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  1. If I may ask, how did you discover the podcast?
  2. Oh wow! Thank you for the kind words and for joining the forums to share your thoughts. As you read through the issues, please continue to let us know your thoughts on Watchmen issue-by-issue.
  3. When this run is finished, I'm going to have to read it straight through and possibly cover it on The Show. This thing needs to be dissected.
  4. Thanks for the kind words about 12 Minutes to Midnight. I've yet to watch the TV show, though I do believe Dan is watching it.
  5. Batman #82: Bruce and Selina fight Bane. That's it. Does Bruce know about Alfred? If so, when did he learn what Bane did to him?
  6. A handful of wrestlers are posting videos noting they're safe. Cesaro, for instance, posted a video saying he (and I would assume others) have landed in Ireland.
  7. Also, I am genuinely worried about what's happening to those workers. While Humberto Carrillo has recently posted pictures of himself in his hotel room in Riyadh, Rusev posted this two hours ago:
  8. I would not at all be surprised if a big truck of cash was backed up to John Cena or The Undertaker's house as soon as this shit started hitting the fan.
  9. On Voyager, I fully agree. On DS9, though aesthetically they're butts, I see their value.
  10. I can almost head-canon it, too. Prior to her command of the USS Voyager, Captain Janeway was a science officer -- which always had me assuming Voyager was a scientific vessel. (Granted, all Starfleet are science vessels, but some more so than others.) With that in mind, I can see a science crew donning the more workmanlike outfits worn by the Deep Space Nine crew. They're not going to be out there greeting diplomats; they're out there getting there hands dirty, literally. So the mostly black outfits make sense.
  11. ComicBookDB is shutting down in mid-December. This is hugely disappointing news, as the site was an invaluable tool.
  12. Hell yeah! Nightmares 3-5 had some great posters.