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  2. A couple film did like to see in any following seasons.... "Revenge of the cheerleaders" and "Damnation alley."
  3. I'm usually the person that gets the ball rolling with doing anything that isn't sitting in the apartment playing video games. My favorite drive-in has no arcade games or anything. Just two screens, some of those awesome drive-in ads from the 50s and 60s, and a snack shack that has seen better days but definitely has a charm to it. Honestly, the real charm of going to the drive-in for me is that I can talk during the movie. It's mainly used for bad movies so we can make fun of them but still.
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  5. Hey Will, I was curious are you the only person in your circle of friends who goes to the drive-in. I often go to mine and any time a friend is coming along is after I have invited them. The one I go to has a Sega Daytona machine, I think I spend as much on quarters for turns as I do for tickets.
  6. Wonder Woman / Tasmanian Devil Special: Both characters are perfectly utilized in this one-shot: Diana uses peace and kindness to tame the wild-yet-friendly beast, then they go on an adventure to save the Amazons. The backup is a little racy, in that Taz is a complete horndog and it features the word cuckold. Lobo / Road Runner Special: Awesome! So much pure fun. Comics: 409
  7. I'm waiting for one of my roommates to have his next day off so we can go see it at the drive-in, preferably with something semi-tolerable. Having read some of the reactions, the unanswered questions page on the Tirades Wiki is going to get so much larger.
  8. I shouldn't find this funny since death shouldn't be, but Karma can be a bitch sometimes: French fitness blogger killed by whipped cream dispenser.
  9. My interest remains at zero.
  10. And I just lost all interest.
  11. This thing is getting DESTROYED by critics. And even the "positive" reviews I've seen have largely been full of underhanded "complements" to the insanity and incomprehensible plot. God, this makes me so happy. I almost WANT to see this now because it seems a majority of people are finally seeing how abhorrent this fucking series is.
  12. Ron Howard is stepping in to direct the Han Solo film.
  13. Of the few I've seen, I align with Des. While The Rocketeer is hands down my favorite, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids is his best as it holds up on every level. The effects are great, the shrink ray looks perfectly homemade by a mad scientist, the parental drama is palpable, the kids are actually really good actors, each kid has age-appropriate drama and reactions, and the horror of the situation does make the heart pound. It's a movie I can toss in at almost any time and enjoy.
  14. I might have to give that another shot. The practical effects were awesome, but it otherwise bored the crap out of me. Not infuriating like Jurassic Park III though.
  15. Good.
  16. Fright Night Part II: Main character and Roddy McDowell return for a pointless rehash of this first. Fright Night 2: New Blood: A requel (?) of the remake, with a gender flipped version of the main protagonist who is 98% of why I love this movie. Jaime Murray is hot as hell, and a pretty good villain too. The last act is confusing tho.
  17. Diary of a Wimpy Kid - Rodrick Rules: the kids wanted me to watch this with them, so I did. I've seen another one of these (there are three). This is dumb and harmless. The kids like it. Steve Zahn is always good. Rachael Harris is delightful as the mother. I've come to the point where I have the hots for the mother character in kids movies, so that's a thing I have to reckon with. Beyond the Gates: review forthcoming Sex Boss: short film on the BtG blu ray. Not great. A few funny moments. Features: 69 Shorts: 22 Documentaries: 5 Rewatches: 0
  18. Hard to beat Rocketeer for my favorite, but there's no doubt in my mind Honey i Shrunk the Kids is his best. They should have got him to direct Ant-Man because he had a handle on that shit.
  19. Oh, god, so he's Hitler in the 21st century. Actually...that kind of fits...
  20. Archie #21: An excellent look at where everyone is when they get the news that someone (no spoilers) is on death's door thanks to the car wreck from last issue. And then the final pages hit and you see who it is and oh man. Comics: 407
  21. I bet it will be a prequel outlining how a 20-year-old John Kramer was wronged by his engineering teacher and that's why he began building elaborate traps.
  23. It was difficult for me to decide between Cap or the Rocket Boys.
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  26. Said it on Facebook also but Happy Birthday, Bro! Look at a weird-ass wedding cake.
  27. The CW is making another attempt at a Supernatural Spin-off, this one will be starring Kim Rhodes's character of Sherriff Jody Mills as denmother to a group of monster fighting women.
  28. Super Sons #5: The boys are officially a duo after a fun tussle in the Batcave. There's a really nice moment sold by the coloring, too; as Jon and Damian move towards the foreground, their coloring goes from muted to full-on. Comics: 406
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