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  2. I’ve just found out about this meme, but knowing the hosts of this show, I’m pretty surprised that “They’ve taken the hobbits to ISENGARD!” didn’t make its way into this episode. I mean I wouldn’t have bumped Ian Dury for it, but maybe before or after playing Dury’s performance
  3. The Intruder: Dennis Quaid is crazy and stalks Meagan Good and Michael Ealy. Watchable, laughable bad movie made entertaining through Quaid acting like a straight-up coke addict.
  4. Booksmart: look, this is essentially Superbad but with girls instead. I loved it. It's better than Superbad. Smarter, funnier and the two leads have INCREDIBLE chemistry. Features: 17 Shorts: 2 Documentaries: 3 Rewatches:
  5. My Bloody Valentine 3D: I watched it in 2D but I could tell how laughable the 3D had to be. As is, it's an okay film but so laughable for the most part, especially that twist at the end. The Great Muppet Caper: Still my favorite Muppet Movie! Films: 25
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    Episode 651

    This week on the show we take a look at two very different portrayals of the cult of personality. First up, Darryll and Desmond review the bizarre and compelling Dutch gypsyploitation film Borgman. Then, Rich the Monster Movie Kid takes a look at the weird hippiesploitation film Deathmaster. Tunes included: "Gypsy" by Mercyful Fate, "Cult of Personality" by Living Colour, "Deathmaster" by Toxic Holocaust, and "Hippie Killer" by Suicidal Tendencies. [ 57:25 || 27.8 MB ]
  7. Lord of the Rings: Return of the King -- Man this is a looooooooong movie, and it feels long. I remember seeing it in the theater and loving it, and I have watched it a couple times on DVD and liked it, so maybe I just wasn't in the mood.
  8. That looks fine in context with the ears. Show me dem ears!
  9. Fantastic Four #2: Look, it's not too innovative, but I dug the shit out of it. I am a fan, and I am just fine with being serviced. Thank you. Hot Lunch Special #2: this doesn't know what it is, but I know I'm not all-in. House of Whispers #1: new Sandman-Universe series that I will also be bypassing. Iceman #1: I liked the story just fine but holy hell is this art awful. How does Marvel think that's ok in 2019? (yes, old issue, like most of the stuff I'm reading as I'm behind). Infinity Wars #3: still really good. Intriguing cliffhanger that I saw coming because of the issues published after this. It Came out on a Wednesday #1: not my thing. I don't know the last time I've enjoyed an anthology comic. Maybe I need to go back and reread my DHP issues. Journey Into Mystery: The Birth of Krakatoa #1: This reads like really fucking good fanfic, and I'm totally ok with that. Going back to one of the weirdest creations in the Marvel U and telling its story with classic war heroes? Please. More. Newbury & Hobbes #1: not my thing. Old Man Logan #47 shocking how consistent this has been. Red Hood and the Outlaws #26: solid. Sunstone: Mercy vol 6: this is so consistently good. I love this series. It's a weird black sheep in all the modern stuff I'm reading. Closer to 90s slice of life comics than the Eros GN erotic comics stuff. Good shit. X-Factor Epic Collection: All New, All Different X-Factor: this is my jam. I hope they collect the entire run of this line-up. It was underrated at its time. Though, I have to say that Larry Stroman pales in comparison to a lot of his similar contemporaries of this era, two of whom have stories in this collection and outshine him (Quesada and Raney). Havoc is my all-time favourite X-Man. No question. Beasts of Burden: Wise Dogs and Eldritch Men: so good. Beautiful art. I was worried that it would not compare to Jill Thompson's stuff, but it access beyond it in many ways. Legends of the Dark Knight: Norm Breyfogle vol 2: Excellent. This is the start of Anarky and we're starting to bump up against Nightfall. Such a great era of Batman comics. Issues: 24 Trades: 2 Omnibus: 2 Graphic Novel: 1
  10. It's great. I've seen it, but I should totally rewatch it. Anchorman: still fucking rules ass. Don't @ me. Features: 16 Shorts: 2 Documentaries: 3 Rewatches:
  11. Between the design of the insignia (with no little ears or a head for the bat), I'm thinking we might be getting a very "Bob Kane"-esque Golden Age Batman design. The cowl looks like it could scallop out to wide horns.
