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  2. Every comic you've read in 2017

    Aquaman Annual #1: Holy shit, that's heartbreaking. Comics: 490 Manga: 2
  3. Every comic you've read in 2017

    The New Guardians #2: The infamous Snowflame issue. Truth be told, this book and character would have been forever lost to history if not for Linkara. The issue is nowhere near as bad as his show and others proclaim. Is it nuts and stupid? Yes. But it is so very forgettable. And despite having a late 1988 cover date, it reads like any other early 1990s / Image-ripoff. What struck me, though, is the core plot of the series: after suffering bites from the AIDS-infected Hemo-Goblin , several members of the team fear they now have the disease too. For 1988, when AIDS was still very much seen as only infecting homosexuals and IV drug-users, this was a bold move by DC and it actually makes me want to read the rest of the 12-issue series. Comics: 489 Manga: 2
  4. Random movie and tv thoughts

    Disney has announced they are buying 21st Century Fox for over $52 Billion . There are a lot of factors going on here. The FCC could block the merger as could the Justice Department. It's estimated that the deal will probably take a year to complete.
  5. Every comic you've read in 2017

    Judas #1: Beautiful! Jughead, the Hunger #2: Mindless fun. Comics: 488 Manga: 2
  6. Every Film You've Watched in 2017

    Attack of the Cyber Octopuses/Mr. Moden/What's That In the Ground?/Third Wheel/Soon Enough:shorts for the festival Features: 176 Shorts: 250 Documentaries: 12 Rewatches: 1
  7. Every Film You've Watched in 2017

    Over at the Comic Book Film Revue, we had a helluva time figuring out the plot.
  8. Every Film You've Watched in 2017

    Atomic Blonde - Looks awesome and I love the soundtrack. Has one really great fight scene and not much else. Plot is nothing new, which I don't really care about, but I was just bored. And if I never see another spy film where the last ten minutes just devolves into a series of 'shocking turns' it will be too soon.
  9. Every comic you've read in 2017

    Kill The Minotaur #3: I'm really enjoying this. Magnus #3: I'm not. Ringside vol 1: pretty good. I'll read a couple issues after this to see where it goes. Was kind of hoping more of a drama behind the scenes of wrestling rather than a crime thing. Comics: 1227 Trades: 37 Graphic Novels: 28 Omnibuses: 20
  10. Every comic you've read in 2017

    Detective Comics #970: Good. Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #17: It was okay, but a little too pat for my taste. This could've been a really rich and nuanced story, but this played out like a Saturday Morning cartoon. I would've loved to have seen some real commitment to this story idea. Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #34: I need to stay on this book more. This is what the Green Lantern series should be about, all four lead Earth Lanterns. Not Hal Jordan and his frat boy antics. The GL movie should be about the four of them, and there shouldn't be any other GL books but this one unless it features other Lanterns from different Corps. Falcon #2 and #3 (2017): I took a break from this series because of the searing backlash it received on the forums, then went back in with a really critical eye. I can say that the biggest negative for me is the dialogue. It's consistently awful, whether it's from the new Patriot or Dray. They spout one liners in practically every panel. Everyone in this book has an almost MCU style sense of humor that doesn't match or flow with what's going in the scene. I can appreciate it a little because it's a pretty serious book, but it just doesn't fit right and reads too much like it's pandering. Also the mayor secretly beiing Blackheart thing is pretty bad as well. I can't hate this book though. While it does read like second-rate Milestone, a story about a black mentor hero and his younger partner trying to make the world better is always going to appeal to me. It's not nearly as hamfisted and dumbly written as BLACK, which came off as though it appealed to the lowest common denominator. I think this book has a lot of potential, and the more directly political tone it inherited from Nick Spencer's Sam Wilson run still makes it engaging for me. It's far from the best thing Marvel's offering these days, but it's not the worst. Amazing Spider-Man #792: This comic is right out of the 90s. Both meant to be good and bad. She-Hulk #159: Good start to the story. Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider #11: I didn't love the artist choice for this issue, but he wasn't bad. Just didn't feel right for this type of comic. I like that Peter David is making Ben's redemption not so easy, but am hoping he won't drag it out either. Action Comics #993: It REALLY feels like a 90s era Superman when Dan Jurgens is on both writing and art. That's a compliment.
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  12. The Tomlinson Awards 2017

    Favourite Featured Actor Jennifer Connelly Favourite Review Braveheart Worst Movie Covered Melancholia (it still hurts) Best Feedback Dave Probert is the Fat Controller Favourite Jingle The Orgs say Bo Selecta was certainly a thing Most Anticipated Subject for Next Year Peter Cushing
  13. The Music Thread

    Not sure if I love them yet. I only found them an hour ago. But this is so going to be in my head all day tomorrow. That is a certainty.
  14. Episode 38

    I find it funny that Rodenberry tried to pass a Spanish word as the name for an exotic alien planet. "Zora from the planet Shark" I am sure that there are other languages used in Star Trek, but knowing Spanish, Spanish words will jump out at me. Like in the pilot for "Discovery" with the Sunset people.
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  16. Runaways

  17. Runaways

    I'm conflicted about the new episode. I'm happy because the story is moving along and is actually interesting. The thing I don't like is that it went into full soap opera mode with who likes who. Also, the show is called The Runaways, so do they ever actually run away?
  18. Everything Marvel

