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  1. It's very possible we will be covering that material at some point. I can't speak with any authority on this, but I think the idea is that the first 13 episodes will be weekly (covering the 12 issues and the movie), and then if we do Before Watchmen, The Button, and Doomsday Clock the show would take a less-regular schedule.
  2. Tom on Star Trek's repeated use of actors in different roles:
  3. That some awesome use of Star Trek continuity right there. Also: Post of the Day!
  4. The "A-E-DUB" chants during the finish were a clear marker WWE is in a "change or die" situation.
  5. We might have to talk about that.
  6. Indeed. The best tweet on this topic was from Tom Campbell.
  7. I've seen some people, including Lance Storm, say that we wouldn't treat a nine-second MMA match with this much hatred, but that's missing the whole damn point. When an MMA fight is over and done in the blink of an eye, that's because someone legit got hit with a quick lucky shot. Wrestling, though, we all know is a work; we're there to see a storyline unfold in the ring. And what story can we take away from the nine-second trouncing of Kofi? "Fuck you" is the story. "Fuck you for supporting him. Fuck you for thinking his reign meant anything. Fuck you for being him. Fuck you for thinking anyone but Brock Lesnar can be a WWE champion." It not only disrespects Kofi, the championship, and his opponents, but also the fans. This was a tone-deaf decision that I'm somewhat hoping hurts them next week in the ratings.
  8. Great point. Across two PPV matches, Randy Orton spent a combined 35 minutes fighting Kofi for that belt. Brock, nine seconds. Who does that actively help? Not to fantasy book the ending, but Kofi should have rattled Brock with one stiff Trouble in Paradise, sending him out of the ring. The crowd gets hot. Maybe Kofi has a chance. Then an exceptionally pissed off Brock stands up, bounds into the ring, hints an F5, the pin, and we're done. Yeah, the match is still less than two minutes, but at least in that scenario Kofi and the Trouble in Paradise look strong because they enraged The Beast. It makes Brock look like he didn't take Kofi seriously. But the way it happened made Kofi look the one who went in with an "I got this" attitude.
  9. Barring lightning striking Brock on the way to the ring or New Day piling on him, Brock was always going to win. I think most people accepted that going in. But man they did not need to kill Kofi in under 10 seconds. Not only does it devalue Kofi, it devalues the belt.
  10. I really want to like AEW's product, but something's keeping me at arm's length. And I hate to say it, I think it's Jericho. He was barely main event level throughout his WWE tenure, and his slightly sober Axl Rose act does nothing to endear himself to my sensibilities. Cody, Luchasaurus, and Dustin will get my time, but as long as Jericho and his crappy back elbow dominate the main event, I don't think the title scene will do much for me.
  11. Adam Cole v Matt Riddle for the NXT Championship will open tonight's broadcast. How will AEW open their debut show? I'd go with Kenny Omega / The Young Bucks v Chris Jericho / LAX.
  12. Very fun show, guys. Best Sidekick Robin: This might surprise most people, but I'm going to put Tim Drake above all other sidekicks. Even Dick Grayson. While the original Boy Wonder forever changed superhero comic books, through Tim Drake the Batman creative teams matured the role and proved that Robin could be just as capable as Batman. He had his own life outside of Batman, and is even acknowledged as being better than Batman in certain areas. Dick is great (🧐) but a lot of his time as Robin was spent in silly pre-Crisis adventures. Jason is the edgy dead one, and didn't become his own man until after his resurrection as Red Hood. Tim is Robin, and his partnership with Batman is some of the best Batman & Robin you'll ever read. Worst Henchmen All of the Nameless Goons in Batman '66: Though they could sometimes get the best of The Dynamic Duo, these chuckleheads have zero character, rarely (if ever) have names, and their win-loss record is pathetic. Best Henchmen Triple H's DX: To be more specific, I'm speaking of The New Age Outlaws and X-Pac. Chyna was more of a sidekick, so I'm leaving her out. These guys were amazing characters in their own right, but also loyal to the cause / team. They could go off and do their own things, but would always come back when needed. Combined, they have 11 championship reigns, including lengthy stints with belts. The New Age Outlaws had four 100-plus day runs with the tag belts, and X-Pac had the European belt for 120 straight days. These guys were tough individually but together they got shit done. Hell, even after Triple H shifted away from DX, the NAO and X-Pac kinda loosely stuck together.