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  1. I've seen exactly 0 of her movies, so expect our feedback to be mercifully short, which after our Kirsten Dunst feedback...
  2. Midnight Special is an amazing film in which Dunst is amazing. And I am in no way recommending this on the basis it's the only Kirsten Dunst film I have seen.
  3. Toy Story for spaceships (kind of). Bridge Of Spies was a great film, much recommended if you've not seen it. I'm not watching Forrest Dump again for all the cheese in Holland.
  4. Choo choo, Mr Probert
  5. Another vote for Alien or Aliens, and another vote for Galaxy Quest, arguably the best of the Star Trek movies. She's not in it much, but she's one of the best things about Paul too.
  6. Another couple of votes for The Exorcist and Flash Gordon- somewhat differing roles!
  7. Another vote for the Italian Job, plus The Man Who Would Be King is quite splendid: Caine plus Connery for the win. If you want to torture yourselves, I hear Jaws IV is the pits.
  8. - National Treasure Book Of Secrets, because: Nic Cage - 2010, because: spaceships (& Mirren's Russian accent is something to behold) - The Cook The Thief His Wife & Her Lover, because I want to see Anne-Marie's face when she watches it
  9. For an early role, you could gird your loins and watch The Deerhunter.
  10. All The President's Men is rather excellent. Not seen much more of his work though (besides Dick Tracy, but he hasn't got a big role in that).
  11. Favourite Featured Actor; Arnie Favourite Review; Drive Angry Worst Film Covered; Bram Stoker's Dracula Best Feedback Received; Anything not by us Favourite Jingle; All the lovely ones you did for us and Most Anticipated Subject for 2016. Anything with spaceships in
  12. Ghostbusters or Scrooged (if you're recording around Christmas, it's a no-brainer).
  13. Thank crud Catwoman's been rejected- bailed after 10 minutes of that turgid tripe. It has to be said, I've yet to see her in a role I particularly enjoyed beyond Storm (and she's only passable in that). I wouldn't wish Movie 43 on anybody, so I'll take a punt on Cloud Atlas, in the hopes she's okay in that.
  14. *Rushes to check out Drive*
  15. Drive Angry is the maddest piece of weirdness ever committed to celluloid and you owe it to yourselves to experience the Cage turned up to maximum crazy-nuts. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll question not just your own sanity, but that of everyone who has ever witnessed this batshit movie. I say, embrace the Cage, embrace Drive Angry, and know life in all it's glory. Here endeth the lesson....