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  1. Every comic you've read in 2017

    I'll hold with my standby Brian "continuity is for other people" Bendis
  2. Every comic you've read in 2017

    Oh yeah, Batman/Elmer Fudd was fucking great. I have a lot of thoughts about The Egyptian Princesses, but they boil down to it's another Baranko comic, enjoy the ride. Shutter v1-4: Yes, well done, one of Image's secret successes. Long Walk To Valhalla: Nowhere midwest town person gets found by a valkyrie. What happens next is actually surprising.
  3. Every comic you've read in 2017

    God only knows what I've already written about, but I can't sleep because I'm angry at myself for getting half my party killed in Darkest Dungeon. Man Of Many Faces v1, 2 and Clamp School Defenders v1: Apparently you can put the CLAMP name on any old thing and it'll...yeah. A couple fine fourth wall breaking moments but maybe for complete-ists only, if that. Satoshi Kon's Opus: Hyper meta, surprisingly funny. Days Like This: Inoffensive digest sized comic from Oni about a group of black middle school girls getting talented scouted in Motown-era Detroit. Charming. A Bride's Story v8: I cannot remember for the life of me what happened, but I don't care because Kaoru Mori's shit is beautiful. The Black Dhalia (comic adaptation): They got a budget European for this and while his style fits the narrative, it does not quite click in the way they hoped it would. Browse through it to see what I mean. My Brother's Husband v1: An old school Japanese gay porn dude weaves a story of a Japanese man coming to terms with his brother's death and his own homophobia through the vehicle of his brother's husband coming to Japan to see his dead lover's home. One of my favorite things I read this year. Psycho-Pass v2: Above-average/solid sf police/detective serial. Way more backgrounds than I expected. Someone put time and effort into this tie in. Moonshine v1: Here's the 100 Bullets team and it's exactly the twisty plot and pitch perfect dialogue you've come to expect from the team. Steady as she goes, this time with werewolves. MPD-Psycho v11: I bought this because the internet told me there was a Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service crossover. This comic is even more brutal, deranged and terrifying than Kurosagi. I'm happy I read it, but if knew the crossover was so short, I wouldn't have bothered. My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness: Another staggeringly good manga, this one about a lesbian virgin with anxiety. It's the kind of thing I would've loved to see as a teenager and I'm scared I would've found a way to avoid reading it or dismiss it. She puts you in her shoes. Beowulf: DAVID RUBÍN IS A GOD WE ARE NOT WORTHY Black Science HC v1: The art on any Rick Remender project is never the problem. The problem is Remender apparently only has one narrator and that's heavy first person male that hates himself and needs to make up for his mistakes, usually catalyzed by watching his black friends die. This taste of Mr. Remender's work is a sprawling sci-fi multi world thing that resembles a "punk rock" version of wait what was that low budget scifi show where marines go through a portal to other places because reasons? It's like that. I've got a soft spot for Remender, but I prefer the Deadly Class version of his stories. The Fourth Power: Finally, Juan Giménez's other big big work is collected in a massive oversized hardcover and it's jawdroppingly pretty. It's got jarring tonal problems (the first album is space Akira, but with terrestrial dogfights, fighter pilots and maybe some war comic, but mostly also massive fucking tits everywhere. Harrow County v1-3: Cullen Bunn and Tyler Crook get together to make a southern horror comic that seems so precisely up Dark Horse's alley I'm surprised they're not paying their publisher royalties. Tyler Crook shines, and they work in a cool guest appearance by Carla Speed McNeil. Blinded By The Ice: A Yuri On Ice!!! (I don't know how many exclamation points are in that shows title and I'm too goddamned tired to look it up) fan doshinji. Cute. That's about it. Midnighter v1: Steve Orlando nailed the voice of Midnighter, but I could not begin to care about Midnighter or any of his rogues gallery or even Midnighter's friends. I haven't returned to Warren Ellis' Authority, so can anyone tell me if there's a personality to Midnighter beyond "I'm expy Frank The Tank Batman, I wear leather and I quip 'seriously' about rough sex"? ACO's the star here.
  4. What You've Read 2017

    Twenty Days Of Turin-Giorgio de Maria (translated by Ramon Glazov) Did not click. A couple cool moments, but a wait, this is what y'all made a fuss over? Maybe you had to be there. The Topless Tower-Silvina Ocampo My understanding of Silvina Ocampo from 2/3 or 3/4 of her NYRB collection is that she's like Borges, but more cruel. She apparently wrote a lot of children's stuff, and this I think is one of them. Maybe it's a fable about growing up and seeing the fullness of a human life while maybe the Devil watches? I didn't expect it to end so sweet. The Honey Month-Amal El-Mohtar Bought at WisCon on a gamble. I echo Hannah's thoughts. Recyclopedia-Henryette Mullen Hyper language gamey poetry. It skated a thin line dexterously. Bear-Chrissy WIlliams Skated that thin line less well. A little too precious (that can't be the word) for my tastes. Currently working through The Invention Of Morel by Adolofo Bioy Casares, the husband and lover of Silvina Ocampo. Interesting note: There's a character in Topless Tower and a character in The Invention Of Morel with the same name. I choose to believe it's the same person, written by wife and then husband.
  5. Every comic you've read in 2017

