1. Donomark

  2. Donomark

    Profoundly depressed

  3. Donomark

    Got more sole than a sock with a hole

  4. TheMaltesePenguin

    Am I the only one who feels sorry for the Storm-Troopers in the promos for Star Wars Rebels, because they look like guys trying to do their job because its the best thing available, and chances are they're going to have to clean up the shit the rebels make.

  5. Kathryn Slater

    Uni's almost over and visa sorted. Canada here I come!

  6. TheMaltesePenguin

    I don't understand why people like the ultimate marvel universe, Iron Man looks stupid, There is a pill to turn people into hulks and Ultimatum was ridiculous.

  7. Kathryn Slater

    Soooo what with all the news about the 50th birthday of my favourite show I'm starting to get excited again.

  8. Mad Man with a Box

    After much listening to Earth 2 shows finally joined the fourm!

  9. Stavros

    Oh, as usual, dear.

  10. Pan-dub

    Enough lurking: I joined

  11. Dread


  12. dusk20

    navigating the site

  13. Chris-El

    Looks like I need to start my anime education

  14. Chris-El

    Cant believe it took me so long to find Earth-2.net

  15. Chris-El

    Sucks to be the New Guy

  16. NightAngle04

    Big Elephants Can Always Understand Small Elephants.

  17. SuaveStar

    Altered reality

  18. SuaveStar

    Step into your own soul.

  19. jrasiru

    your mum

  20. Mister R

    In a good mood!

  21. Mister R

    I am amused. :)

  22. dc20willsave

    thinks you need to have some plum pudding.

  23. MissDaria

    cannot be observed and measured simultaneously.

  24. annericelover » James D.

    Hey James, sorry I missed the ending of WFP, that was definitely a huge part of why I got into this website and the ONLY reason I started watching Teen Titans. I was having problems, but I wanted to know with a new 21 Jump Street film coming out and Booker on DVD, will there be a podcast on those, I'd love it. I would do it myself but don't have the proper equipment, thank you 4 reading