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  1. The Master

    The Tomlinson Awards 2018

    Actor: Keanu Review: Street Fighter Worst Movie: N/A Feedback: [I'll listen back] Jingle: [can you remind us what they were] 2019: Andy Serkis
  2. The Master

    SPOILERS: Elsewords

    Forgot to mention that I cannot get enough of bad guy Cisco.
  3. The Master

    SPOILERS: Elsewords

    The Supergirl episode was easily the best of the three, and did a tidy job of wrapping things up -- which, as noted above, I was worried about. Kara's speech to Alex was the emotional highlight, just beating out Ollie's to The Monitor. Tyler Hoechlin played a brilliant evil Superman, and his normal Superman is absolutely perfect. Was this crossover the first appearance of Elizabeth Tulloch as Lois Lane? She totally gets that character. Ollie is definitely going to take Barry and Kara's place as the big deaths in COIE next year.
  4. The Master

    SPOILERS: Elsewords

    The more I've had time to process Arrow, I'm left wondering how they're going to wrap up the story in the single remaining episode. Also, neither villain has been established. Maybe the Monitor a little, but we really don't know anything about these two.
  5. The Master

    SPOILERS: Elsewords

    Hopefully that wasn't the last appearance of John Wesley Shipp's Flash.
  6. The Master

    SPOILERS: Elsewords

    This was okay. The Batwoman stuff was fun, the costume was amazing, and she and Supergirl played well together. Overall, though, I'm not invested in the Arrow characters, so it didn't land as well as it might for fans of the show. Question: When they were hit with the fear toxin, why did Ollie see Thawne and Barry see Merlyn? They haven't lived the opposite lives; they've been body-swapped. So Ollie's fears shouldn't be Barry's and vice versa. Also, @Donomark noticed something super cool! But I won't spoil his revelation.
  7. The Master


    Just give me two hours of this, please!
  8. The Master

    SPOILERS: Elsewords

    The Smallville theme was an epic cock-tease! And yeah, that was absolutely the farm.
  9. The Master

    The Doctor Who thread

    It's official. Series 12 will not air until 2020.
  10. The Master

    Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

    Bearing in mind I have not seen the Sam Raimi movies in over a decade, I would put it right at the top. Just before the climax, there's a powerful scene between Miles and his dad. It's better than any Peter / Uncle Ben scene to date. And that helps push it way up there in my estimation.
  11. The Master

    Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

    Not only was this super fun, it's exceptionally emotional. And avoid spoilers, because there is a major part of the movie the marketing team did a great job keeping secret.
  12. The Master

    Everything Marvel

    That's true. And depending on the placement of the scene in the movie, they can only guess about Spider-Man having died.
  13. The Master

    Everything Marvel

    Oh shit! If you look at the screens Banner is watching, it's confirmed that
  14. The Master

    Random wrestling thoughts

    The Dynamite Kid passed away.
  15. The Master

    Everything Marvel

    Oooh! He would be good. I quite liked him.