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  1. That was an excellent cap to a terrific season. Hell, I would be happy if this is where the show ended. They even baked in an in-continuity reason for the USS Discovery, spore drive, Section 31, and even Michael to never be spoken of in the TOS / TNG eras of Star Trek.
  2. Commando is fun as fuck, but I love the overall "be excellent to each other" message of B&T. So it gets the nod.
  3. Captain Marvel: Second viewing, this time with Shana. Some of the problem I had with the first viewing worked themselves out, but seeing it through Shana's eyes was interesting. She pointed out narrative problems I didn't quite see, and it made me realize there's a longer version of this movie out there. It seems like 15-20 minutes were cut from scenes with the Kree.
  4. Locke: Tom Hardy plays a man whose life has been turned upside down, and he's doing everything he can to set it right. But he's stuck in a car for 90, real-time minutes and can only do so much. Also: Hardy is the only actor we see on screen from start to finish. And he's fucking brilliant. The subtle shifts in personality and tone as he talks to various people on the phone, as well as Hardy's ability to show Locke's every-changing mental state, demonstrate his pure talent. Sit down. Turn the lights off. And allow yourself to be absorbed into a 90-minute sliver of this man's life.
  5. That blows. Similar situation some years ago, but it was the ambulance fee that knocked me about.
  6. Dead Man Logan #6: Just randomly gave it a shot. Solid book. Glob and (Old Man) Logan's goodbye is heartbreaking.
  7. The mid-credit sequence maybe. The end credit sequel is just a gag.
  8. Some rando on Facebook was complaining about Kofi's win, specifically that he "has no chest" and that he's "never drawn a dime." I'm like, do you see all of the kids in the audience in New Day merch? Don't tell me The New Day doesn't put asses in seats.
  9. She was a major crush of mine as a kid. The thong scene helped.
  10. Shazam!: A fun movie that realizes it's a comic book movie.
  11. Enjoyed it well enough, especially when the filmmakers leaned into the sillier aspects of comic book superheroes. However, one thing is a major plot hole:
  12. The Velveteen Dream / Matt Riddle match had some of the best storytelling I've seen in a long time, and their eventual rematch is going to have a lot to live up to.