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  1. With its recent revival on Netflix, Dan, Wendee, and Will sit down to discuss the past, present, and future of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Also, tangents on subjects including Tumblr posts, 1980s schlock cinema, and 1990s cable channel history. Capsule? Capsule. [ 2:16:45 || 68.3 MB ]
  2. This week there's a supernatural motorcycle bonanza. First up, Desmond and Duane review the Spanish horror comedy featuring a sexy witch who rides a motorbike: Witching & Bitching. Then, after far too long of a hiatus, the Commonwealth Crew is back as Ian joins Desmond to take a look at the misguided 2007 pre-Marvel Studios horror comic book movie, Ghost Rider. Then, of course, there are tunes: "Maiden, Mother & Crone" by The Sword, "Goddess" by Pentagram, "Ghost Rider in the Sky" by Spiderbait, and "Ghost Rider" by Henry Rollins. [ 1:09:22 || 33.5 MB ]
  3. Today we're all about live-action adaptations of Wonder Woman, namely: the five-minute oddity Wonder Woman: Who's Afraid of Diana Prince? from 1967; the 1975 TV-movie The New Original Wonder Woman, starring Lynda Carter; and the never-aired, Dark Knight-inspired Wonder Woman pilot from 2011. [ 1:27:40 || 44.6 MB ]
  4. This week, Desmond and Duane dig into the new horror film Bethany, so much that they had to record a separate spoiler section of their review for the very end of the episode. So stay tuned for that. Then, Devil Dinosaur Jr. walks alone in a Stay Scary of Drifter. Then there's music: "Batman Theme" by Al Hirt, "Psychic Twin" by Gruesome, "Love Won't Desert Us" by Push Kings, and "The Story of Batman" by Adam West. RIP Adam West. [ 56:29 || 27.3 MB ]
  5. This week, Desmond and Darryll look in-depth at a film so bad it nearly wrecked them: Don't Go in the Woods... Alone! Then Desmond goes solo, discussing some new comics that have come out in recent months: The Dregs from Black Mask Comics, Savage Things from DC / Vertigo, Darkness Visible from IDW, and the RL Stine-written Man-Thing from Marvel. Before I list the tunes, make note of our new address: Tunes: "I Don't Wanna Go" by The Donnas, "Don't Go in the Woods Alone" by H Kingsley Thurber, "Dregs" by Killing Joke, and "Kiss of Death" by Mutoid Man. [ 56:52 || 27.5 MB ]
  6. In this nasty, brutish, and short edition of List and Shout, Pandy and Christian scrutinize the senses as represented in fiction, assembling a superteam of the sensorily-gifted characters and rogues' galleries of both the worst-sounding and the worst-smelling ones. [ 1:11:55 || 36.7 MB ]
  7. The time has come for one of the most successful actors of his generation to come under the Hey, an Actor! spotlight in the form of Tom Hanks. The WWII epic Saving Private Ryan prompts nearly a full hour of discussion. Then a second collaboration with Steven Spielberg follows on with a review of The Terminal. And to cap things off, The Brothers Wilson explore the darker side of the hit 1980s fantasy / comedy Big. The episode also debuts a new feature of advertising breaks for when a Heather Graham Moment is not appropriate, as well as the retirement of Oscar quizzes due to how bad Ian is at them. The big questions are also answered, such as how many air hostesses do the brothers know, and just how distracting is it to see Robert Loggia in a film that isn't Independence Day? [ 3:08:23 || 90.8 MB ]
  8. Dan and Mike return to discuss the first three episodes of the exceptionally racially insensitive Batman serial from 1943, as well as the first two episodes of the 1966 Batman television program starring Adam West and Burt Ward. Prepare yourself for endless gushing over Frank Gorshin. [ 1:24:47 || 42.2 MB ]
  9. Dave and Ian embark on a new show for the summer: Star Cops from 1987. In "An Instinct for Murder," Chief Superintendent Nathan Spring reluctantly finds his name on the shortlist for the job as Commander of the International Space Police Force. While visiting a European space station as part of his interview, a prominent politician dies during a spacewalk and Spring finds himself in charge of the investigation. In "Conversations with the Dead," Spring's girlfriend, Lee, is murdered in Spring's home while he is in space. While Spring returns to Earth, his second in command, David Theroux, investigates when a ship is sent off course and the two-person crew are very aware that they are as good as dead. In "Intelligent Listening for Beginners," Spring and Theroux seek out corruption in the ranks while they investigate a series of computer failures, and new recruit Colin Devis and a recently fired Pal Kenzy find themselves having to foil a hijacking. They also discuss what a balding man's hair should look like in zero gravity, the show's awful yet addictively catchy theme song, and Dave launches his attempt to make #TeamDevis a thing. [ 2:35:15 || 74.5 MB ]
  10. This week, the show that almost wasn't is a really good one. So be thankful that it is. Not "is good," just plain is. Anyway, two films of similar tone and theme are discussed. Desmond and Duane's disagree on things in their review of the Netflix production (and epically titled): I Am the Pretty Thing that Lives in the House. Then, Rich the Monster Movie Kid dives into another slow-burn film dealing with a woman on her own in Sweet, Sweet Lonely Girl. Shorter episode, longer titles. It's a thing. Look it up! Also, this episode features the most eclectic mix of music that has perhaps ever been on the show: "Make Me Wanna Die" by The Pretty Reckless, "Baby, Let's Play House" by Buddy Holly, "Lonely Girl" by Lion, and "Strange Little Girls" by Tori Amos. [ 55:45 || 27.0 MB ]
  11. A dying race takes over The Enterprise in an effort to transform it into a stud farm ("Wink of an Eye"). Then Kirk and McCoy are pushed to the brink of death while attempting to save a mute woman ("The Empath"). Also: Dan perfectly recreates a scene involving coffee. [ 52:05 || 25.5 MB ]
  12. Not a hoax! Not a dream! Join Thomas Deja as he returns to his exploration of Silver Age comics with the debut of Daredevil — otherwise known as Matt Murdock: Horndog. [ 15:30 || 10.9 MB ]
  13. Now that the third season of The Flash has drawn to a close, travel back in time as Chris and Donovan discuss the second season. Did it reach the heights of the highly praised first season? Was Zoom a threat worthy of following the machinations of the Reverse-Flash? Which of the hosts was less than impressed with the annual Arrow crossover? How do DC fan favorites Jay Garrick and Wally West fare in live action? And what were their initial reactions to the reality altering conclusion? [ 4:05:00 || 121.3 MB ]
  14. Previews time! Which means it's also Mike Stumbles Over Simple Words time! [ 48:18 || 25.2 MB ]
  15. This week, we begin the show with a giveaway and a tribute to a rockstar. Then Megan and our Dutch daughter joins me for a review of Jordan Peele's debut film Get Out. I mean, you need to know what three white people on a podcast have to think about that one, right? Also, Rich the Monster Movie Kid reviews The Devil's Candy. Finally, I go solo on a review of Walerian Borowczyk's arthouse sleazefest, The Beast. Also, tunes: "Get the Fuck Outta Dodge" by Public Enemy, "Hypnotize" by System of A Down, "The Devil in I" by Slipknot, "The Beast and the Harlot" by Avenged Sevenfold, and "4th of July" by Soundgarden. RIP Chris Cornell. [ 1:08:01 || 32.9 MB ]