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  1. Wow. Orton's a spoiled punk. Always has been.
  2. The Master


    It took me ~25 years to appreciate olives on pizza. Especially green olives. Now I love it, but I absolutely understand the hate.
  3. Which match was that, and what was the blown spot?
  4. Considering the ending of Kingston / Orton, along with the kendo stick beating Orton took, this feud is lasting until Hell in a Cell, yeah?
  5. Ah, I was coming in here to talk about that very thing. He's insistent on retiring Brock and Goldberg. So now I'm thinking they're going to have Riddle constantly mock / call out Goldberg across various platforms (Twitter, streams, NXT), all while Goldberg ignores him. This will tick off Riddle, who'll go after Goldberg (maybe in the Rumble), setting up their WrestleMania match. It could turn Riddle heel, but he's partway there with his cocky attitude.
  6. A History of Violence Eastern Promises Psycho (1998) or The Road
  7. Do The New Day / WWE still acknowledge the Freebird Rule?
  8. Ah yes! Good point. And please, please, please give Keith Lee the NXT Championship within 18 months. I'm a massive mark for big men who can move like men half their size.
  9. My one and only SummerSlam prediction: Matt Riddle will interfere in the Goldberg / Ziggler match, costing Goldberg the victory. This will help Ziggler, be Riddle's call-up, turn him heel, and setup a match between Riddle and Goldberg at WrestleMania 36.
  10. Since it's been hinted that Brandon Routh will be playing Old Man (Kingdom Come?) Superman, I so deeply hope Kevin Conroy and Routh's Batman and Superman are from the same universe.
  11. Giant-Size X-Men #1: My first time reading this classic tale. It was alright. My main takeaways are: Thunderbird and Sunfire are assholes. Banshee is a delight.
  12. If I recall, it was during the Extermination event.
  13. Is anyone reading House of X and Powers of X? There was months of hype leading up to the relaunch, yet I'm seeing very little chatter about it. I've only read HOX and found it underwhelming.
  14. Sandman #1-8: As I wrote to Dan, this series is finally clicking with me. The sixth issue, "24 Hours," is not only one of the best horror stories I've read, one could strip out all of the Sandman / DCU elements and adapt it into one hell of a movie.