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    Bond 25

    Danny Boyle is scripting and possibly directing Bond 25.
  2. Netflix is releasing one. My brain says “Wait and see”, but my heart is screaming “NOOOOOOOO! NOT AGAIN!”
  3. You Know Who

    Episode 56: Salma Hayek

    Gérard Depardieu, right?
  4. You Know Who

    Weird Dreams

    Had a dream last night that my neck was cut open by the huge vertical cut in front. I tried to seal it with Scotch tap. Even here, that didn’t work.
  5. I occasionally contribute paleontology-related articles to HubPages. Most (though not all) of all these are about dinosaurs, since I know more about them than any other living or extinct group of organisms. My goal with these is to present dinosaurs and other aspects of paleontology in a manner that is interesting and accessible to laypeople (especially adult readers), but doesn't oversimplify or dumb things down. Any guideline I do my best to follow is to write articles that have no equivalent on Wikipedia (e.g. one all about T. rex or the woolly mammoth). All my articles (or Hubs) can be found at Feedback and even suggestions for future articles would be most welcome.
  6. You Know Who

    Christian's paleontology articles on HubPages

    It’s not a hoax since the fossils of Dracorex are real, while the Piltdown man consisted of skull fragments belonging to a medieval human and an orangutan buried together and made to look older by chemicals (which fittingly probably helped kill the forger). The scientists who named Dracorex thought it was a separate genus (think Homo in Homo sapiens) but most experts now think that it was a juvenile Pachycephalosaurus. Same goes for Stygimoloch, whose fossils may represent a teenage Pachycephalosaurus.
  7. You Know Who

    Every Film You've Watched in 2018

    O, the weekend after next is going to be so fun...
  8. You Know Who

    Black Panther

    UND der Rote Schädel und Doktor Zola...
  9. You Know Who

    Picard CBS Access show

    I find their lack of faith in Discovery disturbing.
  10. You Know Who

    Help Influence Episode 57!

    And I thought I was being cruel for suggesting The Mummy...
  11. You Know Who

    Episode 55: Rutger Hauer

    One of the narration-less ones.
  12. You Know Who

    Everything DC

    That’s a lovely phrase.
  13. You Know Who

    Episode 55: Rutger Hauer

    So far I’ve only seen Blade Runner once. I remember the direction and Hauer being wonderful but the actual story to be lacking. Now based on your review of it, I NEED to rewatch it soon.
  14. You Know Who

    Help Influence Episode 57!

    Top Gun, Mission: Impossible no. 1, and The Mummy (2017 version) He's good in Magnolia but I'd argue it's too much of an ensemble to be used for any one actor.
  15. You Know Who

    Christian's paleontology articles on HubPages

    Good question. Depends on the size of your moat and how many enemies/incompetent henchmen/random people or animals you’re willing to feed to them. To save moat space and food money, I’d suggest going with Sarcosuchus, Deinosuchus, or Purussaurus. All of them were crocodiles (or crocodile relatives) approaching 40 feet long, all had bone-crushing jaws, and, being ectothermic (cold-blooded), you wouldn’t need to give them as much as food to keep them healthy (though might need a big heat lamp like the ones used in reptile houses). Titanoboa would also work for most of these reasons but would take much longer to digest its prey.
  16. You Know Who

    Every Film You've Watched in 2018

    Agreed on all counts. I was gonna write a review of it last month but didn't get to see it till long after everyone else would have done. I'd say it's probably the third-best Jurassic film thus far but that's not a high bar to reach.
  17. You Know Who

    Every Film You've Watched in 2018

    Sorry to Bother You: The thematic successor to Get Out. A bit long but otherwise an outstanding directorial debut and disarming in the best kind of way. Won't say no more.
  18. You Know Who

    Everything DC

    The Dark Knight came out 10 years ago today. Holy pencil trick, Batman!
  19. You Know Who

    What are you watching and enjoying?

    Mainlined the first season of Spartacus over the weekend based on the recommendation of four different people from two independent sources, those being Dave & Lizbeth on The Happy Place and Peter & Harry on Questions We Don't Have Answers. Overall, a very pleasant surprise. Thanks everybody! It starts very much as Spartacus done in the style of The 300 but quickly establishes its own voice and takes a hard emotional turn mid-season. I can't stress enough that it's gory -- often to a fault -- but the characterization, story, and performances are more than good enough to make up for the occasional cartoonishness of it. If I were rate this TABHAL style, I'd say John Hannah's the MVP, though major props to Lucy Lawless and Peter Mensah as well. It also has a large number of people that were eventually cast in DC adaptations, including one Deathstroke (Arrow), one al Ghal (Nyssa, also from Arrow), and two Captain Boomerangs (Arrow and Suicide Squad). Also, listen to the aforementioned podcasts.
  20. You Know Who

    Help Influence Episode 56!

    Beatriz for Dinner, as they both said.
  21. You Know Who

    Episode 154

    Are you guys doing anything for your 10th anniversary this year? (If yes, don’t tell us what)
  22. You Know Who

    Every Film You've Watched in 2018

    Probably not. I saw it with my mother and she liked it more than I did (though neither of us loved it). I think Coen Bros films just tend to be divisive. They'd certainly be a good topic for your new segment.
  23. You Know Who

    Weird Dreams

    I had a dream the other night where I saw/experienced the events of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, which turned to involve Mackenzie Crook and Toby Jones chasing a baby raptor through a giant old university or museum in Dublin/London/some dreary European city in winter for two hours. It featured Crook and Jones because I've been doing a rewatch of Detectorists lately and since Jones is going to be in the next movie. For some reason, the raptor had bat wings but never flew and neither did the only other dinosaur in the dream (picture this one but pink with bat wings). Overall it was a strange mix being bizarre and dull and gave me a spark of optimism for Fallen Kingdom, which I don't expect to be good but which can't be worse than the dream I had about it.