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  1. And on the seventh day, Ian rested. Use this thread to flag up difficult choices you've had to make and the various pros and cons of ranking films in such an OCD way! What's currently your top film? What's currently your bottom-most film? And what decade have you ranked the most often? Also, why not post your own Flickchart handle on here? It's a given that, in the near future, your list will very much be a work in progress and no-one will seriously think that you regard "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" as the best film of all time. Mine is slothian205.
  2. The All-Purpose Flickchart thread

    The Naked Gun vs Airplane!
  3. Everything DC

    I saw that, and Anna Paquin validated that it took place.
  4. Everything DC

    Gal Gadot is a key factor towards Wonder Woman (both film & character) being so popular that a) her film was wildly successful and b) she was most people's favourite thing about Dawn of Justice. This should be the proverbial "no brainer" for WB, but then the current iteration of Warner Bros. films are not known for their brains.
  5. The Doctor Who thread

    Apologies if this comes across as a tad vain:
  6. The Doctor Who thread

    Ian Levine's having another meltdown on Twitter. It's glorious!
  7. Random movie and tv thoughts

    Agreed. Although it's ironic that our antitrust/competition issues with corporations in the UK are the main barrier to Murdoch's empire growing too big over here. But Disney owning half all media is just as terrifying
  8. November sees TABHAL's final month covering The Persuaders!, so let us know which are the three most promising episodes in your opinions. Here are the eligible episodes: Five Miles to Midnight: In Rome, Frank Rocco, a Mafia hitman, is on the run from the Mob after offering to turn state's evidence. Fulton asks Brett and Danny to get him out of the country, but when a beautiful photographer (Joan Collins) gets involved the boys find themselves in a shooting war. Nuisance Value: When the spoiled daughter (Vivienne Ventura) of an immensely wealthy man (George Murcell) is apparently kidnapped, Danny and Brett discover the unsuspected perils of double-dating, when suspicion of being behind the kidnapping falls on them! The Morning After: Lord Brett wakes up from a wild party in Stockholm with a hangover – and a wife (Catherine Schell)! When the validity of the marriage is confirmed, Danny pursues clues that point to a Scandinavian diplomat (Griffith Jones) and a political conspiracy. Read and Destroy: When Brett's friend Felix (Joss Ackland) has woman trouble (with guest star Kate O'Mara), Brett and Danny are drawn into a deceptive game of espionage, as ex-spy Felix tries to publish his memoirs. A Death in the Family: Someone is killing off Brett's aristocratic relatives one by one, and unless he and Danny can identify the murderer the next name on the family tomb will be his own. Guest starring Denholm Elliott. (In a homage to Alec Guinness in the 1949 film Kind Hearts and Coronets, Roger Moore plays three different members of the Sinclair family and Tony Curtis appears as Danny's aunt at the end.) The Ozerov Inheritance: Grand Duchess Ozerov (Gladys Cooper) seeks Lord Brett's help in saving her family jewels; but her lovely granddaughter, the Princess Alexandra (Prunella Ransome), is not the only discovery the boys make when doing genealogical research. To the Death, Baby: Brett and Danny try to save a beautiful heiress (Jennie Linden) who is the target of a slippery con man (Terence Morgan); but there are other potential targets the boys have not considered, including a gangster (Harold Innocent) and some menacing Spaniards (Roger Delgado, Robert Russell et al). Someone Waiting: Pursuing a beautiful ingénue (Penelope Horner), Brett and Danny are drawn into a multi-faceted affair with deadly implications when Brett resumes his motor racing career and an unknown saboteur seeks to wreck the next race. Choose your three - poll will close in a week.
  9. Episode 978

    Naturally. Also, as a rebuttal to your "Marvel embraces all talents re: directors" point, my counterpoints would be a) Edgar Wright being removed from Ant-Man, and b) Guardians (and seemingly Thor 3) aside, the tone of the MCU movies don't seem all that different. I'd *expect* this to differ again for Black Panther, but if it doesn't, I wouldn't be surprised either.
  10. The All-Purpose Flickchart thread

