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  2. Session 9: It's definitely a better tone, mood and atmosphere piece than anything else, really. It's not very plot heavy, exactly, but it's fine, ultimately. Films Watched: 34
  3. Brandon Routh and Courtney Ford are departing Legends of Tomorrow.
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  5. Meaning he has no memories of them personally, couldn't name them? If the former, I can totally see that. If you're a senior, you were born in 2001 or 2002, and would have been 6 or 7 when Obama took office. I was born when Nixon was President, but I have no memory of Nixon and Ford. I barely remember Carter. I was 9 months old when Nixon resigned.
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    Nano the Beagle / Rat Terrier was having a panic attack last night because there was thunder.
  7. Talked to a high school senior who couldn't genuinely remember any presidents before Obama.
  8. Man I dunno. I really think Supergirl is one of the worst CBMs of all time. It makes zero attempt at having any sense, is horribly acted with terrible special effects, and watches like its totally bereft of any effort to treat the audience as anything above idiots. I especially disliked how Kara somehow knew everything about Kal-El's life as both Superman and Clark Kent on Earth despite having never been on Earth before, nor having even met him before. Maybe I missed something, but I remember her knowledge of him came from being in his franchise rather than any other given information. I didn't hate this movie, but I truly think there's nary a redeeming quality to be found in it.
  9. Apocalypse Now: Watched the extended cut in the theater yesterday, after not seeing it for ages. Except for a bit where Willard visits a French plantation that drags ass, this movie does not feel as long as it actually is. I legitimately love this movie, despite it being one of the pinnacle 'cishet white fuckboy' movies, alongside Scarface, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill or any of those things. But man, this movie still holds up really well. Like, you could make this movie tomorrow, set it in the Middle East, and not have to change a goddamn thing. Also, it goes without saying, but fuck war, fuck America, and fuck the troops. And fuck cops, especially whatever dumbfuck cop you're related to. Films Watched: 33
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  11. Mr. Frost/A Perfect Getaway: films for review Dawn of the Dead (2004): rewatch for review Features: 86 Shorts: 15 Documentaries: 7 Rewatches: 5
  12. The Tipping Point vol 1: the first of two OGN anthologies of worldwide talent. Pretty decent. Hunt for Wolverine Weapon Lost #4: solid ending. The Realm #8: this is getting tired. I'll give it one more. The Silencer #7: still going strong. The Terrifics #6: this descended into shit pretty quickly. X-23 #2: solid. X-Men Wakanda Forever #1: barely readable. Horrible stuff. X-Men Blue #32: this was great. Astonishing X-Men #14: ok...I LOVE this lineup. It's basically all of my favourite X-Men on a team. I'm in for a while. Bubba Ho-Tep and the Cosmic Blood Suckers #2: this is terrible. I am curious as to why Joe Lansdale's name isn't attached at all in the credits. Makes me think he thinks it's terrible too. Captain America #2: the Cap shame train continues. If this doesn't get good, I'm gone after next issue. Cosmic Ghost Rider #2: this is terrible. I'm out. Fissure #4: solid ending. Mister Miracle: ok. I finally got around to reading this. I'm as behind on my TPBs as I am the monthlies. First thought: Mitch Gerads is a brilliant artist. Looks beautiful. My second thought: I wish I could see it in some other format than a 9 panel grid EVERY PAGE FOR TWELVE ISSUES. I'd say this comic is smarter than it needs to be if they didn't tell you that with every scene. Fuck, I hated this. Darkseid eats a fucking baby carrot with ranch dip. Kirby is turning over in his grave with this shit. Birthright vol 7 Blood Brothers: still brilliant. Probably high up on my favourite comics of the year again this year. Comics: 142 Trades: 13 Graphic Novels: 9 Omnibus: 3
  13. And this immediately made me think of Episode 10 of the Tranquil Tirades.
  14. Batman #77: If this sticks, I'm done with Batman comics for a long time. I'm tired of The Dark Knight Returns-influenced Batman stories. Stories that are juvenile perceptions of mature themes. And, sadly, I think it will stick, because Tom King is quoted as saying, "What we’re going to do... [it's] something that's going to change the character for a generation, or maybe more. Maybe forever. I never thought we'd get this kind of stuff approved; when you're working with a corporate character, you think you're going to have to reset. But this is a change that's going to shake the world of Batman and it's going to leave my mark on the character."
  15. Saved by the Bell first aired 30 years ago today...
  16. Preston on seeing Sami Zayn being jobbed out (again) live:
  17. The greatest picture from last night. You can look right above Alexander's elbow pad to see my arms up, booing the shit out of Sami Zayn being jobbed out in four minutes and my darling bride telling me to shut the fuck up.
  18. Today, Dan and Mike discuss all things Supergirl. First they dive into the oddity that is the 1984, Helen Slater-led Supergirl movie. Then they cover three episodes from the 2015 Supergirl TV series: "Pilot," "Stronger Together," and "Worlds Finest." [ 2:13:05 || 66.5 MB ]
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    Episode 625

    This week on Dread Media, Thomas and Desmond travel back through the Julian Sands of time to the early 90s to discuss a mostly forgotten franchise: the Warlock films. Warlock, Warlock: Armageddon, and Warlock III: End of Innocence all get reviews. Some witchy tunes to guide the way: "Ill Wind" by Jerry Goldsmith, "Warlock" by John Zorn, "Armageddon Blues" by Power Trip, "Innocence" by Vesania, and "Kiss of Death" by Warlock. [ 1:34:40 || 45.7 MB ]
  20. The Endless: Watching this so soon after Resolution only adds to the experience, tbh. While you can technically watch this movie on its own, without the context of Resolution, I don't really recommend it. Films Watched: 32
  21. In both Jump Street movies, I found myself fast forwarding to whenever Ice Cube was on screen.
  22. The original. It's such a wildly uneven film. Excited to review it with Duane. Lots to talk about. The Upside: not bad. Terribly predictable, but anchored by some amazing performances. Night School: I think I'm in love with Tiffany Haddish. 21 Jump Street: still fucking hilarious. 22 Jump Street: beating a dead horse. Features: 84 Shorts: 15 Documentaries: 7  Rewatches: 4
  23. This week's NXT UK is the best I've seen Chris Hero in a while. Nice to see.
  24. Wow. Orton's a spoiled punk. Always has been.
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