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  1. Thank you for the very kind words, Franklin! And I'm glad you enjoyed the episode. James and I have been talking about a new segment for some time now, but no promises on the when.
  2. Will pointed out to me that it's PG-13, not R, so Disney+ is indeed an option.
  3. Guess what? AGAIN! Disney has rejigged their entire schedule due to COVID-19, and New Mutants has been completely pulled from the calendar. As someone pointed out on Twitter, it's doubtful it will ever make it to Disney+ because there are no R-rated movies on the service. So that means we're looking at 2021, a Hulu drop, a re-edited version to get to PG-13 for Disney+, or nothing.
  4. That had me in stitches.
  5. Sort of. During the scene where she and Clark are chained up, Lois admits to sleeping with a coworker because she was young and not thinking straight.
  6. I gotta go with Bill and Ted, mostly because there's a lull in NOTLD that always pulls me out. Still a classic, though.
  7. Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn): This is exactly what I needed tonight. It's like "What if Quentin Tarantino and James Gunn had a baby and it made a diamond heist set in a the cocaine-fueled Suicide Squad Universe?" Cathy Yan's directorial style and tone are precisely the shot in the arm the DCEU needs. Even though this has a lot of F-Bombs and "Did they really just do that?" violence, there's absolutely no reason it cannot exist in the same universe as Wonder Woman and Shazam. Everyone is spot-on to who the movie asks them to be. No, they are not the exact representations of Cassandra, Huntress, and Canary, but they are in this universe, and that's what matters. I'll be revisiting this many times.
  8. HA! Hadn't thought about that. It wasn't meant as a shot. Just something about the flow of it reminded me of the original Saw to some degree.
  9. I find I'm liking the lack of an audience for some of the promos. Edge from last week, Orton from last night, and Cena from two weeks ago (?) were much more real to me. The wrestling aspect is very odd though.
  10. Oddly, I didn't know Leigh Whannell directed it until the credits came up. That said, during the hospital fight scene I thought, "This looks like Upgrade," and as the final scene played I thought, "Something about this dialog reminds me of Saw." So that all makes sense now.
  11. The Invisible Man (2020): This is fucking good! The direction, specifically, is solid. There are some shots that are purposely off just a little in an attempt to make you wonder if anyone else is in the room with Cecilia. Cannot recommend this enough.
  12. I can't grow long hair. (HA HA! Bald joke.) My hair is naturally extremely curly, so when it gets long, it gets puffy. Example: For a good number of years as a kid I had a rat-tail (because it was the 80s and early 90s) that went down to my butt. However, you would never know it because it curled up so tightly it only looked an inch long.
  13. Very true. Magnets solved everything in the beginning of the Silver Age.