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  1. Every comic you've read in 2017

    Doomsday Clock #1: Wasn't sure what to expect going in, but I rather enjoyed this. Comics: 480 Manga: 2
  2. Mike's list of crazy ideas

    Here's one I've been sitting on for years: Susan is the second incarnation of the boy who eventually became The Master / Missy. We know The Doctor and The Master grew up together, and that when The Master was a young boy he went mad upon looking into the Untempered Schism. I like to think over the years The Doctor watched in horror as his best friend's insanity grew worse and worse with age. At some point the young Master committed a crime so heinous, the High Council ordered him executed. The Doctor would not stand for this; as far as he saw it, it was their archaic system that caused the mess to begin with. In an effort to hide his friend from the High Council, The Doctor triggered The Master's very first regeneration. Thanks to a stroke of luck, The Master de-aged into a teenage girl. The Doctor used her post-regeneration confusion to convince her she was his granddaughter named Susan and that she had given the TARDIS its name. (He might have even given her a Chameleon Arch.) They then fled Gallifrey for Earth, leading directly into An Unearthly Child and their adventures with Susan and Barbara. After The Doctor abandoned her on the Dalek hellscape that was 22nd century Earth, she began to remember her true self. (Maybe she opened the Chameleon Arch.) Memories slipped through. Her true self returned. Feeling betrayed by and enraged at The Doctor, she vowed revenge for the years of lies and for being left behind. With each passing day, her anger grew and her madness returned. Then, one day, she regenerated for the second time, this time into The War Chief The Master we all know: Roger Delgado! I'm not even joking when I say this has been my headcanon for maybe five years now.
  3. The leisurely comic discussion thread

    Well damn that's fine!
  4. In-universe conspiracy theories

    And he created Bizarro to throw people off the scent. If he openly created a failed Superman clone, no one would suspect he's the mastermind behind the creation of Superman.
  5. In-universe conspiracy theories

    Oh shit! Those are wild!
  6. In-universe conspiracy theories

    Until Wolverine joined the X-Men (with the shifting timeline, it would have been no sooner than 2007), there would have been urban legends about the forever-living feral man dating back to at least the first World War. Considering how often Magneto has fought alongside the X-Men, one could make the in-universe claim he and Xavier have been in cahoots from day one. Guy 1: I'm telling you, man, there is no mutant war. Guy 2: What are you talking about? Guy 1: You know Magneto, right? Guy 2: I know of him. Guy 1: He was a bad guy, then a good guy, then bad, good, bad, and good again I think. Guy 2: So? Guy 1: So? He's a terrorist, or so we're told. Guy 2: Fuck off with that "or so we're told" stuff. Dude's killed, like, thousands of people. Guy 1: Or so we're told. Guy 2: Oh fuck off. Guy 1: Hear me out. Guy 2: Do I have a choice. Guy 1: Shut up. Look, Magneto shows up with this "Brotherhood of Evil Mutants." (Who calls themselves evil?) So, like, his guys and the X-Men fight for years. Then Xavier goes away or whatever, and suddenly this so-called "evil" mutant is running the show. This happens a few times, right? Guy 2: Yeah. Guy 1: So, like, that's the point. Xavier and Magneto have always planned this out. It's a morality play to get humans on their side. Guy 2: ... that literally makes zero sense. Guy 1: If the world's biggest terrorist (who used to lead a team with "evil" in its name) can come to the side of the angels -- if he can see Xavier's path of peace and coexistence is the right one -- then humans will eventually follow. Guy 2: What about all of the people Magneto's killed? Guy 1: False flags, brother. False fucking flags.
  7. In-universe conspiracy theories

    You could even do an allegory about climate change with the Galactus death cult. The cultists (climate change deniers) say, "This happens all of the time. Look at the other planets he's devoured." While Reed is like, "Yeah, but, I can push back on him. We can stop this from happening." Speaking of death: the average comic book citizen must have strong opinions about returning from the grave. It must be thought that those who come back are clones or androids or different people in the same costumes, because why do only those living in the costumed world get a return ticket? In the DC Universe, Heaven and angels are a proven fact, but there must be those who claim said angels are actually from another reality or they're higher level aliens. Mutants come from something the government puts in the water. The big one for me is reality-merging and altering. Over in his current crop of books, Bendis has a few background characters openly talking about the recent combining of the Marvel and Ultimate universes. Chatter like this would grow on the Internet, leading to people coming out with stories about how they're younger, their wife is a different person, no one else remembers the noisy neighbor who's now gone. Someone might even have the only remaining picture of Peter Parker revealing himself to be Spider-Man during Civil War. There have to be enough clues laying around the Marvel and DC universes to make people believe what we already know about their worlds: reality changes all of the time, and the world governments are hiding it.
  8. Episode 1000 suggestion thread

    Two more suggestions: The movies, comics, TV shows, games, etc. that hooked us into the genres / mediums we now love. The things that made us say, "I want more of that, please." Using the 2005 idea as a launching pad: Things that were released in the last 12 years that have yet to be covered on The Show.
  9. There's a funny gag in Captain America #695 where some dude goes on this conspiracy theory rant about the froze-in-ice story being BS; he calls anyone who believes it "icers." So that got me thinking: what in-universe conspiracy theories would exist in any comic book universe?
  10. Every comic you've read in 2017

    Hawkeye #12: Saw everybody talking about it on Twitter, so I thought I'd give it a-go. Yeah, this was a really fun one-off issue. While it does tie into events -- past and future -- Kelly Thompson does a superb job catching new readers up, hooking them in to stay around, and making sure the issue stands on its own. Very fine balancing act, indeed. Michael Walsh also does a fine job balancing the action, talking heads, and comedy beats. There are two double-page spreads, in particular, that grabbed my eye. One is all talk but keeps each character in motion, while the other is an action sequence that flows beautifully thanks to the placement of word balloons. If you see the issue, give it a chance. Comics: 479 Manga: 2
  11. Randomness

    Long story short: This morning my boss was compiling WiFi stats to give to the organizers of an event that's been taking place in our building this week. In so doing, he noted a fair amount of pornography being transmitted over our network. He asked me to investigate. A few minutes later I had some interesting data about the user's habits, which I can trace back over a 30-day period: This is clearly an employee. He spends a lot of time on dating apps. He spends some time on lingerie sites. He also likes live cam sites. Also: He favors one adult site in particular. In those 30 days, he's consumed at least 17 GB of videos from that site alone. Thus totaling at least 23 hours of adult videos while on the clock. Moral of the story: Don't watch porn at work. (Or, if you do, add the videos to your phone at home, like you would songs and ebooks, this way the network cannot pick them up.)
  12. Marvel Comics Discussion Thread

    Hello, left field. How are you today? Wow! I mean, CB has played a major role in bringing fresh talent to Marvel, so it makes sense but never did I expect it.
  13. Every comic you've read in 2017

    Doctor Strange #381: Oh man, this is so damn good! Comics: 478 Manga: 2
  14. Thor: Ragnarok

    Some more Strange / Loki interactions would have been nice, but I'm thinking we'll see those in Avengers 3 and 4.