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  1. I'm usually the person that gets the ball rolling with doing anything that isn't sitting in the apartment playing video games. My favorite drive-in has no arcade games or anything. Just two screens, some of those awesome drive-in ads from the 50s and 60s, and a snack shack that has seen better days but definitely has a charm to it. Honestly, the real charm of going to the drive-in for me is that I can talk during the movie. It's mainly used for bad movies so we can make fun of them but still.
  2. I'm waiting for one of my roommates to have his next day off so we can go see it at the drive-in, preferably with something semi-tolerable. Having read some of the reactions, the unanswered questions page on the Tirades Wiki is going to get so much larger.
  3. Ron Howard is stepping in to direct the Han Solo film.
  4. Said it on Facebook also but Happy Birthday, Bro! Look at a weird-ass wedding cake.
  5. The CW is making another attempt at a Supernatural Spin-off, this one will be starring Kim Rhodes's character of Sherriff Jody Mills as denmother to a group of monster fighting women.
  6. Spoilers for the book series.
  7. Since Big Brother ends a couple of days before and my CBS All Access will still have a few weeks left on it at that point, it's a given that I'll be watching the first few episodes. I'll keep an eye out for free trial codes closer to the date.
  8. Simon Kinberg is directing. Pretty much everyone is returning including Jennifer Lawrence, James McAvoy, and Michael Fassbender. Jessica Chastain is in talks to play Lilandra.
  9. Meh. Call me back when Gumball does entire episode homages to Citizen Kane and Sunset Boulevard. Tiny Toons did that shit years ago.
  10. Everyone else is going to post pretty cakes. I'm going to post a cake that is thoroughly British. Happy Birthday, Ian!
  11. I'm sure you'll pull through this much better, dude!
  12. Warcraft: I blame the couple of drinks and the near total lack of anything with substence on. Shaun of the Dead: A textbook example of how a Horror Comedy should balance the two aspects of its existence. Deadpool: One of the best Action Comedies of the last couple of years. Has a couple of problems here and there but it works. Films: 77 Made-For-TV Movie: 2 MST3K/Rifftrax: 16 Repeats: 3Best Film So Far: All About Eve Best Film So Far that isn't one of Will's five favorite of all time: Duck SoupWorst Film So Far That Isn't Showgirls: Cruel Intentions 2
  13. Hope it was a good day.Look at the cake you could have had!