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  1. It's weird how the episode films seem to be going smoothly and the stand alone films are disasters behind the scenes.
  2. I watch New Japan in Japanese. No idea what he's saying, but Jushin Liger gets so excited on commentary it is not possible to not get super pumped up.
  3. Okada vs Omega II > Okada vs Omega I
  4. Deadspin wrote about DDT. That's awesome.
  5. Just got back. Liked it a lot. Best of the DC Universe live action movies and I say that as one of the people that liked Man of Steel. Liked that this movie had more consequences than you normally see. Had a few issues. While I liked it the movie wasn't perfect, but most good movies have stuff you can pick at.
  6. Last trailer for Batman and Harley Quinn
  7. Zack Snyder's daughter committed suicide. Joss Whedon is finishing the film. Obviously just a horrible story. She was 20 years old.
  8. Since it didn't come up I was wondering if you guys had read the tie in for Dark Knight III of how Jason died in the Frank Miller Universe?
  9. The Jason Todd podcast on the front page got me thinking that Damian really shouldn't be Robin anymore. He is working with everyone other than Batman at this point and Batman in Detective Comics has an entire team going without even mentioning Damian and Duke from We Are Robin is his main side kick in at least All Star Batman. Meanwhile Damian is in the main character in Teen Titans, co lead in Super Sons with Jonathan Kent, and it seems like Nightwing for the foreseeable future is going to be a Dick and Damian team up book . I get for Super Sons they want it be Superboy and Robin, but it just seems super odd that Batman and Robin almost never interact.
  10. My mind was blown on how long Damian has been around. When Dan said that I was like no way and went to wikipedia and sure enough Batman and Son was in 2006. Speaking of Damian you mentioned that Jason was hated because he was a dick. Damian has always been a dick by design and he's a very popular character. Other than Death in the Family I've never read any Jason as Robin you think it was less the character's fault and more the writer's that he was so hated? For instance I've noticed that while Grant Morrison and Peter Tomasi have been really good at writing Damian there are a few writers over there that make him incredibly unlikable. I'm thinking the current incarnation of the Teen Titans for instance. Can't stand Damian there, but I am loving Super Sons so far.
  11. Speaking of Dick Togo will the DDT podcast ever discuss DDT the promotion?
  12. Well in the latest issue of Dark Knight III Bruce is young again because Superman dropped him into a pit.
  13. Not a fan of the Tony doesn't believe in him and is angry at him and he has to prove himself deal there.
  14. Remember how before the Avengers there was a fear that a bunch of heroes together would look goofy? Looking at everything from this movie those fears have been met. I blame costume design.
  15. Breath of the Wild is the best game I have ever played. Not perfect. Rained too damn much. Ganon is like the easiest enemy in this game to beat. Those fucking Lynels were about a thousand times harder to kill unless you used an ancient arrow. But still the best game I have ever played. Downloaded Fast RMX. It's a fun F-Zero clone. For 19.99 it's worth it. Gonna pick up Blaster Master Zero too.