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  1. Every Film You've Watched in 2017

    Night of the Living Dead: Another solid classic film. Watches like a much more brutal Twilight Zone episode
  2. George Romero has passed away

  3. The Doctor Who thread

    What did you think of Missy's "Dark Mary Poppins" look Will?
  4. The Doctor Who thread

    In addition to Colin Baker, a number of former companions have tweeted their thoughts, AND THEY'RE ANGRY! (nonotreally)
  5. The Doctor Who thread

    Capaldi in his suit was the first modern Doctor to look badass. Tennant and Smith had that Geek Chic thing going on. Eccelston looked like just a guy. How are they gonna approach her costume? Is she gonna look geeky or professor-y? Will she wear a cape? Tie? Hat? Mood ring?
  6. The Doctor Who thread

    Boob Window and Thong or GTFO Awww that's awesome
  7. The Doctor Who thread

    "Ian Levine, who's that..?" *Googles* Oh yeah! The fanboy guy!
  8. The Doctor Who thread

    I saw more than a fair share of "DOCTORS AREN'T WOMEN" posts online in the week leading up to this. Which makes this even more awesome. I swear I was not going to watch this next season if the Doctor was gonna be Store-discount Tennant. Talk about a terrific shot in the arm!
  9. What are you watching and enjoying?

    Aisha was my favorite when I was a kid, and she's still up there now. Her voice is a bit tough to listen to at times (she's voiced by the same VA as Rogue from the 90s X-Men series, which is awesome), but she's a really fun character with a great personality and neat gimmick. She kinda feels like a Tenchi character. I wanted to like Suzuka more, but she had a bad intro episode when Gene beat her by nearly stripping off her robe. That was stunningly bad. She's much better after, but is mostly just muscle. A lot of my admiration for her is due to Wendee Lee doing an excellent VA job. The two things that held up 100% for me were episode 15 when the first of the seven (?) assassins goes after Gene, and the episode where one of them is a girl that unknowingly starts dating Jim. Both of those are the series at its strongest, and I could go back to watch those any day of the week.
  10. The Doctor Who thread

    This Sunday...
  11. What are you watching and enjoying?

    Re-watched Outlaw Star for the first time in fifteen years. It was one of those Toonami classics that every middle-aged kid-turned-millennial fondly remembers. It's one of the most prototypical anime series of its era. Sci-Fi Space Western with lots of comedy. OTT designed villains. Spaceships galore. The OP and ED music themes are excellent. Some of the episodes have terrific animation. Upon re-watching it, my enjoyment factor was let down by the two main characters (not Jim, he was fun if slightly annoying due to his voice). I never really liked Melfina, even as a kid I thought she was a particularly weak female character with little-to-no agency. Gene Starwind, however, turned me off early on and never recovered. He's a lot like Yusuke Urameshi in that he starts off as a loutish, rebellious guy with a devil-may-care attitude who's really good at stuff. But whereas Yusuke is really a good person, Gene's a jerkass who's fairly unlikable throughout. He's good at shooting and space-fighting, but a legend builds around him that never feels earned. He has the plot working in his favor, and we rarely see him work to get better at anything. Most of the time he's a dick to his much more likable crew, and is really single-minded. Whenever the plot tries to give him development, it feels superficial. The best episode of the series, ep.15, is the most frank with his character and goes the farthest to making him relatable. The rest of the show caters towards his needs as a protagonist whilst almost reveling in him being a douche. Also the main antagonist, Hazanko, is seen only once until the final three episodes, which kills his impact on the show. The McDougal brothers are much more engaging, but they only have a handful of appearances as well. It's a pretty imbalanced show where the first half after the Hilda episodes (she was easily the best character in the anime) can be boring. There's a lot of padding with concerns to bills and techno-babble concerning the XGP. The second half is more character based with the full crew, but Gene still sucks as a protagonist. The show's not bad, but it's not as strong as I remembered. There are three or four episodes that are really great, and the infamous Hot Springs Planet episode that was originally banned is legitimately the series at its funniest. If you ignore the main hero, its main heroine and skip the series once Hilda leave to when Aisha and Suzuka show up, it's a fun enough show to enjoy.
  12. Every comic you've read in 2017

    They've ignored Miles' origin since Secret War. Did he get bitten by a spider from Oscorp or not? How did Peter really react when he first heard of him? I know we see both Spider-Men meet in the 616, but now this happens. If Bendis is at Comic-Con next week I vow to get some answers.
  13. Every Film You've Watched in 2017

    John Carpenter's The Thing: Another incredible movie that lives up to its hype. How could people not have loved this when it first came out? Big Trouble in Little China: I need to watch this again because I had no idea what I was supposed to be feeling throughout. I get (and like) the bait-and-switch of Jack Burton and Wang's roles in the film, but once the magic crap started happening it was too much of a whiplash. And for most of the time, I wasn't sure how offended I should've been at a lot of the Asian stuff. Spider-Man: Homecoming (the second time): See here.
  14. Every comic you've read in 2017

    RIGHT?!! His Parents are very different than the previous continuity. Mein gott...
  15. Every comic you've read in 2017

    Defenders #3: I'm sorry, but Jessica Jones doesn't know who Frank Castle is? Bullshit Spider-Men II #1: I'm as confused as Mike. This fundamentally changes Miles' character. Amazing Spider-Man #29 (2015): Not a bad issue.