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Every Film You've Watched in 2017

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2 hours ago, Davedevil said:

A Monster Calls - Just heartwrenching. Loved it.

I've been meaning to see that, in part because the same director is helming the next Jurassic Park movie. Speaking of which:

The Impossible: Wow. That was a really damn good movie that I never ever want to see again. Bodes well for Fallen Kingdom and I'll bet the lead child actor will go places someday.

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Hot Girls Wanted: honestly, some porno docs are amazing experiences of sleaze and/or tragedy on a level so human it's almost unbearable. Stuff like Catching the Muse, The Girl Next Door and the Serbian one I saw are powerful films. This is fucking terrible. Not a single person is likeable. Hard to give a shit about these girls as they are some of the most annoying people on the planet. I have to think that they failed in almost every aspect of what makes a good doc.

Money Pit: admittedly very low on the scale of quality Tom Hanks 80s comedies but it has its moments, especially a Buster Keaton-sequel set piece of physical comedy that is sheer perfection. Never been a huge fan of Shelley Long and while I didn't like her character very much, she acts the hell out of this movie.

The Simpsons Movie: this is clearly the year's first rewatch.

Features: 75

Shorts: 22

Documentaries: 8

Rewatches: 1

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