    The Last Quarter Of Bad Company: A tacked on existential sequel that actually ends with the character literally becoming what he hates and murders. It's still good, if it's a radically different flavor from what preceded it.
  6. Every comic you've read in 2017

    Day Men v1, v2: It's a fun vampire romp elevated by Stelfreeze's work, who does no showy tricks but makes every five or six page vampire conversation interesting through perspective and a lifetime of draftsmanship. The writers wisely get out of his way. Bug! The Adventures Of Forager #1: I have only a little better idea than Hannah what's going on here, but look, this is the Allred family explicitly working on a Kirby creation in what I take as a respectful update of the man's themes and stylistic quirks. This is a joy. Batwoman #3: I'd love to know what's going on behind the scenes. The end result feels generic, with occasional moody, perfectly suited Epting pages. Three Quarters Of Bad Company: Goodbye, Krool World: A 2000 AD classic where the team slowly peels back the horrors of war. I hope this ends with Milligan updating the Kubert Make War No More. Monsters shooting monsters and dying.
  7. Every comic you've read in 2017

    Bloodshot Reborn v2, v3: v2 is a great followup from v1, v3 is a harmless Mad Max nod.
  8. Every comic you've read in 2017

    Shutter v2, v3: What a deranged, fun adventure comic. Del Duca does dope drawing. Southern Bastards v3: This comic is so tense, so often I take it for granted. They made a football game feel absolutely apocalyptic. East Of West v6: Speaking of tense comics. Hickman's voice is unmistakable and Dragotta sells it effortlessly. Black Hammer v1, 2017 Annual: An obvious in retrospect premise executed well. It's Justice League gets stuck in a small town, with nods to the classic comics of old. Characters named Len and Bernie make an appearance. Yeah, I'm here.
  9. Every comic you've read in 2017

    Excited to get my copy. It's exactly what you expect from this, for better and for worse.
  10. What games are you currently playing?

    Mass Effect: Andromeda. Allegedly, this is the work of the multiplayer team from ME3, and it shows. The combat's improved by an order of magnitude and no longer feels like a chore. There's some hilarious bugs in the game (shooting an enemy that spawned floating on air dropped two corpses, a critical path boss spawned in the ceiling forcing a 20 minute restart of a section, and the game spawning a seperate copy of Jaal that floated in zero g tripping balls, which even appeared in Important Cutscenes). There's some really goddamned stupid choices (do you want the red idiot ball or the blue idiot ball) but the writing's solid where it counts, in the loyalty missions and romance options. It's the first Mass Effect game I've played that's good and not great. Persona 5. I've played enough Persona to see the formula but I still feel compelled to play this iteration. The way the camera interacts with the stealth mechanics is garbage and makes combat harder not because of enemy strength or weakness but because you need to rely on the minimap not what's on the screen to figure out where the enemies are. With that out of the way, it's everything a Persona game's been thus far, but tweaked and improved. If you haven't played a Persona game, start here. Predatory older gay men make a reappearance here, I believe their names are Gay and Panic. Persona's back and it's good to play another one of these.
  11. Every comic you've read in 2017

    Caravaggio v1: Dark Horse released the first graphic album of Manara's biography of Caravaggio. MANARA DRAWS PRETTY, news at 11. Yes, Roya: An erotic story involving a love triangle, cartooning and the politics of the 50-60s. Well done. Princess Princess: A short story about little girls saving each other and family strife. Cute and kind.
  12. Every comic you've read in 2017

    Insexts 10: I'm still marginally interested in Insexts because even though I nitpick the hell out of this thing, it remains full bore strange in a way that a lot of its contemporaries aren't. There's a beat in the comic where there's a full page splash, a normal page, into a double page splash into yet another full page splash. It's a choice that's jarring that could've been improved by either a) the team giving up one of the splashes for story or b) Aftershock giving the team another page, since there's already house ads in the back of the issue. Wic/Div 28: There's some killin'. Shouts out to the Baphomet beat, too. There's some really heavy spoilers, so what I'll say is it's a genius use of those ridiculous Andrew Eldritch glasses Baphomet wears.
  13. Every comic you've read in 2017

    America 2: This comic reads like a parody of a hyper excited Tumblr comic. The writer continues to overwrite two great art teams and ugh. To be optimistic, this is a writer's first comic and the transition between mediums is difficult. As a thing that I'd spend money on: LOL NOPE. All-Time Comics 1: In what is actually a parody and is also bad, All-Time Comics. A bunch of comix dudes get together and take old, old potshots in a traditional style. These points were made years ago in alternative comics, back in the day and also Marshall Law and also in Top 10, two of those things recently reissued by the parent company of what's being parodied here. This is as obvious as Coachella. Ugh.
  14. Every comic you've read in 2017

    Divinity III, issue four: I'm running out of good things to say about Divinity. Still fantastic. Whenever it comes out, we're here. I'd love, love, love to see more of the Stalinverse heroes, because those backup features were not enough.
  15. The leisurely comic discussion thread

    Bernie Wrightson's dead. Fuck life.