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  1. Live action Tick series might be returning

    I'm not sure. I think Tick works well in small doses. It can get annoying rather quickly. Part of the reason I liked the Patrick Warburton series as much as I do is because it was so short-lived. That, and Batmanuel. Either way, I'm gonna give it a shot.
  2. Every comic you've read in 2017

    Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer - Surprisingly enjoyable. Shadoweyes - Decent story in here somewhere, but the pacing is horrendous. Feels like I'm only reading the even number issues, and those randomly have five pages missing. Explorer: The Mystery Boxes - Anthology collection about boxes. As always, hit or miss, but with more hits.
  3. Every Film You've Watched in 2017

    Drive Angry - I wanted stupid and mindless. And I did. Yep.
  4. "Leif was unfortunately played by a goat". Well played.
  5. Every comic you've read in 2017

    Midnight Sun - A semi-fictionalized story of an airship crash near the North Pole in the late 1920s. While I liked it, this could have been so much more. Felt a little like short vignettes more than a complete story. Read that it was supposed to be 6 issues and got cut to 3. It really shows. Loki: Agent of Asgard - I gave this every chance I could. I really did. I pushed thru the first trade. I tried crawling my way thru the second, but I said fuck it and stopped half way. I think I read probably 7 issues and I have no idea what is going on. There is new Young Good Loki, but also Old Evil Loki. But the Old is New and the Good is Evil but Good. And then I think another Loki shows up? Maybe. Look, I know things came before, but this in no way helps me out. Major things are happening surrounding this and I have no idea what those are. And then I think a couple events happened. I think. I picked these up at the library because all three trades were right there. Same as I did with Hawkeye. I was able to follow those with a flowchart, google and a 30 minute YouTube video.
  6. Random wrestling thoughts

    Have you read the revised and expanded edition? Been debating getting the audiobook.
  7. Random wrestling thoughts

    Somewhat not so randomly, I've been (very) slowly watching the G1 from 2015. Only 3 days in, so it will take a while. Watching shows without commentary so just odd. But that is not the main takeaway so far. No that would be that I hate the High Fly Flow. Hatred. Love a good Frog Splash, HATE the High Fly Flow.
  8. What are you watching and enjoying?

    I really loved Chuck when I first marathoned the show. And while I still enjoy it, rewatching it a few (okay, more than a few) times has revealed a flawed, but as stated, fun show. You can really see that production was not really the smoothest. It really is one of those 'once seen cannot be unseen' things, but the editing is horrible. And the network ordering additional episodes for seasons 3 and 4 is really noticeable. Both seasons end with a big moment and then keep on going with no real direction. The guest stars are a lot of fun. Timothy Dalton is just so much fun. And John Larroquette is a great for a laugh. As for the main cast, I agree with the Buy More staff being kinda pointless after a while. Chuck 'works' at the Buy More as a cover, but midway thru season 3, Sarah stops having a job. But Sarah stops doing a lot of things. Like being a badass. Can't have that for some reason. Interested in hearing your thoughts on the finale (or really the last 3-4 episode arch). It has never sat well with me. Seemed like a drastic shift in tone for what was a very light, fun show.
  9. The Music Thread

    Just realized that every time I buy new headphones (which happens way too often), the first thing I listen to is God Hates Us All by Slayer.
  10. Episode 01: ECW Barely Legal

    That mustache for one.
  11. Episode 01: ECW Barely Legal

    I believe Crow Sting was a Scott Hall idea.
  12. Random wrestling thoughts

    Having just finished watching the rematch I'll say the original is better than the sequel. Now, I watching both know the result (and I HATE knowing) but I felt it hurt the rematch more. Still great fun. That Okada guy is having himself a year. Also, Cyrus doing his 92 Royal Rumble Bobby Heenan impersonation got old real fast.
  13. What are you watching and enjoying?

    This week on Lois & Clark: Our heroes find themselves in quite a pickle when an evil businessman learns to harness the powers of photoshop. I am so happy my laptop decided to play DVDs again. I've missed this.
  14. The "I need to vent" thread

    So that didn't go as bad as it could have. So, I got that going for me. Bad news is the bills have already started to arrive and it is an absolute mess. Not having insurance has turned this very 'interesting'.
  15. The "I need to vent" thread

    So, I'm off to have a bit of surgery in a couple of hours. Nothing life threatening or the like, but something that does need to be done. Yeah, not exactly the best of times. I've been dealing with things since NYE, so a bit of time has passed. Yet, it didn't really hit me until I woke up this morning. Yeah, not happy about this. Not at all.