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  1. Wonder Woman / Tasmanian Devil Special: Both characters are perfectly utilized in this one-shot: Diana uses peace and kindness to tame the wild-yet-friendly beast, then they go on an adventure to save the Amazons. The backup is a little racy, in that Taz is a complete horndog and it features the word cuckold. Lobo / Road Runner Special: Awesome! So much pure fun. Comics: 409
  2. Of the few I've seen, I align with Des. While The Rocketeer is hands down my favorite, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids is his best as it holds up on every level. The effects are great, the shrink ray looks perfectly homemade by a mad scientist, the parental drama is palpable, the kids are actually really good actors, each kid has age-appropriate drama and reactions, and the horror of the situation does make the heart pound. It's a movie I can toss in at almost any time and enjoy.
  3. Archie #21: An excellent look at where everyone is when they get the news that someone (no spoilers) is on death's door thanks to the car wreck from last issue. And then the final pages hit and you see who it is and oh man. Comics: 407
  4. I bet it will be a prequel outlining how a 20-year-old John Kramer was wronged by his engineering teacher and that's why he began building elaborate traps.
  5. Super Sons #5: The boys are officially a duo after a fun tussle in the Batcave. There's a really nice moment sold by the coloring, too; as Jon and Damian move towards the foreground, their coloring goes from muted to full-on. Comics: 406
  6. Superman #25: Batman #25: The War of Jokes and Riddles opens with a very strong look at The Riddler. Comics: 405
  7. The only word I bleep on The Show is cunt. Even when talking about Nazis, I bleep it.
  8. Wow. He looks older there than he did in his nWo days.
  9. I can sort of see the creativity of taking fun-loving surfer-dude Sting to a dark, Crow-like place during the nWo era. As for Hall, I have never gotten his appeal. Not in the WWF or WCW. Can someone point to his best moments and matches, because I really do want to understand why he's so over.
  10. Is there a Tupac documentary out there that you can recommend?
  11. Dubs, you mentioned that some of the most creative ideas in the industry have come from Raven and Scott Hall. What are some of the ones Hall originated?
  12. Dark Days: The Forge: Very interesting. Maybe I'll follow it, maybe I'll read it when it's complete. We'll see. The only portions I wasn't into were the Hawkman bits. Granted, those pages are laying lore, but nothing happens. Comics: 403
  13. Martian Manhunter / Marvin the Martian Special: Fun, but not as funny as I was hoping. It pontificates too much on humankind and asks whether we're worth saving or destroying, which is a fine question to ask but it keeps repeating itself. The opening scenes with Marvin and the backup story, however, make it worthwhile. Also, nice touch having J'onn call Marvin M'arvinn. The Defenders #1: Very solid first issue, but it's relying very heavily on recent continuity from the Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Heroes for Hire books. As an entry point, it requires too much foreknowledge. The character-specific splash pages are great, and I especially enjoy that the creative team added Cage's showdown with Dr. Doom. Not because of its inherent oddness, but because it tells you how badass Cage is; he went one-on-one with Doom and walked away. Comics: 402
  14. It's been a few years since I last saw Speed, but it surprisingly held up. My only real complaint (as it was the first time I saw it in the theater) is that Annie should be nowhere near the final showdown. I get why she is, but she would have been whisked to a hospital like the rest of the passengers.