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  1. Due to it being on constant rotation on local TV, I have seen this movie dozens upon dozens of times. It never gets old.
  2. Now that Dark Phoenix has capped off the Fox-led X-Men franchise*, I'd like to cover all 12 movies on The Show. Who would like to join me? *I don't think we'll ever see New Mutants. And if it does come out, then we add one more to the list.
  3. Hyped! Though I am confused: is this a sequel to King's novel or to Kubrick's movie? From the trailer it seems the latter, but press material seems to indicate the former.
  4. Skims through Immortal Hulk #19... what the hell?!
  5. There looked to be some pretty unsafe moves too. Specifically, the Tombstone and Jackhammer had both guys landing on their heads.
  6. Did Goldberg KO himself? I skimmed the match, so all I saw was that Taker won and Goldberg was busted open. Goldberg also tweeted disappointment in the match. What happened?
  7. That is fucked. I wonder if Warner Bros. will seek litigation.
  8. That's a rather mixed bag, indeed!
  9. Agreed. Lee would dominate the mid-card main roster. Hell, let him feud with Joe for the US belt.
  10. That Keith Lee / Kona Reeves match was an awesome fast-paced big-man brawl. Though Reeves lost, Lee put his ass over hard!
  11. Mere days after its premier episode aired, Swamp Thing has been cancelled.
  12. Has anybody read The Walking Dead #192? I skimmed it and the events therein might get me to give it another try.