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  1. S-T added a post in a topic Random wrestling thoughts   

    Most places, if you beat up your boss and put his head through a car window, you get fired. You don't get a prime spot at the company's biggest event of the year.  Pro wrestling logic has always been strange.
    Also, Stavros is right. Even in 1987, the Hogan/Andre storyline made absolutely no sense to me. Why did Andre have to become a bad guy to fight Hogan? In real sports, people can be friends and compete against each other. 
  2. S-T added a post in a topic Saw VIII   

    Well, we established in Saw VII that there is an entire Jigsaw cult, made up of all the people who now love Jigsaw because he made their lives better by putting them in deathtraps. Because that makes sense.
    The reason these movies are entertaining isn't because they are so badly written (and they are very badly written) but that the people who wrote those terrible scripts are so incredibly pretentious about the movies being "smart." That's what makes the terrible writing, plot holes and impossible timelines so humorous.
  3. S-T added a post in a topic Random wrestling thoughts   

    Completely random thought from decades ago:

    Tugboat joining forces with Earthquake after EQ tried to end his career (becoming Typhoon in the process) is almost as dumb as Dr. Gordon joining the Jigsaw Cult after Jigsaw forced him to cut off his own foot. Come to think of it, the people who wrote the Saw movies must be pro wrestling fans, because that kind of stupidity happens all the time in pro wrestling.
  4. S-T added a post in a topic Episode 64: After Earth   

    I swear I have seen After Earth, but I don't remember a frame of it.

    If I have seen it, I must have rented it from somewhere other than Netflix, because it doesn't show up in my DVD rental history.
  5. S-T added a post in a topic Episode 937   

    This movie is so bad, that I suspect it is the reason I got cancer in 1997.
  6. S-T added a post in a topic Episode 63: Elves   

    Just to be clear: I was joking about Team Jacob voting for the Orange Lantern.
    I thought it was funny, anyway. Your mileage may vary.
  7. S-T added a post in a topic Episode 931   

    In either this one or the last one, Sims mentioned that if you took the lyrics from Santa Claus is Coming to Town and made it about the Punisher, it has a totally different message.
    So as I am listening to Christmas music as I'm getting dishes done and my sons are playing with their Duplo blocks, that song comes up. And I cannot get that image out of my head.
    He sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake, he knows if you've been bad or good...
  8. S-T added a post in a topic First time you felt old   

    That wasn't the first time I felt old. Just the most recent big realization of being old.
  9. S-T added a post in a topic First time you felt old   

    Realized a young woman I know who is a student at the local university was born after I started working as a columnist for the student newspaper when I was an undergrad.
    It's one thing to know that all of the undergraduates today are young enough to be my children. That particular one takes it a step farther.
  10. S-T added a post in a topic The Walking Dead   

    OK, I watched the opening of Season 7.
    Here's my problem.
    The protagonists - yes, including Glenn - pretty much got what they deserved.
    The Grimes group had no conflict with or even any interaction with the Saviors. After being hired by Hilltop, the Grimes group broke into the Saviors' compound and murdered a bunch of people in their sleep. It was an unprovoked surprise attack. Under normal rules of war, it could be described as an act of terrorism or a war crime.
    Negan is infuriated. Wouldn't you be? Even if you're a bad dude, these random jerks show up and start murdering your friends and colleagues in their sleep. So now you want to teach them a lesson. You do NOT do that to us, so I will kill one of you and the rest of you will work for me.
    Why am I supposed to rot for these people again? I am not seeing a reason. I am rooting for one group of bad guys fighting an admittedly worse group of bad guys. Whoop de diddly do. I can't even root for Glenn, who was probably the most truly good character in the group up until Season 6, when he was murdering people in their sleep.
    Now, don't think I am being simple-minded here. Characters do not need to be Lawful Good Paladins. But they do need to be somewhat good, so that the audience cares what happens to them. When I am watching formerly good characters get comeuppance for doing evil things, then I am just watching evil fight evil.
    Characters can be flawed, and fail and do bad things and still be relatable protagonists. But there is a line you cannot come back from. Some lines are universal. Characters cross that line, they are full heels. Murdering people in their sleep crosses that line and of course Negan is justified in seeking payback and making sure the Grimes group is not a threat in the future. When the villain is in the right, you have failed as a storyteller.
    The key in writing a good story is not crossing that line.
    Finally, more people (other than Morgan) should have objected to the plan to break into the saviors' home and murder them in their beds. That would have been perfectly consistent with Glenn's character. Remember, he didn't even kill the guy who lured him into the woods to murder him. For him to not object and just go along with the murders is a pretty big inconsistency with how the character has been presented thus far. It would also have made Glenn's death undeserved and therefore sad, because he was not part of what ticked off Negan in the first place. It was an unfortunate missed opportunity.
  11. S-T added a post in a topic Request thread (with scores!), updates, and random thoughts   

    The Christmas Shoes.
    They took possibly the worst Christmas song ever made and turned it into a movie.
    Unleash the Real Protagonists on that. Hilarity ensues.
    It offends me as a Christian, because it is the idolatry of commercialism and wraps it in a "christian" package.
  12. S-T added a post in a topic Happy Birthday, Cole   

    Happy birthday from one of the forum's old farts.
  13. S-T added a post in a topic What can't Bruce Wayne do?   

    The problem of bringing kids into battle was there long before Damien showed up though. Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown...
  14. S-T added a post in a topic What can't Bruce Wayne do?   

    I have watched YouTube tutorials on how to do that. I have tried. I have never gotten it.
  15. S-T added a post in a topic What can't Bruce Wayne do?   

    I imagine Bruce has a Keurig, but brewing coffee is easy. I am sure he could do that.
    Cooking for himself generally, though, he probably has no idea how to do.