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  1. RSS added a topic in The Show   

    Episode 947
    Will has seen 2017's Power Rangers and presents his thoughts after taking a few moments to talk about why the previous Power Rangers films might not have worked. This episode is probably not brought to you by Krispy Kreme. [ 45:55 || 28.2 MB ]
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  2. RSS added a topic in Dread Media   

    Episode 500
    Over the past 499 episodes, Desmond Reddick has spoken with some interesting guests and cohosts, but this week, to celebrate the 500th episode of Dread Media, he decided to talk to the people who make it all worthwhile: the listeners. Dreadites of three different countries (four if you count a background chime-in) get their voices heard this episode with a wide-ranging variety of topics. Songs played this week: "Answering the Phone" by The Mountain Goats, "Gruesome" by Gruesome, "Get the Fuck Outta Here" by Diemonds, "Can't Stop the Monster Kids" by The Other, "Twin Peaks - Fire Walk with Me" by Fantomas, "For Fuck's Sake" by Nailbomb, "Carry the Coffin" by Ghoultown, "Boss DJ" by Sublime, and "Computer, this Is Not What I..." by Mutation. RIP Bernie Wrightson. [ 3:33:33 || 104.5 MB ]
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  3. RSS added a topic in DDT Wrestling   

    Episode 01: ECW Barely Legal
    Damien and Desmond talk wrestling. A lot. They needed a reason to bullshit regularly. Okay, another reason to bullshit regularly. So, why not go through the pay-per-views of ECW, the little wrestling promotion that could? See, Desmond is a lapsed fan whose final days were in the Attitude Era, and Damien is the fount of knowledge. That's the framework. This episode discusses the beginnings of Extreme Championship Wrestling, and, in particular, its first true PPV: 1997's Barely Legal. There's lots of critical talk about the ECW stable. Except New Jack. The producers of this podcast respect and admire Mr. Jack in every way and mean no disrespect in any way. [ 3:05:52 || 89.7 MB ]
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  4. RSS added a topic in The Show   

    Episode 946
    It might be coming late in the month, but it's Previews time! [ 1:01:55 || 32.7 MB ]
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  5. RSS added a topic in A Cure for the Common Podcast: A WWF 1997 Retrospective   

    Week 26
    Manbeast v Mantaur: In the real main event this week we have The Clash of the Century as these natural rivals lock horns. On the undercard we have the equally illustrious debuts of both Michael Cole and the latest gang in the wars, Ahmed attempts to cut a promo under the influence of surgical medication, Undertaker goes full on Batman, Paul Bearer calls him a goddamned murderer, we have Pokemon references up to the eyeballs, and Kellen and Tom achieve a freaky psychic link. Trust me, this is a fun one. [ 2:36:53 || 75.4 MB ]
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  6. RSS added a topic in Twice as Bright, Half as Long   

    Episode 10.01
    I see that the word "slaves" has been misspelled here as "friends".
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  7. RSS added a topic in Bigger on the Inside   

    Episode 152
    The Doctor teams up with Earth's first and only superhero, The Ghost, to stop hostile aliens from impersonating world leaders ("The Return of Doctor Mysterio"). [ 51:30 || 25.0 MB ]
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  8. RSS added a topic in Dread Media   

    Episode 499
    This week, we look at some new versions of classic monsters. First, Desmond and his sons review the brand new Kong of Skull Island. Then, a fresh mockumentary take on vampires and werewolves in Duane and Desmond's review of What We Do in the Shadows. Here are some monster songs: "Loch Ness Monster" by Big Dipper, "Kong at the Gates" by The Misfits, "Vlad the Impaler" by GWAR, and "Our Savage God" by Sleep of Monsters. [ 58:17 || 28.2 MB ]
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  9. RSS added a topic in The Show   

    Episode 945
    Why are Dan and Mike covering Marvel Team-Up #32, along with The Brave and the Bold #118, instead of an issue of Marvel Two-in-One? For the answer to that, you'll have to listen. But that's not why you're here. You're here to hear about that dog. That poor, poor dog. [ 51:50 || 27.5 MB ]
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  10. RSS added a topic in Dread Media   

    Episode 498
    This week, we present a return interview with our friend Thomas Deja about his latest urban fantasy superhero book, Shadow Legion: Nightmare City, movies, comic books, politics, and whatever else comes to their troubled minds. Then, Rich the Monster Movie Kid reviews The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, and his experience seeing it in theatre with Joe Bob Briggs. There's a soundtrack to all of this, of course: "Living in the Shadows" by Billy Talent, "Almighty Black Talons" by Seven Sisters of Sleep, "No One Lives Forever" by Oingo Boingo, and "Shadow of a Man" by Oysterhead. [ 1:29:39 || 43.3 MB ]
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  11. RSS added a topic in The Show   

    Episode 944
    As they make their way through the fall 1983 Saturday morning animated lineup for CBS, Will and Dan bear witness to a surreal descent into abject madness, which astonishingly does not come at the hands of obnoxious tiny puppy knights, flashdancing beagles, or stock car racing moonshiners facing off against the grand wizard of the leprechauns. What is donut? [ 1:39:15 || 50.5 MB ]
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  12. RSS added a topic in The Edge of Forever   

    Episode 31
    I guess I'm getting used to it since I didn't really pick up on it when I was watching the episode itself, but holy crap is that some Shacting on the "Day of the Dove" clip.
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  13. RSS added a topic in Dread Media   

    Episode 497
    This week, Dread Media gets medical! First up, Desmond (and Darryll, a little bit) interview Chris Beaubien about his medical vendetta short film, Socket. Then, Rich the Monster Movie Kid gets a virus in his review of The Girl with All the Gifts. There's also some songs in the waiting room: "Caught My Eye" by Danzig, an excerpt from James R Kim's score for Socket, "Creeping Death" by Metallica, and "Medication" by Queens of the Stone Age. [ 58:54 || 28.5 MB ]
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  14. RSS added a topic in Tranquil Tirades   

    Episode 65: Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus
    Only in their dreams did The Real Protagonists think they'd get around to covering an Asylum movie, but with Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus we just can't shake the feeling that this is going to be another disappointment. [ 2:00:26 || 65.0 MB ]
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  15. RSS added a topic in Hey, an Actor!   

    Episode 38: Jennifer Connelly
    The second 2017 episode of Hey, an Actor! profiles one of the most well-known actresses that Pandy had barely heard of: Jennifer Connelly. This month, we say "Solve my Maze!" as The Brothers Wilson review her best-known performance as a child actress in the cult fantasy epic Labyrinth, co-starring David Bowie. Then Pandy is exposed to Dark City for the first time. What side of the divide will he fall? And finally, A Beautiful Mind is the film that won Connelly her first Oscar, but is the fact that the film is award-bait off-putting to our hosts? On top of that, Ian is briefly duped into the Oscar credentials of What Women Want, Pandy abandons a planned jingle series based on how bad the first one is, The Orgs inadvertently create a new gameshow, and Chris Johnson weighs in to explain the long-running meme involving him and George Reeves. And if you enjoy the recording madness of an over-tired father, be sure to stick around until the very end! [ 2:44:47 || 79.5 MB ]
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