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  2. Finally got around to the second half of the season. I feel like the break hurt my enjoyment. I barely remembered where things had left off. And the first few back didn't do it for me. I'm not sure if it is the show, or my absolute lack of bandwidth for political intrigue these day. I did enjoy things better as the episodes went by. But it felt like we got the season climax, and then still had two more episodes. Odd choice.
  3. This week, Desmond and 37 of his closest friends (38 if you count the celebrity cohost) celebrate episode 666 by playing the game that's sweeping the nation: What's Your Favorite Satan? The stats: - 37 people - 36 interviews - 31 audio clips - 7 songs - 7 hours and 16 minutes total Hail Satan! I need a drink! [ 7:15:49 || 209.4 MB ]
  4. I've been reading through the first Marvel Star Wars Epic Collection. Dan and Mike covering the first six issues was what pushed me to finally read through this, checking it out through Prime Reading. The adaptation of the first movie was really solid, Star Wars really lends itself to the narration and pacing of comics of the time. The art was odd at times, but really striking more often than not. I'm a few issues into the follow-up arc, and I'm convinced it's a send-up of the whole thing. I know it's uncharted territory and Lucas was very firm on what the comics couldn't do, but it still feels like the total opposite of what a "The day after the big event" story would do, right down to having a parody of Luke. Art is a little less nice with this story, I can understand not doing an exact Harrison Ford likeness but he doesn't give the impression of Han.
  5. The Velocipastor: It came up in conversation while playing Overwatch with some friends so we decided to watch it. It's still a weird ass film The Hunger Games: I've been on a Social Strategy Game kick lately and we ended up on this film and I started droning on and on about effective alliances and voting techniques. Oh, and Jennifer Lawrence does a pretty good job. Films: 85 Rewatches: 1 Mst3k/Rifftrax/Other Assisted: 14
  6. this the first time one of these threads has been dormant for almost a month? I haven't been reading much either. Dread Gods #4: loved this weird little series. Don't know if it will return. Exorcsisters #1: not for me High Heaven #1: I like the concept. I'll read another. Infinite Dark #1: almost unreadable convoluted sci fi dreck. Infinity Wars Weapon Hex #1: this is awful. Love the main series, but these Warps tie-ins are horrible. What If? Classic vol 1, 2: these are great. I still prefer the 90s series, but a lot of these are fun. There's a couple here that are now canon, as far as I know (the Avengers of the 50s one that is Agents of Atlas and the Invaders continuing on after Captain America and Bucky dying). Looking forward to reading more. Issues: 109 Trades: 9 Omnibus: 3 Graphic Novel: 7
  7. Last week
  8. Satanis: The Devil's Mass: what a weird documentary about the Church of Satan from 1970. I watched it drunk to provide a watch-along commentary to Patrons and essentially was blind drunk at the end, but it's crazy seeing the weird arguments these people have against the CoS: "I don't care what they do inside, but they need to start mowing the lawn!" It's crazy. 350 Days: this is a wrestling doc that is remarkably flat. It isn't as extensively depressing as most docs about the tolls wrestling takes on wrestlers, and for that reason, I found it kind of odd. Features: 55 Shorts: 2 Documentaries: 9 Rewatches: 1
  9. Tempted to use my now tired joke involving Cure and the title reigns of Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyire
  10. Wow. I didn't know about that, and it is bad. Demeans the character. I think they did that in Mad Love, too, because she had great compassion for the Joker due to his fictitious sob stories about his life and his abusive father. Mad Love also plays into Joker's past being multiple choice, which was done well in The Dark Knight. I think the Suicide Squad movie glorified the domestic violence aspect a too much. Maybe I'm being overly touchy about this, but I know people who have been abused mentally and physically, and am really uncomfortable with any positive light on the relationship between Joker and Harley Quinn. That's probably unfair, I admit, and I am allowing real world issues to color my perception of the storylines I have seen. But it's difficult to objectively approach something like this.
