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  1. Professor added a post in a topic Riverdale   

     Overall, I cannot say I was bored.  Finished stronger than it started and I'll be along for the second season.  I will echo Will in that I hope it stays at 13 episodes.
  2. Professor added a post in a topic What are you watching and enjoying?   

    My laptop randomly decided it wanted to play DVDs again.  So I did what anyone would do: Bust out Lois & Clark.  Great fun.
    But I still have one unanswered question: Who the fuck is Mike?
  3. Professor added a post in a topic Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2   

    I'll pile on the Rooker praise.  The last 5-10 minutes of the movie are most excellent.
  4. Professor added a post in a topic Week 27   

    A couple of thoughts.  First:

    Second, I agree with Tom: The Three Levels of Hell is not good.  Triple H vs. Austin never did it for me.
    Third, Clumsy by OLP is a really good album.
  5. Professor added a post in a topic Legion   

    I was unaware that the season was only 8 episodes.  So I watched the last two today.  And they may have been the most straightforward of the season.  And I still really do not know how I feel about this show.  Really feels like it slipped into style over everything.  They Bond sequence, the silent movie and the Pink Floyd all felt inserted just to be weird.  I have no idea.  Polly in for a season 2, but maybe not weekly. 
  6. Professor added a post in a topic Every Film You've Watched in 2017   

    Play It to the Bone - I have no idea why/how/why this popped into my head last week while at work.  None.  It doesn't make sense.  I remember watching the VHS once when I was like 14 and thinking it was okay.  Guess what?  That was incorrect. It is quite bad.  And long.  And bad.  The highlight was seeing an unexcited Bruce Buffer for ten seconds.  And I still have no earthly idea why I randomly remembered this movie.  That is starting to annoy.
  7. Professor added a post in a topic Every comic you've read in 2017   

    Poison Ivy: Circle of Life and Death - Didn't really get the Ivy character.  Granted, my knowledge base is an unrelated cartoon from 25 years ago and some comics I read 10 years after that.  Outside of that, this was just bland.
    Amelia Cole and the Unknown World - Now this, this I dug.  Standard 'character thrust into a new world' story, but with a likable hero and sidekick duo that makes this a fun little story.  Already have the next two coming my way.
    Single Issues: 11
    Graphic Novels: 4
    Trades: 38 (263)
  8. Professor added a post in a topic Every comic you've read in 2017   

    Hawkeye -  Had a real fun vibe going for the first two trades.  Then the Hawkeyes parted way and it lost pretty much all the fun.
    All-New Hawkeye (both of them) - Never regained the fun.  The dual narrative in both series didn't work for me (and really, the flashbacks were the best parts).  And the entire thing with the children never engaged me.
    Overall, I never felt like I completely knew what was going on.  Like Avenger-y things.  And I don't think Kate is every really explained in any detail.  Kinda felt like I started watching Season 3 Episode 7 of random TV show.  Yeah, I can catch on after a while, but I will miss things.
    And since I have complained about these things before, I like that Marvel collected these in a simple, easy to follow manner, even with the re-numbering of the series.
    Single Issues: 11
    Graphic Novels: 2
    Trades: 37 (257)
  9. Professor added a post in a topic Random wrestling thoughts   

    I didn't watch Wrestlemania live last night.  Mainly because I know better.  I knew they would go long and that 4AM alarm would have come mighty quick.  So, stay off the internet and watch it after work today.  So I got off work, drove home, got some dinner.  Started watching.  And watching.  And watching.  Still watching in fact.  I'm just over 4 hours in and it says I still have an hour left. 
    I don't care what it is.  7ish hours is too fucking long for a wrestling show.
  10. Professor added a post in a topic Every comic you've read in 2017   

    Alabaster: The Good, The Bad and The Bird - I enjoyed this, but I have little idea as to why.  This has many elements I dislike, yet somehow I didn't.  What I did dislike is that this is Vol. 3.  It is not noted anywhere in/on/near/around this book, except one line in the legal fine print in the beginning.  Such a shame.
    Riverdale: One-Shot - A prequel to the show, centered around the four leads.  Standard tie-in book really.  Does make the Grundy thing more awkward tho.
    Single Issues: 11
    Graphic Novels: 2
    Trades: 31 (222)
  11. Professor added a post in a topic Why is that in continuity?   

  12. Professor added a post in a topic Legion   

    So, I watched the first five episodes in the span of roughly 30 hours about ten days ago.  Came back around to watch episode six and holy fuck was that a mistake.  Not the episode itself, which I think is par for the course (with bonus weird dance Bond opening for some reason), but the show in general.  I had forgotten just how 'different' the show is and it took me awhile to adjust.  And I don't think I did.
    I'm out until the season is over.  Still interested enough to finish the season at least, but I think I need to watch it over a few days rather than week to week.
    Randomly: Is this set in current time?  I'm getting a big 1977 vibe and don't know if I'm supposed to. 
  13. Professor added a post in a topic Every comic you've read in 2017   

    We Can Never Go Home - Bad thing happens and things spiral from there.  I was enjoying this until the rather sudden ending.  Almost like this needed a sixth issue or a rethink of pacing from the start.
    Super Sons #1 - I've never read any Damien before.  Seems annoying.
    Batman #18 - I'm sure this plays fine in context.  Out of context, not so much.  Would have been nice if it said Part 3 at some point before the last page.
    Single Issues: 10
    Graphic Novels: 2
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  14. Professor added a post in a topic Why is that in continuity?   

    I think I've softened on my views of OMD.  The story itself isn't the greatest, but I like the run (BND) that spun out of it.  Until #700.  I did not like the Superior Spider-Man run at all.  Could have been a nifty five part story, but went on way too long.  Just took the fun out of the book for me.
  15. Professor added a post in a topic Every comic you've read in 2017   

    Black Jack Ketchum - I'll be honest, I have zero clue what happened in this.  I tend to zone out a little when things get mystical, but even so, this was a step beyond that. 
    Iron Fist: The Living Weapon - I thought this would sorta pick up where the Immortal Weapon series left off.  I guess things happened in the in-between time and I am a little lost on the Ku'n Lun of it all.  This might have been an okay book. But this art is some of the worst I have ever seen.  I want to say this looks all 90s EXTREME~!!~!, but that would insult the 90s. 
    Single Issues: 8
    Graphic Novels: 2
    Trades: 29 (212)