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  1. S-T added a post in a topic What games are you currently playing?   

    Also played through Dragon Quest VIII for 3DS. Absolutely amazing.
    And I also prefer DQ to Final Fantasy.
  2. S-T added a post in a topic What games are you currently playing?   

    I'm playing The Walking Dead: Season 3. And now for my rant. Maybe spoilers, so hidden.
  3. S-T added a post in a topic Episode 953   

    OK, before I rant, let me say I absolutely love A Death in The Family.

    Now on to my rant.

    If I have a criticism of A Death in The Family, it's that it makes no sense that the Joker is working with Iran. Just because two people are bad people (Ayatollah Khomeini and the Joker) it doesn't mean they're going to get along.

    Plus, It was unnecessarily political, representing a typically jingoistic attitude. I can almost hear the theme from Team America in the background. And let's be real: There is absolutely no way that a psychotic mass murderer like the Joker is going to be allowed into the U.N. building. It would be like Iran naming Ted Bundy as their ambassador, and then he gets diplomatic immunity. Absurd. (Which would have also been timely, because Bundy was executed around this time.)

    No, the U.S. government is going to say "Well, we understand diplomatic immunity and all, but this ain't happening."

    To use wrestling terminology, putting Khomeini into the book is the cheapest of cheap heat, at the height of our rivalry with Iran. They could have easily done that without Khomeini.

    Finally, it ages the book and makes it less likely that today's readers will relate to it. People my age and a little younger are going to know who Khomeini is, but people who are much younger than I am won't know. Khomeini has been dead since June of 1989. (So much for being tied into current events. Maybe Khomeini was dropped into the Lazarus Pit.) This means, if this story still happened as it did in modern DC continuity, Batman in present day is an old man. He would have been about 30 or 35 then, which puts him between 58 and 63 years old.
  4. S-T added a post in a topic Everything DC   

    One of the additions they made to the animated adaptation of The Killing Joke was a terrible decision. Spoilers:
  5. S-T added a post in a topic Episode 952   

    Ah yes... pull up a chair, grandpa is going to tell a story.
    I often feel like the really old man of the forums, so the reminder that @The Master is pushing 40 and @Dan is past it makes it not quite so bad.
    Anyway, the oldest comics I had that I know of know of were 1979. It blows my mind to think I have been reading comics for 40 years. I switched entirely to trades around 2010. Usually got my at the drug store, and these days it is either Amazon.com or the local comic shop.
  6. S-T added a post in a topic Cancer-free for twenty years   

    Thanks for the good wishes all.

    It sure doesn't seem like it's been 20 years.
  7. S-T added a post in a topic Logan   

    Quite possibly the best superhero movie I have ever seen.
  8. S-T added a post in a topic Logan   

    Saw it this morning. It definitely earned that R rating. I have seen Friday the 13th movies with less violence, less gore and fewer kills.
    I should have counted the number of F words. There comes a point where it is not realistic and it is just juvenile. It made me think of Beavis and Butthead with an R rating.
    If your cursing causes me to crack up laughing during what should be an intense, emotional scene, you have overdone it.
    No problem with the F-Bomb in a movie like this (it is realistic that Wolverine's speech would be salty) but there's a line where the word becomes meaningless.
  9. S-T added a topic in Banter   

    Cancer-free for twenty years
    Last week marked twenty years since I had surgery to remove cancer. (March 21, to be exact. So it has been twenty years and ten days.)
    That was, by far, the most memorable Spring Break I have ever had. Not something you expect to deal with while you're in college.
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  10. S-T added a post in a topic Random wrestling thoughts   

    Most places, if you beat up your boss and put his head through a car window, you get fired. You don't get a prime spot at the company's biggest event of the year.  Pro wrestling logic has always been strange.
    Also, Stavros is right. Even in 1987, the Hogan/Andre storyline made absolutely no sense to me. Why did Andre have to become a bad guy to fight Hogan? In real sports, people can be friends and compete against each other. 
  11. S-T added a post in a topic Saw VIII   

    Well, we established in Saw VII that there is an entire Jigsaw cult, made up of all the people who now love Jigsaw because he made their lives better by putting them in deathtraps. Because that makes sense.
    The reason these movies are entertaining isn't because they are so badly written (and they are very badly written) but that the people who wrote those terrible scripts are so incredibly pretentious about the movies being "smart." That's what makes the terrible writing, plot holes and impossible timelines so humorous.
  12. S-T added a post in a topic Random wrestling thoughts   

    Completely random thought from decades ago:

    Tugboat joining forces with Earthquake after EQ tried to end his career (becoming Typhoon in the process) is almost as dumb as Dr. Gordon joining the Jigsaw Cult after Jigsaw forced him to cut off his own foot. Come to think of it, the people who wrote the Saw movies must be pro wrestling fans, because that kind of stupidity happens all the time in pro wrestling.
  13. S-T added a post in a topic Episode 64: After Earth   

    I swear I have seen After Earth, but I don't remember a frame of it.

    If I have seen it, I must have rented it from somewhere other than Netflix, because it doesn't show up in my DVD rental history.
  14. S-T added a post in a topic Episode 937   

    This movie is so bad, that I suspect it is the reason I got cancer in 1997.
  15. S-T added a post in a topic Episode 63: Elves   

    Just to be clear: I was joking about Team Jacob voting for the Orange Lantern.
    I thought it was funny, anyway. Your mileage may vary.