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  1. Donomark added a post in a topic Every comic you've read in 2017   

    InSEXts #1-#7: I thought this was alright. A beguiling premise with enough intensity that kept me reading after finishing every issue. I wished the pencils were better, though. Characters often weren't very expressive, to the point that it hampered major scenes of shock and violence. And IMO, for a book that keeps a quota of about one sex scene per issue, I thought that some of them were basically splash pages more'n actual scenes. Less may be more, but after a while it felt obligatory and less impactful to me.
  2. Donomark added a post in a topic Every Film You've Watched in 2017   

    Secretary: Starring Maggie Gyllenhall and James Spader.
    Holy crap, this was a good movie. Much more earnest and subtle than 50 Shades, and has more integrity (shocking). Spader is never not awesome, but Maggie Gyllenhall blew me away. She was terrific and unbelievably sexy in this. I couldn't look away.
  3. Donomark added a post in a topic Every comic you've read in 2017   

    X-Men: BLUE #4: Good issue. This series is a solid follow up to All New, All Different X-Men. I don't like how kiddie Jean is drawn though.
    Totally Awesome Hulk #19: Good stuff. Like the new artist.
    Detective Comics #957: Solid man.
    Batman Beyond #8 (2016): Woah!
    Batgirl #11 (2016): Okay mostly, with a weird ending.
    Action Comics #980: Very fun comic book issue. Right under Detective for me.
  4. Donomark added a post in a topic Spider-Man: Homecoming   

    Avoiding because of that ridiculously spoilery last trailer.
  5. Donomark added a post in a topic RIP Roger Moore   

    Rest in Peace
  6. Donomark added a post in a topic JLA movie news   

    Terrible news. No amount of success can ever alleviate that kind of pain, but I'm hoping for the best for his sake.
  7. Donomark added a post in a topic Star Trek: Discovery   

    That looked great. The effects were incredible, and it really stood out as something different than what's come before.
  8. Donomark added a post in a topic Every Film You've Watched in 2017   

    The Lost City of Z: Saw this with Stella, this was a solid period piece of a film. Very inspired casting choices in Charlie Hunnam, Robert Pattinson, Sienna Miller and Tom Holland. Highly recommended. 
  9. Donomark added a post in a topic Venom   

    Unexpected but dang cool casting. This movie still won't work without Spider-Man, but that's a great step foot forward.
  10. Donomark added a post in a topic Wonder Woman   

    We've been here before with the last two. I'm hopeful and optimistic, but not naive.
  11. Donomark added a post in a topic Every comic you've read in 2017   

    Flash & Green Lantern: Brave and the Bold: A six issue miniseries by Mark Waid, Tom Peyer and Barry Kitson.
    This was more like it. I thought JLA Year One was decent, but this was way more up my alley. Written soon after JLA Year One, this is another series of flashback, sequentially told stories featuring Hal Jordan and Barry Allen. Each issue goes chronologically from still early in their costumed career as friends (it's unsaid but evident that this takes place after the JLA formed), to Silver Age adventures with Kid Flash, to hanging out with the Golden Age Flash and GL, to the Hard Traveling Heroes era with Green Arrow, to the 80s where Hal was a truck driver and had an alien sidekick named Itty (yup), to the final chapter in between the death of Iris and the death of Barry. Basically, think Dan Slott's Spider-Man and Torch "I'm With Stupid" miniseries.
    Waid's a genius in this. The earlier issues are, despite the Barry Kitson artwork, written with really cliche'd, Silver Agey dialogue. Nothing too outrageous, but done in a way which people don't tend to talk like anymore. But the more personal scenes are done much more modern. My favorite issue is easily #4 with Green Arrow. As a fan of the Lantern/Arrow O'Neil/Adams run, I adore how exact Waid and Peyer nailed how those comics were done, particularly in showing how much of a SELF-RIGHTEOUS ASSHOLE Ollie was in those days. I'm positive they even re-used exact dialogue. The artwork for that issue was pencilled by Tom Grindberg and inked by Kitson, birthing a pretty dead-on Neal Adams look. They have it all, the slimy corporate bad guys, Hal and Ollie getting knocked out and losing their hero stuff easily, Oliver being the most white liberal who ever liberal'd and making fun of everyone he thinks are stuffed shirts. That issue was so good.
    What neat about this is that, being done in the 90s, the captions read "Before Wally West, before Kyle Rayner", giving this miniseries an epic feel to it. It's mostly dulled now because Barry and Hal are back, but it ends with Tom Kalmaku reminiscing on when they were both young and alive. Highly recommended DC fun.
  12. Donomark added a post in a topic 2017-2018 Television Season   

    I totally thought Valor would be another DC CW show
  13. Donomark added a post in a topic Everything DC   

    I think this looks awesome. The scene of the hoods interrupting class is right out of Static #2, which makes me wonder where that confirmation of a Static tv show went.
  14. Donomark added a post in a topic RIP Chris Cornell   

    RIP. "You Know My Name" is my favorite Bond theme
  15. Donomark added a post in a topic Every comic you've read in 2017   

    JLA Year One: By Mark Waid, Brian Augustyn and Barry Kitson.
    The Post Crisis Justice League gets the Year One treatment in a twelve part retelling of the Silver Age team, subbing out Black Canary for Wonder Woman. Her, Flash, GL, Aquaman and Martian Manhunter all form the team and get to know each other over the course of the first year, establishing themselves and the world. 
    Some interesting things in this. Waid clearly has one eye on the Silver Age and does his best to keep the initial JLA pre-crisis adventures in continuity as they were presented while showing the in between team dynamics. Everyone except for Aquaman and J'on are turbo thirsty for Black Canary. A twist with J'onn shows that the league wasn't as initially trusting and welcoming as they and the readers would like to believe. Really fun interactions with Silver Age heroes like the JSA, the Doom Patrol, the Blackhawks, the Sea Devils and other heroes I'd never even heard of. The one thing I didn't care for was how Waid wrote Aquaman. This must be before the Peter David era, because Aquaman is literally a fish out of water throughout the story, to the point where he's almost a joke. People can't understand him when he speaks, and he's so new to the surface world that Hal makes fun of him. I could never see Arthur letting anyone get away with that now. 
    This story wasn't what I was expecting. It's a decent read with a fair amount of conspiracy and subplots that weren't that interesting, but I love DC character dynamic-driven books.
    Nightwing #21 (2016): Solid issue with little consequence, but a welcome done-in-one all the same. Honestly it's issues like this that we missed during the new 52.
    Superman #23 (2016): Decent read with a cliffhanger that really excited me.