Blockbuster on Havarl for me?" type of side missions, probably too many (although not quite as pronounced as Dragon Age: Inquisition), but overall the balance was pretty well done. I enjoyed.
  25. Koete added a post in a topic Every Film You've Watched in 2017   

    I'd rate all of those better. North by Northwest is definitely a better Cary Grant movie.