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  1. Every Film You've Watched in 2017

    I've been meaning to see that, in part because the same director is helming the next Jurassic Park movie. Speaking of which: The Impossible: Wow. That was a really damn good movie that I never ever want to see again. Bodes well for Fallen Kingdom and I'll bet the lead child actor will go places someday.
  2. Every Film You've Watched in 2017

    Titanic: First-time viewing. Thoughts to be disclosed in an email to HAA!
  3. The All-Purpose Flickchart thread

  4. Every Film You've Watched in 2017

    The Impostors: Featuring FBOW favorite Stanley Tucci (who also wrote, produced, and directed the film), as well as Oliver Platt, Allison Janney, Steve Buscemi, and Alfred Molina as a mad ham actor, among others. A pleasant surprise, to say the least.
  5. Every Film You've Watched in 2017

    Okja: A mostly good but not-quite-great film. The first and last half hour or so are extremely strong and the superpig herself is marvelous, but the middle hour is hamstrung by Jake Gyllenhaal's character (who looks and acts the lovechild of Jim Carrey's Riddler and Tobias Fünke) and the music, which during the big chase scene sounds as though it was taken from an Italian comedy film. Good performances from the lead child actress and most of the other main cast. Definitely worth your time, but not for the faint of heart.
  6. The All-Purpose Flickchart thread

  7. Help influence Episode 44!

    White Lightning, Gator, and The Man from Jupiter.
  8. The Doctor Who thread

    I've not seen the season yet. I'll likely buy it on iTunes soon and marathon it. That said,
  9. Episode 42: Kirsten Dunst

    Great episode as always, especially the Orgs' feedback and the closing overview Dunst's career. Hope my email wasn't too long and tedious. I think it's worth pointing out that Dunst was in Hidden Figures, which came out internationally at the beginning of this year. I've not seen the film yet, but judging from the trailer, she plays a mean mid-level authority figure, which is certainly against type for her.
  10. Every Film You've Watched in 2017

    The Legend of Tarzan: Profoundly unimpressive. Does more telling than showing, wastes a talented cast, and doesn't stand up to any historical scrutiny (e.g. Jim Broadbent was dressed as the wrong Prime Minister). Even the scenes with the animals were lackluster. Any scene where a dude fights a gorilla or a thousand wildebeest stampede over a bunch of colonial bastards should be amazing, but somehow, they're kinda dull. David Yates was so the wrong director for this. His style is too subdued for its own good here. O, and the white savior thing. It's still kicking around. Plus, Jane's still a damsel in distress. Based on Dan and Wendee's review of A Princess of Mars, I'm sure this is true to the spirit of Edgar Rice Burroughs' novels, and not in a good way.
  11. Everything Marvel

    I'm not nearly as appalled by it as everyone else is, but I'll almost certainly skip it too.
  12. Every Film You've Watched in 2017

    Make it so. MASH: Wow. It has great cast and it's not hard to see why it launched a TV show, but GOOD GOD -- there are so many things in this film that would not fly (or shouldn't be allowed to fly) in films made today.
  13. Every Film You've Watched in 2017

    Don't forget Ordell and Mr. Arnold.
  14. Randomness

    I shouldn't find this funny since death shouldn't be, but Karma can be a bitch sometimes: French fitness blogger killed by whipped cream dispenser.
  15. Favorite/Best: Joe Johnston

    I might have to give that another shot. The practical effects were awesome, but it otherwise bored the crap out of me. Not infuriating like Jurassic Park III though.