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  1. Everything DC

    This year's Arrowverse Crossover in "Crisis on Earth-X." So, basically, the heroes get to punch Nazis. Also, Russell Tovey as The Ray. There is not a universe where this is not awesome.
  2. Every Film You've Watched in 2017

    Beauty and the Beast (2017): It's alright. It doesn't bring a whole lot that the original didn't already but it's still a fun enough film. No one is a great singer but ehh, whatever. The First Wives Club: A little formulaic but a good showcase for it's three leads. I love this movie more than I necessarily should. Films: 107 Made-For-TV Movie: 2 MST3K/Rifftrax: 16 Repeats: 5Best Film So Far: All About Eve Best Film So Far that isn't one of Will's five favorite of all time: Duck SoupWorst Film So Far That Isn't Showgirls: Cruel Intentions 2
  3. Suggest future actors for the HAA! spotlight

    There's a line at the beginning of The First Wives Club, "There are only three ages for women in Hollywood - Babe, District Attorney, and Driving Miss Daisy." It's a sad truth and the three female leads of the film have been working for years Bette Midler - The woman just needs an Oscar and she'll EGOT. She nearly won an Oscar for her first role, The Rose, where she played a thinly veiled version of Janis Joplin. During the 80s, she became known for doing comedies, at one point playing one of two sets of twins in Big Business. Then there's that role she'll be known for for the rest of her life: Winnifred Sanderson in Hocus Pocus. Goldie Hawn - Originally known for her role on Laugh-In, she rose to prominence for playing that sexy girl, winning an Oscar for Cactus Flower. She went onto play against type by starring in Private Benjamin which went onto be one of the biggest box office hits of it's year. While she did some great movies in the following years, the acclaim and the Box Office draw slowly fell away, though her last major role for years would be a bang, The Banger Sisters to be exact. Diane Keaton - Look, if you're doing Diane Keaton, you have to do Annie Hall. Okay, now that that's out of the way, Diane Keaton is one of the greatest treasures of our time. She can do comedy (Baby Boom), she can do Drama (Reds), she can upstage MERYL!!! (Marvin's Room). She's still getting work (usually as The Mother) but one her most notable works in the last few years has been as a writer who has a bit of a sexual awakening with Jack Nicholson. (Something's Gotta Give)
  4. Every Film You've Watched in 2017

    Hellboy: Mostly rewatched it because of all the hype over the new guy playing the part. It's a decent action film, it has a couple of moments of being just okay but, overall, highly enjoyable. Little Evil: I like Adam Scott. He's a good actor. This is a movie that is mostly a parody of The Omen but is also about being a stepfather. It's okay. It doesn't really start being anything more than a parody until the halfway mark and, by that point, I had mostly checked out. Films: 105 Made-For-TV Movie: 2 MST3K/Rifftrax: 16 Repeats: 5Best Film So Far: All About Eve Best Film So Far that isn't one of Will's five favorite of all time: Duck SoupWorst Film So Far That Isn't Showgirls: Cruel Intentions 2
  5. The All-Purpose Flickchart thread

    Tough one. Going to say School of Rock but just barely.
  6. The Convention Thread

    When I think about it, the cost of going to museums would probably be lower than the cost of the con and the shopping. Pretty much, as long as I have like 3 months to save, I will be good for whenever for Earth-2Con.
  7. The Convention Thread

    I was wondering what conventions everyone was planning on going to this coming year. I figured this would more easily allow people going to the same con to meet up, hang out, and, if necessary, plan out lodging plans. I am currently planning on going to (outside of the two tiny local gaming conventions): Ohayocon: Columbus, OH Jan. 29-31 though I'm only going to on the 30th and maybe the 31st. Gem City Comiccon: Dayton, OH April 5th. Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo: Chicago, April 16-18 Origins Game Fair: Columbus, OH June 22nd-27th thought I don't know what dates I'm going to attend. Gen Con: Indianapolis, Indiana August 5-8 though I don't know what days I'm planning on going there also. Mid-Ohio Con: Columbus, OH November 6-7
  8. The Convention Thread

    I'll be honest: I do C2E2 only about 40% for the con. 60% is getting to hang out with all my friends that I never get to see otherwise. "Ian Wilson in Chicago" is a major selling point.
  9. DuckTales

    Disney XD is reviving DuckTales.
  10. What games are you currently playing?

    Just got through it myself. It's an okay puzzle game. Liked it more because I'm a fan of the source. It's not Day of the Tentacle but that's also a bonus because I only ran into like 1 puzzle in the entire thing that was aggravating. I look forward to Chapter 2 when it comes out in three years.
  11. The Convention Thread

    It's about 7 months out from C2E2 next year so I just figured I would check to see if anyone was looking at going next year. They haven't released Hotel prices or Ticket info yet. It is April 6th-8th. If there isn't enough interest, is there a different con that everyone would be interested in doing at any point next year?
  12. Every Film You've Watched in 2017

    Personally one of my favorite films of all time but ehh, to each their own.
  13. Every comic you've read in 2017

    Iceman #1-5: In a lot of ways, this is one of the best coming out narratives I've ever read. Let me preface this with the fact that I'm not a big fan usually of coming out narratives. Maybe this is because my own was pretty much, "Keep my head down in High School. I'm in college now? Good, I can stop giving a fuck who knows." It's interesting seeing it framed with a character who, while you can say he's been written as straight for decades, it's easy to frame every relationship he's ever had as trying to keep his head down. My only complaint are Bobby's Parents who, outside of X-2, never seemed to have a problem with Bobby being a mutant but ehh, whatever. I'll admit, I am kind of glad that this series has so far primarily focused on Adult Bobby while Teen Bobby does his own thing.
  14. Every Film You've Watched in 2017

    And somewhere out there, Chris Johnson just smiled.
  15. What games are you currently playing?

