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  1. Randomness

    Adding to the above, it also helps me appreciate having one parent who calls every two or three months and another who never.
  2. The Tabletop Game Thread

    I don't play it. I know something about the lore but you're better off searching through Wiki or TVTropes if ther's anything about it you want to know.
  3. Every Film You've Watched in 2017

    Shrunken Heads: A Full Moon Film that starts off as a children's feature... and then the kids get killed and turned into revenge driven shrunken heads. So very weird. WolfCop: A drunk deputy becomes a werewolf. Holy fuck, such an awesome movie! Not the greatest movie I've ever seen but as far as horror comedies go, pretty good. Hobgoblins: MST3k. One of the best episodes of the series. Crucible of Terror: British Horror film. It's okay, nothing special with an ending twist that makes little sense. Trancers: Look, it's more proto-Full Moon so you know what you're getting. Weird and some brain hurting time travel in there. Merlin's Shop of Mystic Wonders: MST3k: Seriously, who was this movie made for? Dragons: Fire and Ice: children's animated film that was probably supposed to go somewhere. Instead, it just kind of happens. Trancers 2: The Return of Jack Deth: Less interesting and they barely care about any of the time travel rules they barely established in the first. Cast a Deadly Spell: HBO film from the 90s. 50s Noir style film where everyone uses magic except the detective. Very fun. Films: 162Made-For-TV Movie: 3MST3K/Rifftrax: 18 Repeats: 6Best Film So Far: All About Eve Best Film So Far that isn't one of Will's five favorite of all time: Duck SoupWorst Film So Far That Isn't Showgirls: Cruel Intentions 2
  4. Randomness

    There is nothing more awkward than being on the sidelines of someone being talked at by their parents.
  5. In-universe conspiracy theories

    Zatana, Dr. Fate? Part of a vast Satanic Network trying to undermine Christ. That so called angel that ran around with the Justice League was just to throw us off their trail.
  6. Every Film You've Watched in 2017

    Justice League: It's not Wonder Woman but I was entertained. Fun in Balloon Land: Watched the Rifftrax version with a friend. Weird as heck. Lion and the King: CD-I quality Lion King rip-off that's terrible as all get out. But, it's short so never mind. Frankenstein's Army: Interesting enough found footage film. It's also a WW2 film from the Russian POV which is different. Creature design is awesome. The WNUF Halloween Special: Another good Found Footage film that has the bonus of being a good recreation of watching a VHS recording. The Return of the Living Dead: One of the best Zombie movies of all time and a great horror comedy at that. As a person that usually doesn't like Zombie movies, I really enjoyed myself. Films: 156Made-For-TV Movie: 2MST3K/Rifftrax: 16 Repeats: 6Best Film So Far: All About Eve Best Film So Far that isn't one of Will's five favorite of all time: Duck SoupWorst Film So Far That Isn't Showgirls: Cruel Intentions 2
  7. The Convention Thread

    I was wondering what conventions everyone was planning on going to this coming year. I figured this would more easily allow people going to the same con to meet up, hang out, and, if necessary, plan out lodging plans. I am currently planning on going to (outside of the two tiny local gaming conventions): Ohayocon: Columbus, OH Jan. 29-31 though I'm only going to on the 30th and maybe the 31st. Gem City Comiccon: Dayton, OH April 5th. Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo: Chicago, April 16-18 Origins Game Fair: Columbus, OH June 22nd-27th thought I don't know what dates I'm going to attend. Gen Con: Indianapolis, Indiana August 5-8 though I don't know what days I'm planning on going there also. Mid-Ohio Con: Columbus, OH November 6-7
  8. Episode 1000 suggestion thread

    At this point, the topics I like the most are The Simpsons, 2005, and An Earth-2.net Carol (for completely selfish reasons there). I can come up with a segment for anything though.
  9. Every Film You've Watched in 2017

    The Hunger Games: One of the more enjoyable action movies of the last few years. Always good for a watch. Not Another Teen Movie: Of all the Movie Movies, probably the best one since it's more than just references. Like, it's actually trying to be an actual movie. Bad Moms: I like all the actresses and Des said he liked it so sure, I watched it and I enjoyed myself. Films: 151Made-For-TV Movie: 2MST3K/Rifftrax: 16 Repeats: 5Best Film So Far: All About Eve Best Film So Far that isn't one of Will's five favorite of all time: Duck SoupWorst Film So Far That Isn't Showgirls: Cruel Intentions 2
  10. The leisurely comic discussion thread

    Bleeding Cool is saying he's been fired. Finally.
  11. Suggestions of shows we could cover.

    Scream Queens: Ryan Murphy is an interesting creator. His shows tend to run between either a form of hyper-realized reality that you see in season after season of American Horror Story or the almost parody of reality that you see in either Popular or Scream Queens. (His most realistic take on life, The New Normal, would be an interesting take if note for the no Comedy rule). In it's two seasons, Scream Queens was basically both a parody of Slasher films, American obsession with fame, and the Sorority system in colleges and the intern system in Hospitals. It was smart sometimes and painfully dumb at others. Jamie Lee Curtis pushed through two seasons with some of the actors that made up Ryan Murphy's regular ensemble but, whether the show was a glorious train wreck or the worst thing ever is up to the audience.
  12. Episode 1000 suggestion thread

