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I have been watching a few of the Max Fleisher Superman cartoons. The animation is beautiful. I did not believe the claim that these cartoons inspired the look of Miyazaki's robot until I saw it now I am convinced. (If you can listen carefully you can hear Miyazaki stomping his feet in protest)

I wonder if Lois had the reputation of being the ultimate damsel in distress when the show came out. In the episodes I have seen her:

- Shoot train thieves with a tommy gun.

- Fight a racist cartoon while her hands were tied.

- Infiltrate a Nazi headquarter in order to give the location of a pending U-boat raid to the R.A.F.

- Tie up terrorists while in a out of control rocket car.

also she totally knows that Superman is Clark.

Lois in the Fleischer cartoons is freaking amazing. And a total babe.

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The Fleischer Lois Lane is perfect: smart, curious, saucy, tough, and headstrong.

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