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  1. I have read the book (okay, listened to the audiobook) and yes, that scene is in the book and no, I don't think you could not have in the film without weakening Lisbeth's character (which is admittedly problematic to begin with) or downplaying the theme of misogyny (in fact, the book's original Swedish title is Män som hatar kvinnor -- "Men Who Hate Women"). I've not seen the movie for awhile (it's mostly good but paraphrases the plot of the book quite a bit; Michael is in jail for libel for a chunk of it) and I haven't seen many other Fincher films; however, one of those films was Se7en, so he does have precedent having horrific things happen to his films' leading female characters. That said, the scene in Girl is legitimately horrifying and if it had to be shown, it needed to be. The only thing that got me through it in the book and while re-watching the movie was the knowledge of what happened to him afterwards.
  2. Batman: Mask of the Phantasm: It’s Netflix now but don’t watch it there and especially not on a big screen. Whichever cut or version they used is grainy as hell.
  3. My first article on the site in eighteen months: This is one’s six months later but I hope to write more soon and finish this year’s edition on time.
  4. Which State/Province do you live in/come from? I was born in Evanston, Illinois, grew up in Princeton, New Jersey, and in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. What makes your state special/different to others? Philadelphia is the state’s biggest and oldest major city and it’s where leaders from thirteen of Britain’s North American colonies got together decided to leave the Empire in 1776. Eleven years later, many of these same leaders came back and invented the current system of government in the U.S. The state was founded the century before by a group of non-violent Christians called the Quakers and has been to other Christian minority sects, including the Amish (who reject most modern technology) and the nearly-extinct Shakers (who reject procreation; juicy stuff for Pandy’s students, I know). Philadelphia also had one of the continent’s first anti-slavery societies. Pittsburgh is the state’s other major city and it’s on its western side. It’s lovely but I don’t know much about it other that was the home of Scottish-born steel magnate Andrew Carnegie (the inspiration for Scrooge McDuck) and hometown of another famous Andrew, Andy Warhol. What local foods is your state known for? Cheesesteak hoagies — delicious but very unhealthy consisting of a baguette with steak strips and cheese (usually cheddar) between the buns along with onions, peppers, and other ingredients of choice. What special buildings do you have? Philadelphia has Independence Hall, where the traitors met and schemed. It also has one of the finest art museums in the world—the Philadelphia Museum of Art—and the Academy of Natural Sciences, the first museum in the world to exhibit a mounted dinosaur skeleton. The city also has huge statue of a fat man who flew kites in thunderstorms and which harbors a vital clue to a secret national treasure hoarded and hidden by the Free Masons....
  5. Speaking of tainted favorites:
  6. You Know Who

    RIP Ian Holm
  7. We didn’t have time to go over all of our honorable mentions for hero teams since Donovan had to dash. Here are mine: -The command crew of Deep Space Nine (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) -Scoops Troop (Stranger Things) -The Aang Gang (Avatar: The Last Airbender) -Sandford PD (Hot Fuzz) -Dumbledore’s Army (Harry Potter) -The Fellowship of the Ring (The Lord of the Rings) I enjoy the Avengers movies and the Teen Titans cartoon but didn’t include them since I’m not as familiar with their comic book lore as I am with the X-Men or the Justice League’s.
  8. The Elongated Man has been fired.
  9. Spartacus. They recast the role because the actor who played the titular character died and the new guy (who went on to play the Weather Wizard in the Flash show) held the role for two more seasons.
  10. Oh yeah. The pilot and second episode are fourth and fifth for some reason. Aaron actually gave me a list of them in the proper order earlier today:
  11. Hello, my name is Christian, and I’m addicted to DuckTales (the new version).
  12. The Witches and Ever After. The latter is the best version of Cinderella period and features her as the stepmother, as well as Richard fucking O’Brien.