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  1. I am beyond indifferent to the news. Sara Pichelli, who co-created Miles Morales, is awesome, but even her top-tier work won't drive me to this project.
  2. Marvel just announced a new five-issue Spider-Man miniseries written by JJ Abrams and his son, Henry, with art by Sara Pichelli. All that's known thus far is that it will feature a new villain.
  3. Started reading Superman: Year One #1, in which Clark saves Lana from a gang rape. Nope. Done. Out. Don't need Frank Miller's shit in my life, and whoever approved that at DC can rightly fuck off, too.
  4. Due to it being on constant rotation on local TV, I have seen this movie dozens upon dozens of times. It never gets old.
  5. Now that Dark Phoenix has capped off the Fox-led X-Men franchise*, I'd like to cover all 12 movies on The Show. Who would like to join me? *I don't think we'll ever see New Mutants. And if it does come out, then we add one more to the list.
  6. Hyped! Though I am confused: is this a sequel to King's novel or to Kubrick's movie? From the trailer it seems the latter, but press material seems to indicate the former.
  7. Skims through Immortal Hulk #19... what the hell?!
  8. He's the kid from Iron Man 3.
  9. There looked to be some pretty unsafe moves too. Specifically, the Tombstone and Jackhammer had both guys landing on their heads.
  10. Did Goldberg KO himself? I skimmed the match, so all I saw was that Taker won and Goldberg was busted open. Goldberg also tweeted disappointment in the match. What happened?
  11. That is fucked. I wonder if Warner Bros. will seek litigation.
  12. That's a rather mixed bag, indeed!
  13. Agreed. Lee would dominate the mid-card main roster. Hell, let him feud with Joe for the US belt.
  14. That Keith Lee / Kona Reeves match was an awesome fast-paced big-man brawl. Though Reeves lost, Lee put his ass over hard!
  15. Mere days after its premier episode aired, Swamp Thing has been cancelled.
  16. Has anybody read The Walking Dead #192? I skimmed it and the events therein might get me to give it another try.
  17. Which ones would you put above Jason X?
  18. What did you feel about the use of The Other F-Word? Basically this is a question for your show. How do we handle slurs, sexism, and other less-than-savory things in otherwise classic (or cult) movies?
  19. The Goonies is an odd one for. As expected, it was an often-watched film in my youth. Then when I was around Pandy's age, I watched it for the first time in five to seven years, and found the kids to be annoying, the script was awful, the editing was choppy, and the direction lacked the joy it was seeking. Since then I've watched it once more, and was able to take away some fun from the experience. All that's to say, it still holds a warm place in my childhood memories -- it was seen in the theater after all -- but I doubt I'll ever watch it again as an adult. Growing up, I initially ignored Pauly Shore -- his movies weren't on my radar -- then I began to hate his act. The thing is, I don't know if that was me disliking his shtick, or me going along with society's perceived wisdom that his 15 minutes were up. Jump ahead to circa 2015 when Shana and I watched Son in Law. Turns out, this was the first* Pauly Shore movie I had seen all the way through. And I think I recall liking it to some extent. Though I might have been high or had some beer in me. *Bio-Dome was always on somewhere, so I'm sure I've seen the whole thing but not in order or willingly. Good catch, Pandy. There's been no sponsorship on The Show since the start of the year.
  20. Oh my word! The Icebreaker trailer is trying so hard to be a Jerry Bruckheimer trailer. Specifically I'm thinking of The Rock.
  21. Good Time: After a successful bank robbery, brothers Connie (Robert Pattinson) and Nick (Benny Safdie) attempt to flee the city. Unfortunately, the developmentally disabled Nick is caught and sent to jail. Connie then spends the next 24 hours attempting to free his brother -- first legally, then not so much. The first 40 minutes are an absolutely intense, edge-of-your-seat experience. Robert Pattinson's portrayal of Connie is that of a man whose barely keeping it together, and you can see the edges fraying with every passing moment. There's a quiet rage to his eyes and body language. He's clearly tired of life -- or, at least, the life he's been dealt. Daniel Lopatin's score is an inspired John Carpenter-influenced piece that builds to a breaking point. Absolutely brilliant work. Once the movie passes the 40-minute mark, however, it comes apart at the seams. Connie finds himself in one nonsensical downward spiral after another. To cover his tracks he commits sexual assault on a minor, frames an innocent man, and is complicit in an accidental death. Though we understand his need to free his brother from the city and jail, he becomes an absolutely unlikable character by the end. This is no fault of Pattinson, though; he's doing his best with the work. Connie's character development suffers once the co-directors decide to alter the movie from a sort-of urban Of Mice and Men to a cops-and-robbers movie. Watch the opening 40 minutes, but feel free to stop it once Connie pushes the wheelchair off the shuttle bus.