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  1. As I plan for the future of The Show, I'm mapping out weeklong events. Here are some of the ones I have planned: GI Joe Week: 24 - 30 June This was supposed to align with not only the 30th anniversary of the 1980s toy line and comic books, but also the release of GI Joe: Retaliation. Of course, the movie has been delayed 'til 2013, but that will not stop the shows I have planned. I grew up with those toys, comics, and cartoons, so I very much intend to celebrate said anniversary. The Amazing Spider-Man Week: 01 - 07 July Timed for the release of the new movie, in these episodes I'll cover the first 15 issues of The Amazing Spider-Man, along with Amazing Fantasy #15 and The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1. This might not happen, however, because it directly follows GI Joe Week and, well, producing 14 shows over 14 days will not be easy. Avengers Week: 23 - 29 September Supposedly, The Avengers DVD will be released on 25 September. If that's the case, I'll use each day to cover an Avengers tie-in movie and some of the comic books the characters first appeared in. Scott Pilgrim Week: 24 - 30 August 2014 Yes, I'm planning that far ahead! The first volume was released in August 2004, so this will celebrate the 10th anniversary of that. I'll discuss all six volumes and then the movie. Terminator Week: 26 October - 01 November 2012 That will be the 30th anniversary of the original Terminator movie, so I'll look at all of the movies, a few episodes of the TV show, and a special treat. Okay, so those are my current plans. What weeklong (RE: seven-day) events would you like to see on The Show? If at all possible, I'd like for them to line up with anniversaries or big release dates, but that doesn't always have to be the case.
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    Use this thread to post random pictures and thoughts.
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    Detective Pikachu

    It's real! It's real! It's freaking real!
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    Weeklong events on The Show

    Though an exact date has yet to be announced, DC Comics has revealed that Detective Comics #1000 will be released in March 2019. Let's try to coincide this week with the release of that book. Think that's doable?
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    Favorite alternate costumes

    While every character has a signature look, some of their alternate costumes resonate more so than other. That said, what alternate costumes do you prefer? Me, I adore Silver Centurion Iron Man, brown-and-tan Wolverine, and black-suit Spider-Man. But I also like white-business suit Moon Knight, Wolverine's X-Force uniform, Daredevil's armored look from the 90s, the Brett Booth Spider-Man costume from the Backlash / Spider-Man crossover, and Flash Thompson's military Venom.
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    Episode 58: Jean-Claude Van Damme

    1. Yup. 2. Probably?
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    Random wrestling thoughts

    The Dakota Kai / Taynara Conti was solid. Wasn't sure what to expect from either, and I came away enjoying both.
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    Random wrestling thoughts

    I scrubbed through parts of Crown Jewel, and oh my god, three of the men in the main event cannot walk. Kane, Taker, and HBK looked like hobbled old men as they made their way to the ring. It was sad.
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    Random wrestling thoughts

    Matt Riddle transitioning a test of strength into a surfboard (I think I have the wrong move) then into an armbar was fucking amazing.
  10. Agreed. While I am a mark for the New Age Outlaws (Billy Gunn specifically), looking back they became popular thanks to Road Dogg's entrance and Hunter needing lackeys for his version of DX. This isn't meant to knock the team or guys as individuals; they deserved their championship reigns and were entertaining for a spell, but their shtick got familiar after a while and I'm not sure they would be as fondly remembered had the tag division been mega-hot at the time.
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    Everything DC

    Rumor is Ewan McGregor will play Black Mask in Birds of Prey.
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    Weeklong events on The Show

    What about a Death of Superman Week in 2019? Day 1: Death of Superman Day 2: Funeral for a Friend Day 3: Reign of the Supermen Day 4: The Death of Superman (2018 animated) Day 5: Reign of the Supermen (2019 animated) Day 6: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Day 7: Justice League I imagine Man of Steel would be covered at some point beforehand, just so it wasn't left out of the Superman DCEU reviews. And with 2019 being the 80th anniversary of Batman, we could do a Knightfall Week. Day 1: Prelude Day 2: Knightfall, part 1 Day 3: Knightfall, part 2 Day 4: Knightquest: The Crusade, part 1 Day 5: Knightquest: The Crusade, part 2 Day 6: Knightquest: The Search Day 7: KnightsEnd (includes Aftermath issues)
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    The All-Purpose Flickchart thread

  14. Semper Guy killed me!
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    Episode 1028

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    The Flickchart Forum - join in!

    I'd suggest Superman as well. If you count Superman and the Mole Men there are quite a bit: Superman and the Mole Men Superman Superman II Superman III Superman IV: The Quest for Peace Superman Returns Man of Steel Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice And possibly Supergirl and Justice League.
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    The Doctor Who thread

    Four episodes in and we've had a historical and a science-based episode. That's two episodes in a row without an alien. This is classic-era Who through a modern lens, and it is wonderful.
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    Erasing the Past, Embracing the Past

    Thanks, Will!
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    The Flickchart Forum - join in!

    What about a list of the gimmicks of Chris Jericho?
  20. It's like we've known each other for 15 years.
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    Random wrestling thoughts

    That is amazing visual storytelling.
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    Random wrestling thoughts

    The Ricochet / Dunne match from September 19 was amazing. Did they have a rematch after that?
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    Suggest future actors for the HAA! spotlight

    Rick Moranis Strange Brew Little Shop of Horrors Honey, I Shrunk the Kids