  12. I can recommend the documentary 'Lemmy' on Netflix - decent mixture of awe-inspiring, pity enducing and jaw dropping. A ton of musical taking heads and lots of live performances to boot. Fun on a bun.
  13. Is it just me or is the forehead a bit oversized?
  14. From what I've read on Twitter, the bat symbol is made from the gun that was used to murder his parents. If that's the case, that's inline with the Kevin Smith / Jim Lee story from Detective Comics #1000. In said story, Bruce (as Matches) tracks down the gun, melts it, and turns it into an armor plate to fit under the crest.
  15. Ooh. I can hear the modern Bond-izms (RE: Casino Royale), but with a different twist. It sounds like a Millennial James Bond lamenting a lost love. In Billie Eilish I can kind of hear hints of "Black Sheep" from the Scott Pilgrim vs. the World soundtrack.
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  17. I really like it. Maybe it's all the Mass Effect I've been playing speaking but it sounds suitably epic and like a Bond theme. Also, it has the added benefit of not inducing a coma like Spectre's theme did.
  18. A Year and a Half in the Life of Metallica Part Two: nowhere near as good as the first part. This one covers roughly the first year (of three and a half) that they toured the Black Album. The performances are a little lackluster. Out of the six proper performance videos (there are tons of clips and micced from the stage stuff, but proper being audio from the soundboard multiple camera shoots) two of them are Enter Sandman (I get it, it was the biggest song in the world, but it's in my bottom ten Metallica songs) and one of them is the performance of Nothing Else Matters after James got burned. I get they included it for the story of triumph over adversity, but he clearly is not a fan of sitting down and singing while not playing his guitar and I clocked TWO mistakes in a pretty easy song by his guitar tech. Still, worth the two hours just to see Jason Newsted at the deli table. Features: 15 Shorts: 2 Documentaries: 3 Rewatches:
  19. Birds of Prey - It was fun. Pretty much all I wanted from this. The Crow - Moved all the DVDs I've bought and never watched and put them into a big pile. This was on top. Still love it, and the pure 90s of it gets better with age. But I think this is the first time I've watched it since I watch the TV show. And those are the versions of the characters that are in my head. Weird. Jay & Silent Bob Reboot - Meh. About what I expected. The first part of the film is horrible. Very cringe. But it evens out and adds a little heart, which at least stopped me watching the timer. Still not good.
  20. Birds of Prey: a really fun and funny action movie. The motorcycle/rollerskates thing was the most Hong Kong action movie thing I've seen in a decade. Robbie is excellent. So is Jurnee Smollett-Bell. Ewan McGregor is a GREAT villain. The film is very fun to look at and has a decent script with some good comedy. A Year and a Half in the Life of Metallica Part One: watching a clip of this a couple weeks back made me want to rewatch the whole thing. I watched this religiously when it came out. It gave me a fascination with the studio process. Bob Rock is an intimidating figure even if you aren't dating his daughter. I want to watch part two now. Features: 15 Shorts: 2 Documentaries: 2 Rewatches:
  21. Birds of Prey (Harley Quinn): My thoughts can be found in both the latest eps of Questions: We Don't Have Answers and Comic Book Film Revue (put the QnoA ep on that feed), but TL;DR There's a lot of good and goodwill put into the movie, but I can't get past how they did Cassandra Cain, which veers into racist territory considering the larger context of the movie being a Harley Quinn vehicle. The whole thing is just tainted for me.
  22. Groundhog Day: watched this again at the behest of the youngest last night. Was struck by how not jokey it is. It's comedy based on line delivery and reactions from Bill Murray almost solely. Features: 14 Shorts: 2 Documentaries: 1 Rewatches:
  23. Hannah and Jim are back to discuss Bad Idea Comics, Nier: Automata, Kingdom Hearts III, the writings of Hanif Abdurraqib, and Soft Science by Franny Choi. [ 1:22:27 || 66.3 MB ]
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