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  2. That was an excellent cap to a terrific season. Hell, I would be happy if this is where the show ended. They even baked in an in-continuity reason for the USS Discovery, spore drive, Section 31, and even Michael to never be spoken of in the TOS / TNG eras of Star Trek.
  3. So I finally decided to watch Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. I didn't like the first couple episodes but I got into it after the first story wrapped up and they moved on. I have to say, Sabrina is kind of an asshole and I wasn't expecting that. Almost every crisis is her fault because she does things out of selfishness disguised as love for her friends.
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  5. Magnificent Ms. Marvel #2: Solid Spider-Man: Life Story #2: Awesome. Zdarsky is a born Spidey writer. Single Issues: 158 Trade Paperbacks: 3
  6. DC Universe scales back 'Swamp Thing' over 'creative differences' Warner Brothers is already fucking it up. I wish DC could get away from them.
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  8. Miracleman #1-#16: by Alan Moore, Rick Vietch, Alan Davis John Totleben and Garry Leach For whatever reason, I'd always viewed Miracleman (Marvelman) as "foreign comics" considering they never initially printed in America. I dunno what I was expecting, because it's definitely Alan Moore writing, that's for damn sure. I need to find a new reference, but Moore's run reminds me on Evangelion. Everything starts out both familiar and subversive, but working its way around a science fiction/superhero plot. The first four issues tending with Kid Miracleman I found more interesting than the retconny sci-fi origin. The marital problems between Moran and Liz were interesting (issue #9 hit me like a smack in the face. I think I'd read about that before but certainly wasn't expecting it). But Moore's skills as a storyteller grow with each issue, and by the return of Kid Miracleman I found myself completely hooked. I would argue that this is the darkest, starkest story Moore's ever told, with nothing held back and everything being greater for it. John Totleben is the artist by this point, and his depiction of carnage and superhero action is absolutely stunning. More abstract, fiery brushstrokes than penciled illustration. The follow-up issue where Moore ends his run the only way it could was simply perfect. I bipped and bobbed a bit into Neil Gaiman's issues, but I thought Moore's run worked fine as the end of the series. A lot of Miracleman can be found in Dr. Manhattan later on, but it was different enough to be familiar not not repetitive. The idea of a godlike superhero inacting maximum, page-one change onto the world seems like the only real story to tell if you're going to go there. Highly recommended, but not for the squeamish. This is adult storytelling at its best. Batman #69 (2019): Yawn Single Issues: 156 Trade Paperbacks: 3
  9. In an The Show first, we dedicate an entire episode to wrestling! Dave and Mike sat down for well over three hours to discuss the superb NXT TakeOver: New York card, and the feel-good show that was WrestleMania 35! Personal backstories with wrestling are discussed, as are the in-ring storylines, Randy Orton's ability to hit the RKO out of nowhere, and the future stars that are Johnny Gargano, Kofi Kingston, and Becky Lynch! [ 3:23:10 || 100.3 MB ]
  10. Relay #1: wow...this was a real mess. Robocop Citizen's Arrest #4: wow, I don't understand how there's another issue to this series. I'm very intrigued. Suicide Squad #44: pretty great. The Flash #50: no thanks. The Punisher #227: this is so fucking good. X-23 #1: this was good. Looking forward to see where they go next. Dead Life #1: this started out like a riff on Pet Sematary but just sort of turned into the Walking Dead. Not really my thing. Euthanauts #1: not my thing. Hunt for Wolverine Claws of Killer #3: fun. Comics: 92 Trades: 9 Graphic Novels: 1 Omnibus: 1
  11. Love, Simon: Been meaning to check this out for forever, as well as the book Simon vs. the Homo Sapien Agenda. I was a little weary of the poster which looked to implied a goofy comedy, but I totally loved this. It was effortlessly sincere and all the characters were realistic. The ending was spoiled for be about a year ago in knowing that Keiynon Lonsdale was in it and the extent to his part, but I still welled up in the third act. Great film.
  12. Not textbook example of anything. D2 is the superior Mighty Ducks movie. It gets rid of all the useless kids and replaces them with more memorable players. Except Guy. Who is still there. For some reason. And you get the brilliance that is Wolf "The Dentist" Stansson.
  13. I watched it. There was really only one cool thing where I was like oh could have waited for that. Everything else anyone with a brain knows is coming or was already on a foreign market poster.
  14. To be honest, anything Dan posts in here is going to get that reaction. Such as wax discs and the electric grammaphones.
  15. This is a nifty tool to spoiler-proof websites
  16. Batman the Movie: Noticed for the first time that Bruce Wayne drinks milk in a wine glass when he's out on the town with "Kitka".
  17. ^You can do that? Great idea, I'll do it too.
  18. *sigh* Guess it's time to mute a bunch of words from my timeline again.
  19. Someone leaked a bunch of footage from Endgame and it's being spoiled by assholes all over the place. Be careful.
  20. Teen Titans Go To The Movies: Considering the series is not exactly a work of art, this was still pretty fun and a lot better than it had any right to be. Despicable Me: Considering the films that came after it, not that bad. A little by the books but still got more than a couple of laughs. The Mighty Duck. D2: The Mighty Ducks, D3: The Mighty Ducks: I know nothing about Hockey and yet, this is one of my favorite trilogies of all time. It's also a textbook example of diminishing returns but that's beside the fact. Films: 48 MST3K/Rifftrax Assisted: 2
  21. Commando is fun as fuck, but I love the overall "be excellent to each other" message of B&T. So it gets the nod.
  22. It's you not answering the goddamn question, you supposed geek overlord.... ....same goes for Pandy, but I expect it of him.
  23. Thanks everyone! I spent the day doing nothing and made Chicken Parm for dinner. It wasn't that bad.
  24. Captain Marvel: Second viewing, this time with Shana. Some of the problem I had with the first viewing worked themselves out, but seeing it through Shana's eyes was interesting. She pointed out narrative problems I didn't quite see, and it made me realize there's a longer version of this movie out there. It seems like 15-20 minutes were cut from scenes with the Kree.
  25. Tron Legacy: It's not a bad movie. It's nice to look at but there's like no real substance to it. Captain America: The Winter Soldier: Still probably one of the best Marvel Movies if not the best. Labyrinth: Always a fun movie. Films: 43 MST3K/Rifftrax Assisted: 2
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