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    Thats all I get, too.
  2. This looks cool and will be the first comic I have bought in years. There so many what ifs here. Does he have to drag himself to his own legs and wouldn't that gaping wound be healed by the time he got to them. Gruesome yet awesome.
  3. Digital Snitsky actually looks better than real Snitsky.
  4. That's okay. As I said before, I'd rather Dave have a worry- / Oratory-free honeymoon. I agree with Yoda but I do miss the Oratory. I'm amazed at how little I'm on the net since the forums have been down.
  5. I enjoyed RAW. The show was well put togeather and capped off with an amazing main event. Trish did the best she could with Torrie but the fact is that Torrie will never be a decent wrestler. The WWE seriously needs to bring in women who can actually wrestle. I actually can't wait for Lita to be cleared to wrestle from her knee injury earlier this year, a Lita/Trish feud could be interesting now that Lita is getting booed and Trish is getting cheared. The main event was awesome and the only thing that would have made it better is if they would have made it a ten man tag by adding Shelton and Kerwin. All in all a great show. I give it a 8.
  6. Does anyone know how long Spinner will on his honeymoon?
  7. Well it really wasn't a standstill with Dooku. Dooku actually ran off while Yoda was trying to save Obi wan and Anakin.
  8. I think the suit is more of a life support system and therefore a hindurance and not an advantage. I think that Vader would be tougher in this fight just because he realizes his own limitations and will therefore be alot more careful but in the end I think Kenobi would find a way in and kill him. Now if vader had never gotten the burns and been put in his suit then I think that a older Vader would be able to beat Obi wan.
  9. Well in Episode 2 Dooku defeated Anakin twice. The first time he knocked him back with Force lightning and probably could have killed him if Obi wan hadn't saved him and the second time was when he got his arm chopped off but Yada saved both Obi wan and Anakin. Honestly I don't think that Obi could match Dookus powers or knowledge of the force but I do think he could come close to matching up with him in a one on one battle. I could see Obi wan winning if he battled Dooku with as much raw emotion that he battled Anakin with but if Dooku had even the tiniest way of getting the advantage then Dooku wins. To close to call.
  10. Has anyone else seen this new Batman series? I watched it last night and the artwork looks pretty badass. The Joker looks alot more psychotic than he has in other Batman cartoons. Does anyone know whos is behind this cartoon?
  11. Ilove this cartoon. I'll definately get it if it comes out on DVD. Just got done watching the beast within and thought that it kicked ass (I got alot of Beastboy and Raven love) Heres a question What are those metal slippers that Robin wears on his feet? I mean do they serve a purpose.
  12. Daredevil versus the Creeper from Jeepers Creeper. It would the man with no fear taking on the thing that feeds on fear.
  13. I haven't watched it in awhile but from what I saw it looks like a cool little show. Yeah that scotish bounty hunter owned all. I like how there is no black outlines used around the characters. I think doing away with the lack outlines is something more animaters should do.
  14. Fueled by his blind rage at the man who killed Jubilee, Wolverine continues to come at Krueger. Freddy is amazed at how much punishment this man can take and starts to try a less direct method of killing him. As Wolverine charges at Freddy the room suddenly changes to a deserted graveyard and Wolverine hesitates to take in the new surroundings. " I aint afraid of no boneyard, Bub. Now come get yer medicin...." Wolverine sudenly stops as he sees that Jubilee is standing in front of him. Shes naked and bloody. She asks him how he could let this happen, he was supposed to protect her and he let her down. His claws slowly retract intop his hands as he stands there, unable to move. What is unknown to Wolverine and even Freddy at this time is that while fighting Freddy in his dream Wolverine had started to sleepwalk and blindly slash at objects around the room. Now confronted by Jubilee, Wolverine stands in the middle of his room just as he is in his dream. Back in the dream world Jubilee walks toward Wolverine. She continues to ask him why he let her down as five long knives slowly come out of the end of her fingers. Meanwhile behind Wolverine a grave opens up to reveal a deep dark hole with water at the bottom. Wolverine still stands motionless when he feels wetness on his hands he looks down and realizes he has been crying this whole time. He looks up wanting to apologize to her but is met by the smiling face of Freddy. Regret quickly turns to rage but Freddy is to quick and slashes Wolverine, who stumbles back into the grave. As Wolverine trys to keep his balance, Freddy suddenly dives at Wolvie with the full intent of sealing him into the grave and drowning him. Freddy hits Wolverine in the chest and Wolverine grabs ahold of him as they both fall into the grave. Meanwhile back in his hotel room Wolverine falls backward towards the floor. As he hits the floor he lands on his bag and there is a loud breaking of glass. In the dream world Wolverine suddenly feels pain in his back and shoulders and starts to wake up just as he and Freddy hit the water. Wolverine opens his eyes and is now laying in his hotel room and since he had ahlod of Freddy, he is there as well. Wolverine is still holding onto the front of Freddys shirt with Freddy on top of him. As Freddy pulls back his claws to strike there is a loud SNKKKT in the room. Freddy looks down to see all of Wolvies claws are sticking right into his chest. Freddy looks up in shock as Wolverine kicks him straight back into the wall. Freddy stumbles to his feet to see Wolverine charging right at him. Unable to react in time Freddy is catches a three of wolverines claws right across his throat. Freddy falls in a heap across the floor. Emotionally and physically drained, Wolverine walks across the room and sits down next to his bag. Looking down he sees broken glass sticking up through the fabric. He opens the bag to see that what he had fallen on and ultimately woke him up was a framed picture of him and Jubilee. He gathers his things and heads home.
  15. I would love to see that one.