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  1. Spider-Man: Homecoming

    Ned's name should have been Ganke, because he basically is Ganke. They smushed Peter Parker and Miles Morales together as an amalgamated Spidey in this flick.
  2. Saw VIII

    Jigsaw was killed off in Saw III, way back in 2006. How in the world do they justify Kramer still being involved? He set up traps for a new set of people, a full decade after his death? I realize Jigsaw is Batman, but that is ridiculous even for this series. Even the trailer has your typical nonsense. How long has that poor man been hanging there? People just notice out of nowhere? That is worse than the tri-blade trap that opened VII. I see they have rebuilt the police department after Hoffman killed every single cop in VII. Though if I was a cop and a Jigsaw killer showed up again I would probably flee the country, given how cops fare against Jigsaw and his cult. @James D. is right. At this point, if they want to make more movies, it needs a reboot. The series has become so convoluted with so many retcons that there is no way to untangle it.
  3. Saw VIII

    Maybe the traps will actually matter this time. The traps in V, VI and VII had absolutely nothing to do with the main plot. You could have cut the traps completely out of the last three movies and would not have had to change a single line of dialogue.
  4. Saw VIII

    Official trailer is up. My offer to record a review for The Show is still open since @The Master does not want to do it any more. I'm even willing to see it on my birthday.
  5. I definitely have no problems with the "it comes out when it comes out" schedule.
  6. Episode 960

    One thing I am not sure about: Why was what Sims said about Nazis bleeped? It's not like Earth-2 podcasts have not had some salty language before. Maybe it was done for comedic effect, because his views on Nazis are so forceful that his language cannot even be heard on a website that doesn't censor much of anything?
  7. Episode 960

    I am really curious to watch the 2011 Wonder Woman pilot. Don't know where to find it, and I am not sure I can handle that kind of pain.
  8. All together now: #FakeNews
  9. Sometimes I just have to shake my head. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-switch/wp/2017/06/12/does-the-xbox-still-make-sense-in-a-mobile-gaming-world/ From the article: The money quote, no pun intended: Yep, console sales are dying. Did you even read your own article?
  10. If not for the Milla Jovovich corollary to the Kate Beckinsale rule, Resident Evil 6 would be Tirades-worthy. This is terrible. A tangled jumbled mess.They have retconned it to oblivion. Nothing that is happening makes any sense. What is Umbrella's goal at this point? They went from wanting to make money from bio-weapons to wanting to wipe out earth's population because there are just too many people. Sure. There was one point where they put Alice in a deathtrap instead of, you know, shooting her in the face at point blank range. This is a woman who has displayed unbelievable fighting prowess and at one point had godlike powers. I yelled out "kill her!" while watching that scene. Yes, Scott Evil has a point. The only time I ever want to see the main protagonist of a movie in a deathtrap is if Jigsaw is the one who built the trap. This should have ended after the second movie. Alice is the biggest Mary Sue ever.
  11. Randomness

    That is awesome. Facebook is really obnoxious about purchasing ads for "fan pages." (Are they even called fan pages anymore?)
  12. First time you felt old

    I passed the 25th anniversary of my high school graduation last month.
  13. The Judas contract was a pretty faithful adaptation of the comic, and I am impressed at how the movies have a shared universe and continuity between them. Obviously they're putting thought into this. I liked both Batman vs. Superman and Suicide Squad, but the DC live-action stuff has not been as good as it could have been. The animated movies have been much better.
  14. Episode 958

    Some of that was anger over Pearl Harbor, but most of it was racism. Racism was standard, so it is not surprising that an adaptation of a comic book character would be filled with racism. Comics at the time were just awful on race. Go look at some of the "propaganda" covers they have on Superdickery. It really makes me cringe, with the Japanese being basically demons. A Superman covers encouraged readers to "slap a Jap!" And then we get Whitewash in Captain America and Steamboat in Captain Marvel. Not that humanity is any better today.
  15. What games are you currently playing?

    Also played through Dragon Quest VIII for 3DS. Absolutely amazing. And I also prefer DQ to Final Fantasy.