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  1. Dread added a post in a topic Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2   

    These posters are the best thing Nathan Fillion's ever done.
  2. Dread added a post in a topic Every Film You've Watched in 2017   

    I mean...he EATS a dude.
  3. Dread added a post in a topic Every comic you've read in 2017   

    Cannibal volume 1: solid intro to a weird horror book where something is making some people uncontrollable cannibals. Solid.
    The New Mutants Epic Collection Renewal: this one collects the graphic novel, the first 12 issues of the ongoing the Magik miniseries and a few other sundries. This is all over the place. I loved seeing Bob McLeod's character design sketches peppered throughout and some of the relationship building stuff is great, but this book came around at the wrong time. X-Men was too weird to have this book as part of its family at the time. The whole "Roman Empire under the ground in the South American jungle" thing is bugfuck nuts but not as crazy as that Magik miniseries. Holy shit.
    The Flintstones #9: another solid issue. Taking on Trump as well as a solid adventure for the household appliances.
    The Forever War #1: I didn't get much from this but I have the second issue so why not.
    The Mighty Thor #16: Thor vs the Shi'ar gods. Not bad.
    The Old Guard #1: Greg Rucka's multi-faceted tough girl character that he's used on damn near everything he's ever written returns again. She's part of a bunch of immortals. It's similar to stuff that I write so I might read another issue or two, but I wasn't blown away, as you can probably tell.
    The Once and Future Queen #1: I liked this a lot. 
    The Unstoppable Wasp #3: another good one.
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  4. Dread added a post in a topic Every Film You've Watched in 2017   

    The Beast: Walerian Borowcyzk's bizarre movie about bestiality feels like a collaboration between poe and Manara, so I loved it. Interesting to see special features discuss a sequel never filmed in which a woman gives birth to a seal/human hybrid. weird. Thankfully an unofficial sequel was filmed called Beast in Space. Yeah. I've seen that one too.
    Gunpoint: a short documentary about pheasant hunting. Definitely ant-hunting but very even-handed. No voiceover, just the lifecycle of a pheasant from the egg to the plate.
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  5. Dread added a post in a topic Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2   

    James Gunn just explained it on Facebook and will be posting the posters over the next few days. Here's the first one:

  6. Dread added a post in a topic Every comic you've read in 2017   

    Motro #4: fucking weird. Kind of fun.
    Nightwing # 15, 16: I'm interested in this new arc. Weird they only gave one issue to really cement the relationship with the new girlfriend before basically putting her in a fridge.
    Occupy Avengers #4: fun.
    Old Man Logan #18: this would be so much better without all the bullshit flashback/hallucination nonsense.
    Peepland #4: really really good.
    Quantum Teens Are Go #1: this was ok. Maybe one more before I decide on it.
    Rough Riders: Riders on the Storm #1: good putting the team back together issue.
    Rough Riders Nation #1: this is basically an issue of pinups showing the Rough Riders through later incarnations. Very cool but I don't think anything is going ot come of it seeing as the new series is still the original team.
    Savage #4: wow...that was...not good. 
    Savage Things #1: holy shit. I liked this a lot.
    Spell on Wheels #5: really good.
    Starlord #3: pretty decent.
    Suicide Squad #12: solid. Didn't think it would go this way, and I'm still skeptical it isn't.
    Super Sons #1: did not like this. I'm out.
    Superman #17, 18: Great end to an arc leading into an incredible new crossover. Really stoked for this.
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #67: more Mutanimals!!! and Slash! Yessssss!
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe #7: two Donatello tales with the fallout of his robot body. Interesting.
    The Belfry: a one-shot beautifully drawn by Gabriel Hardman but unfortunately under-written by him as well.
    The Dregs #1, 2: this is an amazing new horror series. I'm in, hard.
    The Fall and Rise of Captain Atom #3: not sure why I'm still reading this.
    The Few #2: not sure what is really going on here, but I do think it's pretty. I've got the next one so I'm not dropping it yet.
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  7. Dread added a post in a topic Random movie and tv thoughts   

    Haha! IMagine having to decide whether or not to pay a ransom to save a fucking Pirates of the Caribbean movie!
  8. Dread added a post in a topic Random movie and tv thoughts   

    It's just the thirty year nostalgia cycle. Been going on for ages. Just you wait until next decade's 90s nostalgia. Ugh...JNCO's everywhere!
  9. Dread added a post in a topic Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2   

    So, this wasn't better than the first film as far as entertainment is concerned. There's something so pure about that first movie. It's untouchable as far as Marvel movies are concerned. But Vol 2 is a close second.
    While it wasn't as balls to the wall fun as the first film, it excelled in its character work. Rocket, Drax, Gamora and Nebula all got the story they deserved. Fucking Michael Rooker stole the movie and was just all-around amazing. Sean Gunn was a delightful surprise too. I felt it was a little heavy on Baby Groot. I also thought that things dragged a little too long at the beginning of the Ego section.
    Russell was awesome too and it was a blast to see him de-aged. That was my favorite part of Ant-Man and they did it better here. The look at the new Guardians who will be the team in Volume 4 was fucking awesome. I actually enjoyed the Stan Lee cameo which makes it two out of...what...57 cameos of his?
    I was basically crying for the last 20 minutes too. Really dug it.
    Edit: for people talking about a Ravagers spinoff, Gunn has gone on record saying he's directing volume 3 and advising, possibly writing volume 4 which will feature an ENTIRELY NEW TEAM OF GUARDIANS. I think that's your Ravagers spinoff.
    Also: Glenn Close and Nathan Fillian cut from the film or never in it in the first place?
  10. Dread added a post in a topic Every Film You've Watched in 2017   

    GOTG Vol 2: thoughts in the thread
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  11. Dread added a post in a topic Every Film You've Watched in 2017   

    Get Out: I really thought all the hype would have killed this movie by the time I was able to see it. It did not.
    Features: 52
    Shorts: 21
    Documentaries: 4
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  12. Dread added a post in a topic What are you watching and enjoying?   

    Lois in the Fleischer cartoons is freaking amazing. And a total babe.
  13. Dread added a post in a topic Riverdale   

    I bought so hard into the camp that I thought

    killed Jason Blossom.
  14. Dread added a post in a topic Riverdale   


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