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  1. Donomark added a post in a topic Spider-Man: Homecoming   

    The whole "I need the suit!" drives me up a wall. 
  2. Donomark added a post in a topic Spider-Man: Homecoming   

    That's one of the most "This Is the Movie" trailers I've ever seen. I can't watch it again until after I see the film.
    This isn't Spider-Man. Like, really at all. He's the MCU butt monkey, as opposed to the company's best character. But I'm too much of a fan to not see it. It looks decent. I look forward to see what Tom Holland will bring to it. But it's not Spider-Man.
  3. Donomark added a post in a topic Every Film You've Watched in 2017   

    He didn't slam evil...HE WAS THE EVIL!
  4. Donomark added a post in a topic Every Film You've Watched in 2017   

    Way of the Dragon: Bruce Lee kicking ass. All you need to know.
    Demon Knight: Billy Zane makes this movie
    Judge Dredd: This was actually more entertaining than I remembered. It's cheesy and big budget-y, but Stallone sells the one-liners as only he can. Joan Chen is wasted in the movie. Armand Assante is brilliant. Rob Schnieder ruins what could've been a fun cheesy flick. He's fucking insufferable.
  5. Donomark added a post in a topic Why is that in continuity?   

    Sins Past you mean? Yeah JMS (who originally proposed that Peter was the father of the twins) fully intended to retcon it after writing it but it never happened.
    I s'pose I should also throw up OMD. Even if you don't like the Spider-Marriage, it's still one of the all time worst stories that ever happened.
  6. Donomark added a post in a topic Why is that in continuity?   

    There was a story in Robin remember from like 15 years ago. I think it was the Jon Lewis or Bill Willingham run. In it, Tim is visited by a one-eyed Alfred from the future, warning Tim that one of the Bat-Family will become a traitor and he needs to determine who. Eventually Tim deduces that it was the present Alfred putting him through a song and dance routine on the behest of Batman just so Tim could be trusted or some shit. Tim rightfully screams and cusses Batman's head off, before deciding that it was the right thing to do, and that he'd try to become a better Robin.
    It's one of the first stories I read as a kid that I thought was abjectly bad. It's never been mentioned or referenced since, but it was so outrageously stupid you just wonder what was the point.
    Nightwing Annual #2 tried to retcon that Dick and Babs slept together the night before his wedding. Besides being ruinously contradictory to the Titans comics at the time (Dick was having a nervous breakdown and became a bully, but was creepily devoted to marrying Starfire), it's plainly shipper garbage that tries to keep up this idea of Barbara being too good for Dick.
  7. Donomark added a post in a topic The DC Universe Original Animated Movie Thread
    IDK what surprises me more, the return of the classic Harley costume or that the Batmobile has a back seat.
    Totally looking forward to a Timm-led Harley story though. The three issue Harley and Ivy miniseries by him and Dini is one of the funniest "Batman" stories of all time.
  8. Donomark added a post in a topic Every Film You've Watched in 2017   

    Power Rangers: God help me, I thoroughly enjoyed this.
    I can't think of a single, genuine flaw. Goldar and the Megazord (and some of the Dinozords) don't look as good as the originals, and I would've liked to see more classic elements like Bulk and Skull, but that' I went into this with basically no expectations and got a movie with a script that woke up one day, deciding to give more of a shit that it could possibly have been commissioned to. I think what makes this enjoyable are all the ways this movie addresses major things missing in the original series, I.E. how do the Rangers become friends so fast? How do they know how to use their powers so fast? How do they all know how to fight with their powers? What are their individual personalities? Because as fun and nostalgic as the original MMPR are, anyone with access to YouTube and a curious mind or good memory knows that the show's characters were bland as hell. They were all as memorable as the actors who portrayed them, which isn't dogging on the actors because I love the originals. But this movie really has you liking all five main characters. I was so surprised no one was a douchebag or needlessly angsty or a completely wrong approach for the character. And they're pretty different. Except for Jason being the leader and Billy being a science whiz-kid, there's no real connective tissue between these versions and the team from the 90s. But they're all still likeable, sympathetic characters. Liz Banks as Rita was wonderfully campy, in a good way that didn't ruin any scenes. Cranston's Zordon had presence. The action scenes before everything gets all CGI were great. I'm stunned and impressed by how well this came off.
  9. Donomark added a post in a topic JLA movie news   

  10. Donomark added a post in a topic Spider-Man: Homecoming   

    Reminds me of Deadpool
  11. Donomark added a post in a topic Every Film You've Watched in 2017   

    Twin Peaks - Fire Walk With Me: (Non-Spoilery Thoughts) HOLY GOD.
    If Twin Peaks is akin to Neon Genesis Evangelion in its weirdness, than Fire Walk With Me is easily it's End of EVA equivalent. I loved this. It's the darkest content of the entire show, and I didn't know going in that it was a theatrically released "R" rated film. The violence, drug use, sex and swearing took me completely off guard, but the morbid tone really works. There was barely any of the stupid unfunny humor that dragged down the series. Apparently, like End of EVA, most people hated this when it first came out and still do, but I really thought this was something. It's my favorite thing related to Twin Peaks before going into the third season. I can't wait for Ian and Dave to review this, even if they loathe it XD
  12. Donomark added a post in a topic Twin Peaks   

    Cover Shoot

    Apologies for being insensitive, but except for Nadine, Shelly and Dale everyone really aged hardcore
  13. Donomark added a post in a topic Deadpool 2   

    Stephen Lang feels like the truest choice for me
  14. Donomark added a post in a topic Every comic you've read in 2017   

    I generally feel disconnected with the current era of Batman, and have pretty much since Morrison left. The character can be dickish, but the idea of him being an insane asshole who hates and distrusts everybody is so counteractive to how I grew to know the character, and how writers portrayed him for years before that. My main thing was in Bruce Wayne: MURDERER/FUGITIVE, where Ed Brubaker and Greg Rucka addressed his mental problems and he came out of that better than ever. There was no "Bruce Wayne is a mask" BS. But then Identity Crisis has him all paranoid, and Geoff Johns tries to address and fix that with Infinite Crisis and One Year Later. But the general idea is that these moments: Jason's death, Gordon getting shot, having his mind wiped, all these explained his behavior. Now it's just he's like that all the time, and it's more than a personal preference. It doesn't make sense for the character. In Dark Knight Returns, he was grinning from ear to ear being Batman. It's how he copes. If he's really supposed to be eternally morose, he would've killed himself a long time ago. It's like Morrison says, you cannot go through all that training and mental preparation and end up an asshole.
    I better stop before I pollute this th
  15. Donomark added a post in a topic Every comic you've read in 2017   

    Did Jim Starlin do that issue or was it Marv Wolfman? Starlin's run is one of my favorites. He has the best voice for Batman's inner monologue.