    The Gifted had their midseason finale last night.
  19. Episode 537

    A little while back we discussed adaptations of his work with handsome author Ed Kurtz. This week, we're talking to the guy doing those adaptations: director Paul von Stoetzel. Paul and Desmond discuss documentaries, Japanese horror, the modern age of streaming, and his work on Bleed as well as an exciting upcoming film announcement. Then, toxic masculinity is on display at its worst in Devil Dinosaur Jr.'s review of The Corpse of Anna Fritz. The toxic masculinity refers to the film not the review, by the way. And, of course, there are tunes: "Snuff" by Slayer, "Blood on Your Hands" by Killing Joke, "Tired and True" by Thrush Hermit, and "Dysphoria" by X.A.O.S. [ 1:34:19 || 45.5 MB ]
  20. Every Film You've Watched in 2017

    Bruce Almighty: dumb fun. Some hearkening back to Carrey's heyday. Top Knot Detective: feature for the festival Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman/House of Frankenstein/House of Dracula: research The Ruins/White Agony/The Old-Men/Bride of Frankie/Corpse Pose/Chiweenie/Horror, Sex & Hair Curlers/Living With a Monster/Fun/1st Day & Next Minute: shorts for the festival Table 19: not bad for what it is. It actually goes some surprising places compared to my preconceived notions and Stephen Merchant is pretty hilarious. Features: 176 Shorts: 245 Documentaries: 12 Rewatches: 1
  21. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

    Great animation. This feel several years too late, but I'm down.
  22. Every comic you've read in 2017

    Sacred Creatures #1, 2: another instalment of "oh shit, this is basically something I was writing and abandoned and is now a published comic book that's actually pretty good." The Divided States of Hysteria #3: I mean, I see what they're doing, but I don't have the attention span to read anything this erratic these days. The Newsboy Legion and the Boy Commandoes Special #1: this is better than the last special of this ilk I read, but that's no praise. The Shadow #1: they really seem to have trouble making a good solo Shadow book these days. The Unsound #3: this rolls crazily forward. Talk about compressed storytelling! Youngblood #4: ok Astonishing X-Men #2: this kind of sucks, but I still want to see where it's going a little bit. Colossi #4: this did not end well. Dark Nights Metal #1: if you told me to synopsize the basic premise at gunpoint, I would ask for death. Divinity #0: pretty solid. Memetic TPB: Looking to dive into more Tynion since I've enjoyed his bat-work. This was weird. I get it, but I didn't so much enjoy it. Sex & Violence vol 1: it's Palmiotti, so I don't know why I expected more than this. Suicide Squad #23: this was good. Future Quest Presents #1: pretty decent. Heathen #5: not as good as previous issues unfortunately. Still good though. Invincible Iron Man #10: this was really fucking excellent. Defenders Epic Collection Ashes, Ashes: this is the crux of DeMatteis' run, encompassing the breaking of the Elf with a Gun subplot and introducing the New Defenders. I've only ever read this in disparate back issues and it's a pure delight to read in whole. Comics: 1225 Trades: 36 Graphic Novels: 28 Omnibuses: 20
  23. Every Film You've Watched in 2017

    Freddy vs Jason: Research. Home Alone: It's a holiday tradition for me to watch it. I grew up with it and it's always going to be part of childhood for me, even if it had moments of not being so great. Santa Claus/Santa Claus Conquers The Martians: Wanted to watch the first two MST3k Christmas episodes. They're highly enjoyable. I need to watch the one from the new season again also. Frozen: I'm still high on this one but in light of Moana, it definitely could have been a bit better. Films: 169Made-For-TV Movie: 3MST3K/Rifftrax: 22 Repeats: 8Best Film So Far: All About Eve Best Film So Far that isn't one of Will's five favorite of all time: Duck SoupWorst Film So Far That Isn't Showgirls: Cruel Intentions 2
  24. Every Film You've Watched in 2017

    Thor: Ragnarok: Solid, fun superhero movie. Taika Waititi also appears to have made a good takedown of white imperialism while he was at it, too? You can tell whose contracts were up, though, by how quickly they got offed. Hela and Valkyrie are 2017 moods, too.
  25. Every Film You've Watched in 2017

    The Disaster Artist: Pretty fun movie. I enjoyed the book better because there was so much more real-life craziness that they cut out of the story, which would've messed with their slightly more sympathetic view on Tommy Wiseau. Reading the book, he's pretty much an ignorant, unaware, one-dimensional ogre. There's more heart to the character depicted in Franco's performance which I get because it's a film with a narrative. Dave Franco's Greg Sestero is also pretty different, being much more wide-eyed and foolishly optimistic towards the experience than he ever was in real life, where he straight up did it because Tommy paid him an obscene amount of money. I was also a bit disapointed that there wasn't more Seth Rogen, who's a very enjoyable actor when he's playing a character who isn't himself. The sheer antagonism between Sandy and Tommy was reiterated throughout the filming chapters, and I felt that Rogen was just an audience surrogate who accepted all the weirdness with a shrug, as opposed to the real guy who was quite frequently pissed off. That only happens once in the film, and it's fleeting. There's more stuff changed from the accounts in the book to fit the film's narrative, but I never really minded anything. It's a very fun viewing experience, and is goddamn funny once the filming of the movie starts happening.
  26. Every Film You've Watched in 2017

    The Nice Guys: Overall, pretty enjoyable. It's a shame nobody's heard of it. Films Watched: 121
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