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  1. slothian added a post in a topic Venom   

    Tom Hardy is Venom
    Directed by the guy who's been dining off of Zombieland his entire career. Due out in October next year.
  2. slothian added a post in a topic Random movie and tv thoughts   

    Plus any British people who are at least the age of The Brothers Wilson and older (e.g. Tom, Dave) think of something very different about the word "Orville"
    Non-Brits: Google the name "Keith Harris".
  3. slothian added a post in a topic Episode 955   

    You boys and your potty mouths, honestly.
    I mean, I expect it of Pandy, but for Christian to be dragged down to this level...
    To answer the first question, latest witch would be Ethel Hallow, as played by the Oscar nominated Felicity Jones. Why? Because she's always being outsmart education by, literally, The Worst Witch.
  4. slothian added a post in a topic Help influence episode 42!   

    In the interest of sharing....(the title does, unintentionally, fit in with the overall theme!)
  5. slothian added a post in a topic Help influence episode 42!   

    That could've been phrased better....
  6. slothian added a topic in Hey, an Actor!   

    Help influence episode 42!
    Yes, you can help influence not only the film Pandy & I use as the joint review, but the homework we assign each other to plot the range of their career. As announced in Episode 40, our subject will be Kirsten Dunst.
    Pandy & I will take an executive decision on what makes the joint review on Saturday 27th May so get your ideas in before then!
    NB) We won't be covering any Spider-Man films and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind was covered in our first episode.
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  7. slothian added a post in a topic First time you felt old   

    I'm 31 and I know for a fact that I was 18 when I joined The Oratory in 2003 at the behest of my friend (and oWa partner) Fishdood.
    But I will allow nostalgia to willingly blind you!
  8. slothian added a post in a topic Episode 951   

    Charlie Cox > Rex Smith?!?!?!

    (Kidding - I totally agree).
  9. slothian added a post in a topic First time you felt old   

    Not quite the same train of thought, but my surviving grandmother (97 next month) became a Granny for the first time in 1967 (aged 47) and for a final time in 1988 (aged 68). That last one being Pandy btw.
    Couldn't tell you the range for her great grandchildren but her first one born within wedlock was in 2007. Prior to that, I remember her remarking to me that she was fond of them all but perturbed by the fact that "they are all bastards".
    Still makes me chuckle!
  10. slothian added a post in a topic First time you felt old   

    Misspelling aside, I feel I'm missing some context here.
  11. slothian added a post in a topic Everything Marvel   

    CBeebies has a new guest storyteller....
  12. slothian added a post in a topic Happy Birthday Donomark!   

    I was going to wish you Happy Birthday as I-Wizzle, then I decided that this would be ill-advised.
    So pip pip, have a spiffing birthday, young sir! Oo-de-lally!!
  13. slothian added a post in a topic Every Film You've Watched in 2017   

    So, who's turn is it next to watch Faust? I don't remember Preston ever commenting on it....
  14. slothian added a post in a topic The Doctor Who thread   

    Yeah, really enjoyed it (having not seen most of last season). Bill's great and I'm looking forward to this TARDIS crew.
    And that 'Coming Soon' reel.......
  15. slothian added a post in a topic No rush of course, but is there a timetable for the Spectre episode?   

    I don't know what TL:DL means, but you're only half right. Yes, the raw recording is utterly fucked up, but the finished episode - whenever it surfaces - will be akin to traditional FYEO. But I have had issues with the following:
    a) current podcasts - I do two monthly podcasts, one of which I have full editing duties for. They take precedence;
    b) aforementioned raw recording issues;
    c) previous PC crashed at the end of February so I have had to buy a new PC and sort through new editing software;
    d) part of the original recording has been forever lost - luckily it's the intro leading up to the song. This will require re-recording;
    e) It's a lot of effort to devote to, well, Spectre.....
    In short, it's a massive undertaking, of which I have very limited time to dedicate to (I am currently studying for professional examinations outside of my full-time job) and isn't my main priority, hence the delay. I'm sorry if that disappoints anyone, but the Spectre episode is ultimately a one-off special for a defunct podcast which ran out its original lifespan. If you (in the general sense, rather than a specific poster in this thread) feel annoyed that it hasn't been released as of yet, then please reassess what you consider to be important in life. It WILL be completed, but at my own pace - and look at my forum handle if you need a clue....