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  1. Oh that sounds cool! I'll have to check them out.
  2. I've been playing Hitman 2 for at least a month. What I love about this game is that, at its core, it's a puzzle game. Yeah, it's a puzzle game in which you take out bad people, but the fact that it can be played any way the gamer sees fit -- and that it's actively asking you to do so -- creates the potential for infinite fun. Sometime I go in looking for the Silent Assassin achievement, while other times I go full T-800 in the police station.
  3. Update 9 has been posted, because GoDaddy are asshats.
  4. First image of Javicia Leslie in her Batwoman mask and wig.
  5. The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Aldis Hodge is in talks to play Hawkman in Black Adam. I will be over the moon if this comes to pass. He was excellent in The Invisible Man.
  6. HA! I was so tempted to suggest this, but I had a feeling there would be a hard pass. I'm giving it a lot of thought. Revisiting Smith's movies could make for some interesting content. I flip-flop on her in this movie all the time. The last time I watched Chasing Amy, I very much came away hating her acting here. This time it was the opposite. Not sure why it changes with each viewing.
  7. The thing with Chasing Amy, which I watched last night almost as a dare after seeing the question posed, is unlike Clerks II where Smith is taking the piss for 75% of the movie, he's trying really hard to be SERIOUS~! in Chasing Amy. Despite working in the same universe as Clerks and Mallrats, Smith is attempting to mature as a filmmaker -- and maybe bring his audience with him. Yet everything about it is wrong. From top to bottom it is not the story he should have been telling, not in the way he told it at least. Smith is trying here, and he's touching on topics that we're still struggli
  8. Aww! I was looking forward to watching John Cena comically dying.
  9. Having not watched a full season of The Flash since the first, how much longer life does it have? Will it go past its forthcoming seventh?
  10. The original Clerks is cynical in that "we're 20-something and know everything," jaded, mid-90s, GenX way. Making it somewhat relatable, even now. Clerks II, however, is mean as fuck. Holy hell I did not remember how completely terrible Randal is in the sequel. From the moment he first interacts with Elias, he's a brutish bully of mammoth proportions. When he was 22 and fucking with customers, his workplace behavior could -- not should, but could -- be written off by an audience of the same age as "sticking it to the man." Here, though, he's 33 and straight-up attempting to destroy everyt
  11. According to Melissa Benoist's Instagram, the next season of Supergirl will be its last. Thanks to Donovan for posting this on Twitter. I wonder if she'll make cameos in the Superman & Lois.
  12. Clerks hit home media in 1995, and I saw it right away thanks to a friend. We were both 17 at the time. He was Randal and I was Dante in so many ways. He worked odd jobs to make money, never caring if he got fired. I had been at Arby's for about a year at that point, and had frequent on-again / off-again relationships with two women in particular. Both of whom were awful for me, and me for them. So Clerks felt so real. So honest. Even though the characters were five years older than me at the time, living lives I had yet to get to, I could see future reflections of them in us. In that way, Smi
  13. Rewatched Clerks for the first time in a long while. Man is this an artifact of mid-90s GenX life. Whiners, slackers, sexual experimentation, and a shocking amount of "casual" homophobia. Despite the clunky dialogue and early days Kevin Smith directing, it holds up as a tale of a young man who can't get his shit together. My takeaway, though, is who's the real protagonist? Dante is trying to rekindle an old relationship while slut-shaming his current girlfriend, Randal is an asshole, and Caitlin is stringing two men along. Veronica is the only one who comes close to being the real protago
  14. I keep meaning to grab that. The pages that have been posted on Twitter look and read wonderfully.
  15. At the moment, I'm reading Grant Morrison's New X-Men run. If I finish it, it will be the first time I've read it all the way through. That doesn't matter, though. What does, is that I cannot stand Morrison's writing. Not his plotting or storytelling, mind. That's fine. It's his dialog. It's clunky and always seems like panels are missing. For example, from X-Men #114: Panel 2: Wolverine: Couldn't wait to get out of that bald head, could you, Slim? Cyclops: What? Are you insinuating something? Wolverine: I don't insinuate; I call it like I see it. Panel 3: Cyclops: And exactl
  16. Bringing Kang into Ant-Man 3 risks making him the butt of jokes, thus kneecapping him before he can get out of the gate, but I trust they can pull it off. My hope is that he somehow rids The Avengers of the ability to time travel. So that from now on their actions have consequences that cannot be undone with a trip through time. If anything, Kang will just have a minor cameo a la Thanos in The Avengers. Making him the (or a) main villain in an Ant-Man movie seems too small a role for him.
  17. The dojo being banned makes sense if The Karate Kid Part III is considered to be part of continuity. In that movie, the owner of the Cobra Kai franchise was legit trying to murder Daniel, and his students threatened to rape his female friend. If news of that reached the governing body, a perma-ban makes sense. The grudge against Johnny, however, not so much. At the end of the first movie, Johnny seemingly makes up with Daniel. So Daniel needs to get over himself.
  18. Rigg was so powerful in GOT, and her performance in OHMSS makes the ending that much more of a kick to the gut. RIP
  19. Isn't it?! Have you made it all the way through?
  20. Season three of Discovery will introduce two new characters: Adira (Blu del Barrio) and Gray (Ian Alexander), a non-binary character and a transgender character, respectively. Even better, del Barrio is non-binary and Alexander is transgender. Bravo to the creative team and casting!
  21. Guardians of the Galaxy #6: Read the issue because I saw a spoiler on Twitter that intrigued me. (More in a moment on that.) The creative team does an excellent job demonstrating the PTSD the cosmic characters -- Richard Rider's Nova in this case -- suffer. With war after war after war, and more deaths than anyone can count, Rider is spent. He's done. But he cannot stop. The entire creative team comes together to truly sell the idea that Richard is shattered inside but is compelled to keep going. Now, for the spoiler: