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  1. Next year, how about showcasing two or three actors who were mega-famous in a particular era / decade, then faded from lead roles. (Maybe they still act, but they're not the star they once were.) For example: Alicia Silverstone: The Crush, Clueless, The Babysitter Macaulay Culkin: Uncle Buck, Home Alone, My Girl or maybe Ri¢hie Ri¢h Cameron Diaz: The Mask, A Life Less Ordinary, There's Something About Mary
  2. The Top 10 iconic Arnold Schwarzenegger roles: The Terminator (evil) John Matrix Dutch Ben Richards Julius Benedict Kimble The Terminator (good) Jack Slater Harry Tasker Mr. Freeze
  3. I've been meaning to reread it for a few years now, but the fear of it not holding up has held me back. Think I might dive back in soon thanks to your post.
  4. Yeah, there's no joy of being Spider-Man in this, which could be a turnoff for people. It's a realistic look at a man who cannot control his life because he puts his job ahead of family.
  5. The Master

    DC reboot

    There is so much going on there.
  6. Spider-Man: Life Story #1-6: An interesting take on Spider-Man, and the Marvel Universe, that I would like to see applied elsewhere. This series explores a reality in which Marvel does not have a sliding timeline, in which Peter Parker was bitten in 1962 and aged throughout the years. We see familiar beats -- clones, secret and civil wars, symbiotes -- but the results are vastly different. For instance, by the time the superhero civil war hits in 2006, Peter is a 60-year-old retiree living with his adult children far away from New York City. By taking what we know and turning it on its head, Chip Zdarsky is able to play to and subvert expectations at the same time. For this most part, it's a smooth, satisfying read that jumps decades at a time. Near the end, the pace picks up a little too much; it felt like Zdarsky was racing towards the ending. But that does not impact the overall enjoyment of the story, and the series ends on a bittersweet note. From his run in the 1990s to his career-defining Ultimate Spider-Man pencils, Mark Bagley's legacy will always be tied to Spider-Man. So he was the only choice to illustrate this series. While one could argue that each issue should have had art consistent with the decade -- John Romita for the 1960s, Ross Andru for the 1970s, Ron Frenz for the 1980s, Todd McFarlane for the 1990s, Mark Bagley for the 2000s, Sara Pichelli for the 2010s -- it makes more sense to present one artistic vision from first to last. And Bagley does just that. His characters age with grace and consistency; his 72-year-old Peter Parker is very much the 19-year-old Peter Parker all grown up. As a complete package, Spider-Man: Life Story is a solid read, and it's great to see Marvel offer what's tantamount to a long-form What If? story.
  7. Even though I am not a huge fan of that era, I have always wondered what happened to Ace. Who's awesome! Glad to see some closure, even in a Blu-ray ad.
  8. Bad Boys III should not be called Bad Boys for Life. It breaks all of the silly sequel naming conventions.
  9. It is soooooooo OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SOOOOOOOOOOO gonna go crazy!
  10. Fucking Jericho lost the AEW title belt. Literally. It's being reported that it was stolen from his limo while he was eating.
  11. Very fun episode, guys, and a great way to play with the Flickchart Forum format. If we're telling our Rocky Horror Picture Show stories, I'll add mine: I was 10 or 11, and my mom took me to see the movie Halloween night. It was eye opening at the very least. Since then I've seen it three or four times, but never the stage show. One day I hope to rectify that.
  12. I'm gonna quote this, and strongly suggest he's a 2020 featured actor: Star Trek: Nemesis Bronson Locke (a must-see)
  13. The idea that Omega passed out made him look strong in my mind, so I'm not sure what the live crowd was so up in arms about. It also looked like they blew the planned ending. (With JR covering when he mentioned how sweaty they were.)
  14. Why did it looks like people nearly rioted over the Kenny Omega / PAC finish?
  15. Normally I understand why you choose to leave out comic-based material, but in this case you might be limiting yourself to what you can cover. Her resume is not that deep. In The Long Weekend she plays a corpse, and she's barely in The Hurt Locker. That leaves her MCU output, the Hobbit movies, and Afterwards, Real Steel, and Little Evil.
  16. I have another call: the young woman is John's daughter.
  17. Still no mention of John. And the way Sarah reacts to this terminator ("When this is all over, I am going to kill you") makes me think it accomplished its mission to kill John.
  18. Marvel is ending Star Wars in November with #75.