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  1. He died today at the age of 79. I’m more familiar with him as a voice actor than his live action work but he played my favorite character on DS9 (albeit from a pretty crowded field).
  2. Bridemaids and Ghostbusters. I'm tempted to say The Martian or Walk Hard but in each she's part of a large ensemble and each film would probably be better for episodes devoted to their respective main stars (Matt Damon and John C. Reilly).
  3. Great episode gents! This was the first and only Mummy movie I saw in cinemas fresh off learning about Two contextless notes: -Cleopatra (Cleopatra VII, to be precise) actually wasn't a native Egyptian; her family, the Ptolemies, were from Macedonia (having came down to Egypt with Alexander the Great and ruling the country after he died) and they were almost certainly Caucasian (not to mention super-inbred and mostly horrible). That's not a defense of Rachel Weisz being cast as an Egyptian, though, and Queen Nefertiti (who was a native Egyptian) wouldn't have been white. -We do have foxes in the United States. My parents live in New Jersey and they occasionally see them outside their house.
  4. He even has and is implied to have had a .
  5. Either Mr Holmes or Gods and Monsters and Scandal.
  6. Excellent episode guys! I’ll definitely give the series a read based on your review. Incidentally, I love that whenever Dan imitates idiots, he puts on a Frank Oz voice.
  7. I’ll add Jennifer Lopez to that list, in part because she’s making a comeback.
  8. You’ll probably want to disown him by time you sit down to record.
  9. Anyone else here watch The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance? I binged it last week and would love to review the original film and the pilot for an episode of The Show (ideally someone who grew up with the film or saw it at a young age).
  10. Yes. Particularly the second-to-last sentence in the first paragraph.
  11. Anyone who hasn’t needs to see both series of Derry Girls RIGHT NOW. That said, you may subtitles for the Northern Irish accents and you should know that craic (pronounced “crack”) means fun time with friends.