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  1. The Master

    Random wrestling thoughts

    Is Kassius Ohno really leaving NXT / WWE, or is this a storyline?
  2. The Master

    Every Film You've Watched in 2019

    Which would you say is the best?
  3. The Master

    Every Film You've Watched in 2019

    Good Will Hunting: Robin Williams is at his best here, and absolutely deserved the Oscar he won for Best Supporting Actor. He instantly disappears into the role of Sean. His rage is barely kept in check, and his depression is honest and never played for laughs. Once or twice he's able to turn on the manic Robin Williams-ness, but otherwise he's a world-weary widower without self-direction. The rest of the movie, though, I wasn't really digging this time around. It often seemed choppy and uneven. But, the scene where Chuckie tells Will how he feels about Will's gifts was a great moment.
  4. The Master

    Every Film You've Watched in 2019

    The Matrix: Twenty years later and this holds up amazingly well. Yeah, some things don't make sense if you look too hard, but The Wachowskis layered this film with so much subtext. Forget the Alice in Wonderland stuff that's pointed out; what they're saying about humanity, the world, and even themselves is brilliant. And they did it all in an ultra-stylish, revolutionary movie that netted ~$400 million. Star Trek (2009): I adore this movie. It's a loving recreation of what's come before, and goes out of its goddamn way to respect every iteration of previous Star Trek series and movies. It would have been so easy to make this a hard reboot, but they crafted their tale around an idea that bridged realities just to make sure nothing from the past was erased. The cast is perfect, especially Pine. He is idea people have of Kirk (sexed up) mixed with the actual bookworm he was in TOS. He's brilliant, yet using fighting, drinking, and sex to make up for the loss he feels in life. So good!
  5. The Master

    Star Trek: Discovery

    YAY! They brought back to life! But the method they used was magical pixie dust. They try to science it up, but it was magic. While I'm okay with it this one time, I truly hope Discovery doesn't use the spores like TOS and TNG used the transporters as magical Get Out of Jail Free cards.
  6. The Master

    Random movie and tv thoughts

    Regarding the famous Cypher plot hole in The Matrix. It can be resolved. During the opening of The Matrix, we hear Trinity and Cypher talking. When Cypher answers the phone, he sounds surprised. Worried even. Like he's been caught doing something. He says, "You weren't supposed to relive me." To which Trinity replies, "I felt like taking a shift." This means Trinity is the one who plugged Cypher into the system -- into the Matrix -- and was monitoring his vitals on the Nebuchadnezzar. And she interrupted his session. What I think happened here is, this is when Cypher and Agent Smith made their little deal over dinner and a drink. The supposed plot hole scene is actually a flashback to this opening minute. While either on a mission or getting some R&R, Cypher made a detour to sell out Morpheus. As Trinity notes in the opening, they're being bugged. Trinity: "Are you sure this line is clean." Cypher: "Of course I'm sure." But he's lying. The police and Agents find her quickly. Too quickly. Because Cypher just got done selling them out. Over steak and a drink. He also gives this away in an earlier line. To Trinity, Cypher says, "We're gonna kill him. You understand that?" It's a Freudian slip. The "we" he's referring to are not Morpheus and his crew hurting a newb. The "we" are the Agents and himself (for having played a part in it). I truly think this is what happened. It's not clear in the movie, because there are no markers that it is a flashback, but I'm going with it from now on.
  7. The Master

    Every Film You've Watched in 2019

    No I have not. Is there a streaming service where I can do so?
  8. The Master

    Every Film You've Watched in 2019

    The Birdcage: I needed a Robin Williams fix, so I fired this one up on Netflix. Holy shit this is even more problematic than I remembered. While there are some wonderful performances buried in here -- such as Armand telling Val he's worked too hard to toss himself back into the closet, and Albert's "you both hate me" moment -- this movie is filled to the brim with racism, Antisemitism, and of course homophobia. It's 1996, so they weren't going to truly address real issues pertaining to homosexual families and the LGBTQ+ community, but in some ways they made matters worse. And Val has to be one of the worst characters of all time. I honestly don't know if I'll ever come back to The Birdcage.
  9. The Master

    Random movie and tv thoughts

    Do yourself a favor and binge Russian Doll on Netflix right now. At eight 25-minute episodes, it's a quick watch.
  10. The Master

    Every Film You've Watched in 2019

    Midnight Run: This movie is so damn good, and it holds up unbelievably well. The dialogue between Jack and Jonathan is perfectly crafted and delivered. You can tell some scenes are ad libbed, too. And it really shows how funny De Niro is. If you haven't seen Midnight Run, do yourself a favor and block out two hours for it.
  11. The Master

    Every Film You've Watched in 2019

    Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer: Oof! This movie is all over the place. Up to and including the wedding, everyone looks tired and bored. The middle bit, up to capturing the Surfer, is just boring. Then it finally picks up for the last 15-ish minutes. I will say, it's good to see Reed actually have a character this time around, and Johnny's fear of change comes through well. But Ben is sidelined and given no story, and Sue is like the story: all over the place. For that I do not blame Alba. She can only do so much with what they gave her.
  12. The Master

    Captain Marvel

    The official Captain Marvel movie website is perfect!