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  1. Every comic you've read in 2017

    Saw some recommendations floating around so I picked up the first Vision trade on a comixology. Then half an hour later I bought the second one. This is really good.
  2. Slight changes

    You update the board Mike? Looks nice.
  3. George Romero has passed away

    Post of the day? What a legacy though.
  4. The Doctor Who thread

    Iconography in TV heroes is complex, especially if you want to make them larger than life. They need to typically be more practical than for films, but stylish and individual. In this case I kinda think the theme is best served by either going casual with a nifty coat or appropriating and recontextualising men's styles ie some sort of suit and tie combo. I'm definitly fine with a feminine edge but I think a dress overdoes that slightly. Maybe as required in the context of an episode but not for the standard look. It needs to recognisably be The Doctor. Met someone whilst playing a megagame who is influencing my thoughts in this direction, a journalist who had switched to wearing mens clothes and examining the practicality of the switch and the response it got. Female doctor in a suit and tie could be badass. But then, I'm not an expert and am absolutely open to having my mind changed if the right look is hit upon.
  5. The Doctor Who thread

    You're going to look like the lost member of High Energy next time you go to court.
  6. The Doctor Who thread

    I got the reference. And stop trying to bring dungarees back. They're never going to let you wear them to work!
  7. The Doctor Who thread

    I care more about continuity of fashion than gender. Hoping they don't stick her in heels and a dress (obviously they won't). Iconography of television heroes still has a specific shape and feel, it's unwise to venture too far from it. And if that's the Scottish Widow look it's only because she's wearing Capaldi's old clothes.
  8. The Doctor Who thread

    So what are we thinking costume-wise, casual or suit?
  9. The Doctor Who thread

    I'm sure there's backlash out there somewhere but I can't find it on twitter amongst all the hundreds of comments who seem to be responding to an anti-female doctor sentiment that hasn't yet had a change to emerge. I'm sure that there's people who are against this for one dumb reason or another, but I'm even more sure that everyone blowing their stack and shouting "YA BOO SEXISTS" doesn't exactly paint the most evenhanded picture of this either. Not a shot at you Mike, more the thousands of people who don't event watch the show and are just hurling abuse at anyone who might theoretically object. Actually the only negative comment I found was a woman saying it was a sexist male producer bending to public demand, and that real feminism is coming up with a new show with a strong female lead. Think she's missing the point. See this is why twitter is bollocks.
  10. The Doctor Who thread

    She's best known for being a cast member of Broadchurch with David Tennant. I've really only seen her act with a broad west country accent but I like her.
  11. The Legend of Korra

    I was chatting about this with a friend who was hanging at our place watching Avatar episodes this weekend. She never took to Korra as a show and quit a couple of episodes in, but honestly if you give it time it's the superior of Avatar in most every way. Every season the varied threats, the exploring of the world, of the Avatar as a concept, it's brilliant.
  12. Help influence Episode 44!

    I guess I was just a much cooler child than you. Basically I ran around with my pontiac trans-am hotwheels car singing "Eastbound and down" a lot. I was Archer. It's also a timeless thematic southern sheriff tie in with JW Pepper from the Bond films.
  13. Help influence Episode 44!

    Smokey and the Bandit. It is THE Burt Reynolds film. Man, when I was a kid Burt Reynold was the coolest man alive and the Pontiac Trans-am was the dream car everyone wanted. It got repeated a lot on itv, and I think I rented it a fair few times as well. I'm not secretly much older than I claim.
  14. Random wrestling thoughts

    I think mine goes back to 2003-2005 when I started really finding out his backstage history. It was solidified by Death of WCW.