    Things that happened in 2005 in Geek Culture. Video Games XBox 360 Debuts Guitar Hero comes out Shadow of the Colossus comes out Movies The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe King Kong Doom Serenity Corpse Bride Sky High Batman Begins Constantine Elektra Television Battlestar Galactica Robot Chicken Avatar: the Last Airbender The Office It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Supernatural How I Met Your Mother The Colbert Report The Boondocks Moral Orel Comics Young Avengers House of M was Marvel's Major Event Infinite Crisis and it's lead-up was DCs. DMZ All-Star Superman All-Star Batman and Robin Marvel Zombies Anime Black Cat Eureka 7 Full Metal Panic! Negima! Speed Grapher Trinity Blood I'm sure there's a shit ton more but just some stuff to chew on.
  13. Episode 1000 suggestion thread

    Compiling a list of what has already been suggested: Watchmen (original comic, movie, and Before Watchmen books) Projects We've Been Putting Off/Dream Projects/Contributor Specials Ghostbusters Batman Spider-Man The Simpsons South Park Looney Tunes Nintendo (though it's been suggested that we could do a Nintendo week next year to coincide with the Famicom's 35th anniversary release) DC Comics (Akin to 750's Marvel show) general WTF/Comics, Everybody! movies/TV shows based on books a tribute to a specific decade Something akin to the Big Picture Show at the end of Black and White Week The Fantastic Four An Earth-2.net Carol (Segments/podcasts of Past, Present, and Future) Earth-2.net Stew (segments with different hosts) At this point, I'm cool with basically anything. Some ideas I feel have more steam than others but I feel like I can come up with segments for just about any of them.
  14. Star Wars, nothing but Star Wars...

    It'll probably depend on how you like The Last Jedi. The people at Disney must considering they're offering him this before release.
  15. Riverdale

    Overall, this might have been the strongest episode of the season so far. There were points I could feel actual tension and dread.
  16. Star Wars, nothing but Star Wars...

    Eventful news day! Lucasfilm has offered Rian Johnson his own Trilogy that would be separate from all the entire Skywalker stuff. But wait, there's more: The Live-Action Star Wars series is back on and it'll be going to Disney's planned streaming platform.
  17. 2017-2018 Television Season

    Woops, forgot to start this topic. Starting with NBC: NBC FALL 2017-18 SCHEDULE (New programs in UPPER CASE) MONDAY 8-10 P.M. — The Voice 10-11 P.M. — THE BRAVE TUESDAY 8-9 P.M. — The Voice 9-9:30 P.M. — Superstore 9:30-10 P.M. — The Good Place 10-11 P.M. — Chicago Fire WEDNESDAY 8-9 P.M. — The Blacklist 9-10 P.M. — Law & Order: SVU 10-11 P.M. — Chicago P.D. THURSDAY 8-8:30 P.M. — WILL & GRACE 8:30-9 P.M. — Great News 9-10 P.M. — This Is Us 10-11 P.M. — LAW & ORDER TRUE CRIME: THE MENENDEZ MURDERS FRIDAY 8-9 P.M. — Blindspot 9-10 P.M. — Taken 10-11 P.M — Dateline NBC SATURDAY 8-10 P.M. —Dateline Saturday Night Mystery 10-11 P.M. — Saturday Night Live (encores) SUNDAY 7-8:20 P.M. — Football Night in America 8:20-11 P.M. — NBC Sunday Night Football New Series Descriptions in spoilers:
  18. 2017-2018 Television Season

    Amazon has greenlit an 8-Episode adaptation of Garth Ennis's The Boys. Eric Kripke is show running.
  19. The leisurely comic discussion thread

    Brian Michael Bendis has signed an exclusive with DC.
  20. Random movie and tv thoughts

    A more cynical part of me realizes that revealing there even were buy-out talks could be a tactic on Fox's part, whether to give their stock an increase or to force a conversation in an attempt to get Disney back to the table. Regardless, only way I would really be okay with this is if Fox is allowed to exist like Pixar, Lucsfilm, and Marvel and be allowed to make decisions for itself. This is mainly since Fox Searchlight tends to give many indy films a home. I might also be alright if it meant that Die Hard 6 takes place at Disney World.
  21. Random movie and tv thoughts

    Bloomberg is now saying that talks have stalled and might be dead.
  22. Random movie and tv thoughts

    This is exciting and also scary news. It would be nice from a film stand point for most of Marvel's properties to be under one roof but it's scary because this is another studio under one roof. It would be nice for the new Star Wars films to begin with the 20th Century Fox Fanfare. That said, it's scary that we would be down one more major studio. That's one less destinct voice out there.
  23. Every Film You've Watched in 2017

    Thor: Ragnarok: It's a Marvel movie. It's not the best but it's not the worst. It is the best Thor film so it had that going for it. More thoughts over in the thread. Jaws: The Revenge: There are embarrassingly bad sequels and then there's this. A shark literally travels miles just to antagonize an old woman. Doll Man vs The Demonic Toys: It's a Full Moon movie. Kind of wonderful. A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors: I was pretty drunk by time we got to this movie but it's still my favorite in the series. Films: 148Made-For-TV Movie: 2MST3K/Rifftrax: 16 Repeats: 5Best Film So Far: All About Eve Best Film So Far that isn't one of Will's five favorite of all time: Duck SoupWorst Film So Far That Isn't Showgirls: Cruel Intentions 2
  24. Riverdale

    Non-spoilery thoughts: This was another solid episode. I can't think of a single plot thread or sub-plot that was actually wasted. Well, except how the Kevin stuff from last week got handwaved but besides that.
  25. The All-Purpose Flickchart thread

    Bring It On.