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    Episode 617

    Yes! Creepshow 2! "The Raft" fucked me up! It didn't make me afraid of the water -- that came from nearly drowning at least three times -- but it did make me fear those damn rafts. Fuck those damn things. And yes please on the Stephen King episode.
  3. It's been a while, but I recall genuinely enjoying the 2009 remake.
  4. Friday the 13th (2009): this is kind of a quintessential Friday film. It's a mashup of the first three films with the over the top feeling of Jason Lives and the more modern films. Features: 55 Shorts: 15 Documentaries: 5 Rewatches: 4
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    Episode 617

    Remember that time Darryll and I got really drunk and reviewed Creepshow 2? I don't. But there was digital audio evidence, and that's what this week's episode is. So, watch out for those cigar store Indians, be suspicious of black garbage bags in lakes, look both ways before crossing the street, and enjoy this week's episode! We also give away two copies of Us on Blu-ray. Tunes: "The Fate Before Fate" by Indian, "Get What's Coming" by Creepshow, and "Jaws Theme Swimming" by Brand New. [ 1:18:48 || 38.0 MB ]
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  7. This one especially for @The Master - Batman 1989 was released 30 years ago today.
  8. If you haven't already, watch Takeover: Chicago for the finals rematch which I think was even better. Also, the 2018 UK Championship Tournament shows, while not as great, have some good action, Zack Gibson being hated and Mustache Mountain vs. Strong/O'Reilly.
  9. Warlock: Armageddon/Warlock: End of Innocence: reviews forthcoming Features: 54 Shorts: 15 Documentaries: 5 Rewatches: 4
  10. I just bought tickets to a lucha libra event in Vancouver in a month where I will see Super Crazy and Luchasauraus. I'm fucking stoked.
  11. Land of the Lustrous v8: This feels like it’s building towards a conclusion, or at least escalating even more. This is becoming full existential horror on a level I was not expecting, and Ichikawa just continues to do an amazing job on the art work. Looking forward to seeing what happens in v9. Trades/Tankobon: 24Single Issues: 34
  12. Spent a few days watching WWE / NXT's 2017 United Kingdom Championship Tournament. Holy crap this was great, and Tyler Bate is amazing!
  13. Jesus...this record was thirty years old yesterday.
  14. I wish I could write a Spider-Man comic book when I was 21. I empathize with the kid's fanboyism, aside from that IDC.
  15. Rocketman: A much more entertaining and comparatively pleasant biopic about a flamboyant performer, Taron Egerton delivers a terrifically energetic performance. A lot of fun, I'd see it again.
  16. Holy crap, didn't realize that was Bee from The Babysitter! I fucking want this movie even more!
  17. I just listened to this episode for the first time. I also prefer the FNM version of "War Pigs" to the original, and I'd only heard it for the first time this past November. Funny thing for me--listening to it more and more, I would be like, "'War Pigs' Faith No More version, a.k.a. Mike Borden Has the Time of His Fucking Life."
  18. I am beyond indifferent to the news. Sara Pichelli, who co-created Miles Morales, is awesome, but even her top-tier work won't drive me to this project.
  19. I hate everything about this post, save for Sara Pichelli of whom I have no opinions.
  20. Marvel just announced a new five-issue Spider-Man miniseries written by JJ Abrams and his son, Henry, with art by Sara Pichelli. All that's known thus far is that it will feature a new villain.
  21. Warlock: review forthcoming Features: 52 Shorts: 15 Documentaries: 5 Rewatches: 4
  22. Samara Weaving is incredible. I like her more than Robbie. Check out The Babysitter and Mayhem. Also, her uncle is Agent Smith.
  23. Teen Titans #31 (2019): A big fight issue with Lobo, but one done well. I forget how overwhelming powerful Lobo is, and he's a total bastard in this. Taking a bounty for his own daughter. Solid first part to a two parter. Batman #73 (2019): Pretentious comic book is pretentious. Nightwing #61 (2019): This was a good issue with solid writing and art, but it promised to be the conclusion of the story, and Dick's still "Ric". WTH?! James Bond: 007 #8: Great issue! Miles Morales: Spider-Man #7: Okay issue. I wasn't loving the two extra artists though. And IDK why Miles would even think of going near Uncle Aaron again after everything that guy has done. Single Issues: 207 Trade Paperbacks: 7
  24. Started reading Superman: Year One #1, in which Clark saves Lana from a gang rape. Nope. Done. Out. Don't need Frank Miller's shit in my life, and whoever approved that at DC can rightly fuck off, too.
  25. Looks fantastic. But how is that NOT Margot Robbie?
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