    Replaying Final Fantasy 4. It's been a few years and kind of doing it to warm myself up to trying to finally finish 5. I am being much more brisk than 8 year old Will was. Shows what realizing what attack patterns are does for you.
  16. Every Film You've Watched in 2017

    The Neverending Story: It's been years since I last watched this film and it's a fun little story. There are problems you don't notice when you're a kid but, otherwise, it's a fun ride. The Lord of the Rings: I watched all three of the extended editions back to back to back. I can say with all honesty that some of the added material is of great value to the films. Like, there is some stuff that just makes everything work better. Then you have stuff that's filler of the highest order. Jackson loves New Zealand but all the scenery porn is just too much. Yes, it's pretty but most of them are establishing shots for nothing. We get it: they're walking. Rat Rave: An attempt to capture the lightning in the bottle that was It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World. It's okay. Some of the humor has not aged well at all. It's definitely dated in when it was made. Case in point: The plot is resolved via a Smashmouth Concert. The Gamers: Hand of Fate: I enjoyed the original 2 The Gamers movies. This was... about CCGs? Why? It's also long. Like really long. Much longer than it even remotely needed to be. It was good and fun but few comedies need to be over 2 hours long. Films: 103 Made-For-TV Movie: 2 MST3K/Rifftrax: 16 Repeats: 5Best Film So Far: All About Eve Best Film So Far that isn't one of Will's five favorite of all time: Duck SoupWorst Film So Far That Isn't Showgirls: Cruel Intentions 2
  17. Help influence Episode 46!

    To Die For, The Others, and Lion. That said, I so want to advocate for The Stepford Wives since it's such a , "What the fuck am I watching?" type movie. Also, I doubt they'll ever get to it on Tranquil Tirades.
  18. Game of Thrones

    Last night. Holy fuck.
  19. The All-Purpose Flickchart thread

    Singin' in the Rain
  20. Every Film You've Watched in 2017

    I've been on a bit of an animation kick lately. Daffy Duck's Quackbusters: Warners in the late 70s and 80s would put out compilation films consisting of some of their classic cartoons with bridging elements. I saw this one all the time when I was a kid. It's okay though the bridging elements are very obvious. Recess: School's Out: It's basically a longer episode of the Animated Series. It works for what it is though there are moments where the animation is something out of a 90s PC game. Still, it does a good job at paying off jokes. Chekov's Corn Chowder anyone? The Phantom Tollbooth: Chuck Jones put this out for MGM back in the 70s. It has moments of being very trippy and it looks like Jones's later work at MGM. The voice acting certainly sounds like it. I'm trying to think if I would recommend it. I think so. Charlotte's Web: Shut up! You're crying! Films: 98 Made-For-TV Movie: 2 MST3K/Rifftrax: 16 Repeats: 4Best Film So Far: All About Eve Best Film So Far that isn't one of Will's five favorite of all time: Duck SoupWorst Film So Far That Isn't Showgirls: Cruel Intentions 2
  21. Episode 971

    As a note, the Toei Spider-Man series is notable because it was the first Toei series that featured the hero summoning a robot to fight giant mosnters. They would later adopt this into the Super Sentai series and that would later get adapted into Power Rangers. So, in a weird way, Spider-Man gave us Power Rangers.
  22. Every Film You've Watched in 2017

    Wow, I have been slacking. Spider-man Homecoming: I had reservations about this movie. Having seen it now, it was fun. I still think the second of the Tobey Maguire films was the best Spider-Man movie but still, this one was very good and definitely the best villain of any of the films. The Chipmunk Adventure: Because Nostalgia? Also, The Chippettes singing a song about fucking to a bunch of snakes. Films: 94 Made-For-TV Movie:3 MST3K/Rifftrax: 16 Repeats: 4 Best Film So Far: All About Eve Best Film So Far that isn't one of Will's five favorite of all time: Duck Soup Worst Film So Far That Isn't Showgirls: Pocket Ninjas
  23. DuckTales

    I've watched the pilot once or twice (Disney XD put it up for free on their YouTube and Amazon also has it for free right now) and I really enjoy it. I was worried that it wouldn't feel enough like DuckTales but fuck, no, this really feels like the show that I loved as a kid. Is is the same show? No. The fact that Donald is a regualr character, that there is an effort to distinguish Huey, Dewey, and Louie, that Webby is not The Load/cute little girl? So appreciated. I also like the little easter eggs. In the pilot episode, we have references to Spoonerville (Goof Troop), St. Canard (Darkwing Duck), and Cape Suzette (Tail Spin). It's the kind of thing that makes me wonder if Disney is playing the long game and planning updates of the other Disney Afternoon shows. I know Darkwing Duck is supposed to show up Season 1 so who knows?
  24. Marvel Comics Discussion Thread

    At this point, I'm pretty positive that Fox is trying to keep the rights out of pure spite. And the time honored tradition of making terrible Fantastic Four movies just to keep the rights.