    Aladdin v The Incredibles
  11. The All-Purpose Flickchart thread

    Bring It On vs 300
  12. Episode 978

    I'll have you know I shook Bradley Walsh's hand at least 3 times! I refuse to think badly of the man, even if I didn't win anything on The Chase.......except a signed photo of him!
  13. Every Film You've Watched in 2017

    Yes, it's a tad better than Saw. Don't watch many of the sequels though. Only Hellraiser 2 really ties in to the original.
  14. Dr. Strange

    Getting caught up, but my initial impression: "as an origin story goes, that was very generic"
  15. Episode 976

    Still qualifies for TABHAL, unless it was a comedy.
  16. Episode 976

    How many series?
  17. The Doctor Who thread

    Btw, I have shaken hands with Graham & have a signed picture of the guy. Not a convention thing - he was the host of the first gameshow I was. He's a lovely chap!
  18. Random wrestling thoughts

    Angle was on the indies between TNA and his WWE return and wrestling normal matches without problems, so I don't think him simply being in a ring should be THAT concerning. Yes, a multiman TLC match is a slightly different beast, but I fully expect Ambrose & Rollins to be taking on the majority of the legwork for their team and Angle to be protected as much as possible.
  19. It's amazing how easily citizenship can be bestowed by drunken Commonwealthers. And yes, forums spellcheck, that is a legit word despite your red squiggle.
  20. Apologies that I could not be more helpful re: gang structures. No wonder I never win when I'm on gameshows! I think Summerslam 1997 is an important milestone given what it led to - it's a massive shame for Austin but given that if he'd never been injured, we'd not have had the same calendar year of 2000 WWF programming, I wouldn’t go back in time & change it. And the finish of the main event is just perfect. From here on in though, Michaels is going to be (even more) unbearable. And I can say that here as we're not on The Oratory.
  21. This thread is designated to gather up suggestions of actors (gender neutral term for the political correctness win!) to feature on future episodes on HAA! Ideally, I would like suggestions of actors who have tried to many different films so that Pandy & I can examine the dramatic range of the subject, so that rules out Rob Schneider for a start. Also, for the time being, the Brothers Wilson would prefer to limit the scope to actors who were prominent from the 1970s to the present day, as neither of us did "film studies" (we're British) and have only seen so many films that are beyond 40 years old. I'm hoping to address this as I expand my film horizons gradually, but for the meantime, let's cap the suggestions to people active between the 1970s and the present day - I'll allow leeway if the actor was doing films in the 40s/50s/60s right up until the 80s/90s/00s but it very much depends on who said actor is. Actors used: 01: Jim Carrey 02: Jodie Foster 03: Brad Pitt 04: Christian Bale 05: Reese Witherspon 06: Samuel L. Jackson 07: Amy Adams 08: Bob Hoskins 09: Will Smith 10: Whoopi Goldberg 11: Robin Williams 12: Uma Thurman 14: Jack Black 15: Julianne Moore 16: Arnold Schwarzenegger 17: Heath Ledger 18: Winona Ryder 19: Dame Judi Dench 20: Jamie Lee Curtis 21: Sandra Bullock 22: Nicolas Cage 23: Halle Berry 25: Bill Murray 26: Dustin Hoffman 27: Meryl Streep 28: Dame Helen Mirren 29: Audrey Hepburn 30: Sir Michael Caine 31: Max von Sydow 32: Sigourney Weaver 33: Morgan Freeman 34: Dame Maggie Smith 35: Sir Christopher Lee 36: Paul Williams 37: Mike Myers 38: Jennifer Connelly 39: Dame Julie Andrews 40: Denzel Washington 41: Tom Hanks 42: Kirsten Dunst 43: Kate Winslet 44: Burt Reynolds 45: Mel Gibson 46: Nicole Kidman
  22. Suggestions of shows we could cover.

    Might this breach our comedy rule? (yes I know this response is 3 months late)
  23. JLA movie news

    I watch next to no trailers nowadays, because I don't want to be one of those morons who prejudge a film (present company excepted) before they inevitably see it.