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Episode 519

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Desmond is back from vacation, and perhaps it's the fact that he's dreading work that he brought this episode to you this week: workplace horror. First, Adam, Desmond, and Jeff look at a movie where an insurance investigator goes looking for a best-selling author who has missed his deadline in their review of John Carpenter's In the Mouth of Madness. Then, Desmond goes solo in reviews of corporate horror stories: Bentley Little's novel The Consultant, and James Gunn and Greg McLean's film The Belko Experiment. Then, nothing tells you how much of a hard job filmmaking is than the Astron 6 film about making a movie: The Editor. Tunes include: "Workin' Man" by Hank Williams III, "In the Mouth of Madness" by John Carpenter and Jim Lang, "Grim Business" by Iron Reagan, "The Cutting Room" by Pig Destroyer, and "I Hate My Job (live)" by Butthole Surfers. [ 1:22:46 || 40.0 MB ]


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