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  2. Ant-Man and The Wasp: A fun if scattered movie. It's a PG-13 Deadpool in its silliness and action beats and some of the digital effects seemed to come straight out of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2's third act, but there's nothing wrong with that. With this one finally seen, I only have one more unseen Marvel movie to go.
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  4. It comes in around the 47-minute mark.
  5. Brief warning: Frank Cho (I feel like this won't come up if he googles his name like it would on Twitter) is on the panel and says some pretty scummy stuff. You have been warned.
  6. Holy crap, that brings back so many memories! Thinking of the Oratory days, does anybody remember a segment from 1999 / 2000 (maybe a little later) where Triple H and Kurt Angle (?) were arguing on a split-screen Titantron? The cameras were pushed in closer than normal for those types of segments, and I recall people at the Oratory thinking the implication was that the guys were receiving oral gratification from each other's girlfriends. Does that ring any bells? At the time I didn't see what others saw, but I was hoping to find it through the Network.
  7. DC Cover Art, a C2E2 2019 panel. [ 1:05:30 || 32.9 MB ]
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  9. Whilst I knew the Ziggler trivia, I didn't make the connection - that's pretty damn great casting!
  10. Detective Comics #1002: I get the appeal of the blank white eyes explained as slits filled in with glass, but Brad Walker makes that so apparent with his otherwise solid artwork that I don't care for it. That approach is better in live action films like Black Panther. Heroes in Crisis #8: There's no way anyone can read this issue and not immediate recall every time Dan Didio strong-armed a character to get his way. Even if he's not the culprit here, what the issue and story at large basically amounts to is character assassination of an order that reaches the heights of Leslie Thompkins killing Stephanie Brown in War Games. It also makes little sense. Probably the worst comic book I've read in years. Action Comics #1010: Decent Batman Beyond #31 (2019): Good Batgirl #34 (2019): The writing is fine and the artwork is good, but I am just not a fan of a dark Barbara Gordon Batgirl. For all the character's historic protestations of most things Batman throughout the years, she's become increasingly hypocritical since the new 52 in being short tempered, needlessly violent and reactionary. There's no real attempt to understand this parallel, and it always reeks of writers not knowing what to do with her or trying to legitimize her as a character. It's annoying to read. Amazing Spider-Man #820-#821: I was getting worried this story was going on too long, any maybe it is, but it's too well written for me to mind that much. Great characterization of all the characters. Single Issues: 165 Trade Paperbacks: 3
  11. Female Forward Fantasy Fiction, a C2E2 2019 panel. [ 1:03:45 || 32.5 MB ]
  12. Given how autobiographical Train Wreck is, I think his character is meant to be a dig at Nick Nemeth/Dolph Ziggler, who dated Schumer.
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  14. It seriously was one of the most fun panels of the weekend.
  15. He's also hilarious in Trainwreck. Him and Daniel Radcliffe's dogwalking movie.
  16. That is some terrible CGI on that motorcycle slide. They obviously spent all of their money on the young Will effects.
  17. Both Blockers and Game Night are a blast. Cena is a genuinely likeable actor.
  18. Women of Overwatch, a C2E2 2019 panel. [ 1:03:15 || 31.8 MB ]
  19. Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood: night, but this is a low in the series. Features: 34 Shorts: 15 Documentaries: 5 Rewatches: 4
  20. Still gotta see Game Night. The trailers looked like it would be a fun movie.
  21. Scream 2: Friends and I had an impromptu game/movie night. They asked me to pick a film. I got impatient about waiting for Halloween and they accidentally picked this over Showgirls and Jupiter Ascending. Always will love this, even if I know I'm gonna be watching it again later this year. Game Night: Wow, we all totally slept on this one. Outside of being genuinely hilarious, it's also a great action movie at times. There's a wonderful single shot sequence that must have taken weeks to choreograph! Love, Simon: Teenage Will needed this movie. Hit me right in the chest! Blockers: Massively surprised by how much I liked this. Its a sex comedy about teenagers and their parents and yet the kids are always treated with respect while the parents are actually pretty sympathetic despite trying to interfere with their daughters's sex lives. Also, John Cena is constantly surprising me with every non-action movie he does. Tag: It's an alright movie that then tries to go for being emotional in the last few minutes. It's okay, nothing special. Films: 53 MST3K/Rifftrax Assisted: 2
  22. Once Upon a Time (But Also Different), a C2E2 2019 panel. [ 1:02:55 || 31.6 MB ]
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