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  1. Rjoyadet added a post in a topic Every Film You've Watched in 2017   

    Superman Doomsday: I loved the Kevin Smith cameo. I was a bit confused as to whether Lois knew that Superman was Clark, it seems to go back and forth. When Lex murdered Mercy I am now convinced that Warner Brothers has some weird contractual obligation where she has to die in every film. I can picture it now.
    Some guy with too much power: This Mercy woman must be killed by Lex.
    the board: Does she really need to be killed?
    SGWTMP: Yes, how else will the viewers know that Lex is merciless?
    (loud collective groan from everyone in the room, including the person refilling the coffee)
    SGWTMP: good! I am glad we all can agree.
  2. Rjoyadet added a post in a topic The awesome video thread   

     I had to watch this at least 3 times before I felt like I got the jokes. Not because they were bad jokes but because so many were crammed in on one skit.
  3. Rjoyadet added a post in a topic Randomness   

    Could anyone be so kind as to tell me who Gumball is parodying.
  4. Rjoyadet added a post in a topic Randomness   

  5. Rjoyadet added a post in a topic Gotta Get Back. Back to the Past...   

    Saw the first episode and was in tears.
  6. Rjoyadet added a post in a topic Request thread (with scores!), updates, and random thoughts   

    Is that the one where they build up this tough lady who goes to fight the robot and the fight just goes to the background.
  7. Rjoyadet added a post in a topic Saw VIII   

    I never watched past the third one so here is what I think it must be about. Saw in Space. 
       Whoever the main villain of the last one ,was it Hoffman? is gets found in outer space in the year 2436 (just a random number) On the spaceship they get revived and then the crew finds themselves locked in a  room where they have to do something horrible to get out. Little does he realize that one of the female crew members is a gynoid and she effortlessly escapes by detaching her hands and head. She balances her head on her hands and skitters down an air vent all the while "Hello Zepp" is playing. Hoffman doesn't notice her getting into the control room because he is distracted by Billy the puppet being knocked over. That leaves her ample time use her hands to throw herself and head butt him to death. The fight causes the ship to go out of control and crash in a picturesque pasture in Queensland where the ship is seemingly eaten by a 30 ton sheep. As the survivors contemplate their fate, a screen turns on to reveal that Jigsaw knew this was going to happen because when he was in the hospital he saw a mother wearing a wool scarf and her child playing with a godzilla toy, he knew that could only mean that centuries from now, someone will hate haggis. The survivors would have to overcome their hatred of haggis to live and it all seems to go according to plan until the sheep spits them out, and they jetpack into the sunset.
  8. Rjoyadet added a post in a topic Your Doctor Who Collection   

    I don't have any DVDs but with action figures I have the tenth doctor and doctor Whooves.

  9. Rjoyadet added a post in a topic Episode 65: Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus   

    I have not seen an asylum movie starring Amy Jo Johnson but she did star in a SyFy TV movie "Infested." And she is the only reason to watch.
  10. Rjoyadet added a post in a topic What You've Read 2017   

    Will Save the Galaxy for Food, Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw I have not watched Zero Punctuation for years so I was surprised when I saw this on display at the front of the Main Library, so I gave it a try. I really enjoyed the story. I was expecting copious references to video games but I think there were more times pointing out how orange the villain is over any references to video games. It was a story where I enjoyed the book and then realized that the author was showing his perspective on purist vs. idealized looks at great events in the past. According to several news sources, the book will have a graphic novel release from Dark Horse Comics.

  11. Rjoyadet added a post in a topic Episode 64: After Earth   

    Don't worry Damien, You may not be the best narrator but I believe that you are a reader. Possibly one of the readers of the open range. 
  12. Rjoyadet added a post in a topic What are you watching and enjoying?   

    Rick and Morty: I really wanted to like this show. Every time I watch it, I just am reminded of how "The Amazing World of Gumball" did it better.
  13. Rjoyadet added a post in a topic Happy Birthday, Mike!   

    Happy birthday
  14. Rjoyadet added a post in a topic Episode 64: After Earth   

    Damien's mention of the robot spider from "Superman Lives" starring Nicholas Cage, was referenced in the Superman Doomsday animated movie.
  15. Rjoyadet added a post in a topic What are you watching and enjoying?   

    The Amazing World of Gumball- Season Five went out the gate with such a bold statement critiquing the Peoples Republic of China. But I had to applaud their Valentines day. I did not think they could top "The Shell" which had even Jonathan Enter praise it for being a good love story. It would not surprise me if someone in the top argued against having a love story in a children's series teach the lesson that if you really love someone you should be able to let them go, even when it breaks your heart. 
    A ten minute children's cartoon made me cry over a ghost that was in love with a walking goldfish.