  11. A monumental moment from Captain Picard's past comes back to haunt him ("The Battle"), then Q returns with a tempting offer for Commander Riker ("Hide and Q"). [ 1:04:12 || 31.3 MB ]
  12. I feel the recent turnaround with her character has moved away from that in a big way. Like originally, Harley's education wasn't anything noteworthy. The comic straight said that she slept her way through school and was only working at Arkham to get rich and famous. The current animated show depicts her past self as a complete professional who sees the Joker for what he is the whole time and cares for the well-being of the inmates. Well, Ivy. Which I had a problem with as there was a scene where Ivy was tearing guys apart with her vines, but when a guard used a flamethrower to get past them and subdue her, Harley yelled at him for abuse. That super-didn't play. Bottom line, I think the discussion of how toxic the Joker and Harley's relationship has been more public and frequent in recent years, and as a result the character has been put over, sometimes aggressively, into the good camp where her abuse produces a heroic Harley instead of an equally criminally insane one. I liked how the BOP movie did it, as it kept Harley's character funny and silly while still realistically going through Joker withdrawals.
  13. Tomorrow Never Dies: I could nitpick this to death but I won’t. It is in my opinion the least entertaining of the Bronson Bond films and the villain is a little too cartoonish. But at least in this movie, it is clear that the Fake News media really is the enemy of the people. Sorry. Could not resist. Films Watched: 21
  14. I am not sure I have ever watched Mad Love all the way through and WOW is it dark. I can’t believe some of the stuff they got away with. Having Harley blame herself for not getting the joke is horrifying because it mirrors how abusers manipulate their victims. While this episode is a critical part of the history of Harley Quinn’s character but I think the lasting legacy is overly toxic. In the decades since too many interpretations have almost glorified domestic violence.
  15. Lakeview Terrace: Very entertaining for 2/3rds of the film, with Sam Jackson carrying the whole thing with his beady eyes, but the politics of having the black LA cop being the racist one terrorizing an interracial couple because they're interracial is...there's no getting around that. It feels like a blaxploitation throwback, but there's no irony or awareness in how not cool that set up is. And it's a shame because the acting really does make it watchable. Mortal Kombat (1995): A classic, still and always.
  16. Again, not a lot going on there but please add it to BWP also.
  17. Yeah, I definitely wish I hadn't just re-upped with them, myself.
  18. Ok, perfect. I mention it in the intro of 666 as well.
  19. Outbreak: This is probably not the best movie to watch during a global pandemic. Very good, nonetheless. The premise is “let’s all act as stupid as possible to spread the disease as wide as possible.” Lots and lots of jumping to conclusions and a one-in-a-billion shot leads to the resolution. Too convenient. I recommend anyway... After the COVID-19 pandemic is over. Films Watched: 20
  20. That's a shame about Spectacular, 'cause that is easily the best Spidey cartoon I've seen.
  21. Nah, it won't remove 665. That won't happen until 666 is posted on Monday.
  22. It honestly just hit the right combination of things. At that point, Disney was still a year off from buying Marvel. A handful of different studios owned stuff (conincidentally, Disney had some distribution rights to a few of those at the time). That said, looking at the larger catalog, there's still some stuff we're unlikely to see on Disney+ anytime soon namely the 67 Fantastic Four series (Hanna-Barbera still owns that), The Spectacular Spider-Man (Sony produced it), or The Marvel Super Hero Show (because the animation on those is ROUGH and who even has nostalgia for them?).
  23. I doubt it will do much good adding it to the Big Damn Heroes feed since that things been dead for a few years now but go ahead. Everything about this blows chunks. GoDaddy is terrible as is but this just makes me hate them a bit more.
  24. I'm listening to Episode 32 of WFP, and @James D. and @The Master are discussing DVD sets for the 90's Marvel cartoons and how the obstacles to releasing seem insurmountable. With Disney Plus it has all worked out well. I've got a big backlog of TV shows to watch. Plus Netflix and so forth, so I'm basically never going to catch up. It's a good problem to have.
  25. Please toss it into the DM feed as well. Wait...unless it removes episode 665. In that case, I'd prefer a couple more days of the ep online for those who do not download podcasts everyday.
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