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  1. Good.
  2. So this happened.
  3. And honestly, I think that's probably the best way for it to continue, really. It feels kinda appropriate, really.
  4. Happy birthday, to one of the coolest guys on this site!
  5. I think I'm in good company in saying fuck all Nazis, and assaulting them would be fun.
  6. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes: Further proof that these movies are actually secretly really good. Films Watched: 69 (nice)
  7. Strange Days: This is a great cult movie that hits a bit too close in the current age in a lot of areas. Films Watched: 68
  8. Wonder Woman: I had problems with it, but I still love this movie a lot. Films Watched: 67
  9. Happy birthday to Ian, who is now nine years older than myself.
  10. That may be the greatest opening to a cartoon I've ever seen.
  11. Face/Off: I blame the fact that I watched this entirely upon one Mr. Daniel Ryckert of Giant Bomb Dot Com. I mean, I'm not complaining, especially after the work week I've had. Films Watched: 66
  12. I have seen way too few of her movies as well.
  13. Everly: A criminally underrated home invasion/bottle episode movie. I'm ashamed that this isn't more popular. Films Watched: 65
  14. So I started watching House of Cards a few days ago, and Kevin Spacey is on rare form in that show.
  15. I'd like to point out that Des is a father.