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  2. Alan Tudyk is a fucking treasure.
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  4. I am really looking forward to this. It looks interesting and it's directed by a black woman, Nia DaCosta, who has done some interesting stuff. Plus, I really love the original.
  5. This entire scene is perfection. There's been a lot of try-hard Joker portrayals in recent years, but this is the best one since Jeff Bennett's portrayal in Brave and the Bold. And I LOOOVE the anecdote of Joker and Harley doing a Nyotaimori on Gordon. I genuinely want that to be canon.
  6. The Matrix: This might be my goodbye to this film, tbh. While I enjoyed watching it, I don't really know if I'm ever going to rewatch it after this. It is some real goofy fun, but every time I rewatch it, I get less and less out of it. Films Watched: 8
  7. I hope it does, but it had a couple big structural disadvantages: It was in February, which is normally not a good time for big blockbusters. (Obviously there are exceptions.) The R rating hurt it by taking away a large portion of the natural audience. And it should have been a Harley Quinn solo movie. There was no need to make it a BOP movie. The one thing I didn't even think about when I saw it, but was mentioned in @Donomark's podcast, was Dinah Lance's superhero name. A black woman called Black Canary. SMH. Didn't we leave that naming convention behind in the 1970's? Even Jefferson Pierce could use a new superhero name.
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    Random wrestling thoughts

    Spoiler, in case anyone cares:
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  10. Demolition Man vs The Avengers/Avengers Assemble
  11. So it turns out these is a sequel, not a reboot. Interesting.
  12. Oh, so he's history's greatest monster and now he controls the biggest media company on Earth. Rad. This is fine.
  13. He headed up Home Entertainment starting in 1993. He was also the one who came up with the Disney Vault idea.
  14. I thought that was Eisner? Or is it just that he rubber-stamped them as it was during his era?
  15. Bob Iger has stepped down as CEO of Disney. His replacement is Bob Chapek who was the head of Disney Parks. Chapek also spearheaded all those cheap, Direct-To-Video sequels back in the 90s and is also behind some of more controversial things as the Parks in the last few years such as pretending that the Guardians ride is anything more than The Hollywood Tower of Terror with a new paint job. So... if you're expecting Disney to put out anything new or novel in the next few years, you might not want to hold your breath waiting.
  16. I was completely unsure of it going in but it has been utterly hilarious and so much fun while saying something all the same. I'm really looking forward to Season 2. Also, I fucking love Killer Shark.
  17. It's definitely... something. I've never been a fan of Didio (His comment that "Countdown will be 52 done right" always reeked of stupidity) but the guy was passionate. That all said, every report of the work ethic at DC, especially in the last few years, says that this needed to happen.
  18. The Thing About Harry: It's a Freeform Made For TV movie except it's a gay relationship. Otherwise, it's mostly average. It also suffers from the problem that many of these have: It has a set run time so when it has a logical end-point, it just keeps going. Bridget Jones's Diary: Renee Zellwegger is what makes the film. If the lead hadn't been as strong, it would have failed big time. Films: 27
  19. Definitely interesting stuff. Here's a great article on it.
  20. The Genius Lanny Poffo: as much a story about Randy Savage as it is his brother. It's hardly gritty as it's told from Lanny's POV. Still a fun read. Weapon H #7: this doesn't fail to impress. Just really fun pulp comics. Love the Captain America angle. X-23 #4: starting to tire of this series. Never dug the Cuckoos. Black Hammer Age of Doom #5: decent. Not great. X-Men Blue #35: this was good. Captain America Annual #1: harmless. Zero impact to the story, though. Secret Agent Deadpool #2: I might give it one more issue. Dick Tracy: Dead or Alive #1: No thanks. I'm out. G.I. Joe Silent Option #1: not bad. I'll try one more. Ice Cream Man #7: still great. Impossible Incorporated #1: nope. Not for me. Infinity Wars: Soldier Supreme #1: I like the main series, but this is kind of eh... Moth & Whisper #1: not my thing. I'm out. Multiple Man #4: so great. Looking forward to the finale. Issues: 37 Trades: 2 Omnibus: 2 Graphic Novel: 2
  21. It's great all around, but yeah, great music.
  22. Every clip I've seen of Harley Quinn has been amazing.
  23. This is old news at this point, but last week Dan Didio's tenure with DC Comics ended. There's been speculation that he was removed, fueled by the suddenness of the split and the fact that he was still listed as a guest at C2E2 this week. We'll have to see if any details emerge in the coming days or weeks.
  24. Nacho Libre: I rewatch this occasionally with the boys. Fun movie. Sort of bittersweet now that Silver King is dead. Features: 18 Shorts: 2 Documentaries: 3 Rewatches:
  25. When I lived in Glasgow, I was in a group project with a girl from Belfast. She walked up to me and asked me (in her very fast cadence) "what's craic?" and I honestly thought she was trying to sell me crack.
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