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  1. Ok ya got me. I did it all for shits and giggles and they are all aliases to me real name, age, and email, I got those handles randomly from schlubs at other forums I frequent . I am a geek and do listen to the podcasts, but after I was hypocritically banned for being "immature", I thought I would come back to prove a point. No hard feelings (on my side @ least), you guys are smart enough to see through a new handle/IP address. Now that I got ya steamed I will leave and (really) won't return.
  2. Uhh, maybe cause he's a villian? I wouldn't mind him being a boss though
  3. Blaqualad? POTD? Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but Wally's Kid Flash logo was basically a red version of the Jay Garrick flash lightning bolt, and isn't Bart's basically just the normal flash suit with inverted colors?
  4. Less than 55 minutes into the day, I think you nailed post of the day:bowdown;
  5. Honestly, I hope not. 1.) I'm still pretty convinced that's Wally, not Bart. 2.) I have a hard time wanting anymore character development for Tim, considering what happens to him. I don't think it's in continuity either, and I agree with you on the hair color, but Tim and Connor make me think it's Bart.
  6. Black_Adam


    I didn't see this when I posted the Batman/Flash and Booster Gold/Blue Beetle stuff. :footinmouth:
  7. Looks decent enough, I'll be watching it for Tim, Connor, and Bart.
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    Eh, I didn't really know where to post it. I also find it kind of humorous that someone would make a cover titled UA2, when there has never been a DC Universe Ultimate Alliance numero uno.
  9. I wouldn't mind sidekicks in any form. But if I'm right in thinking the plot is No Man's Land, and each mobster gets a sector of Gotham, so could every member of the Bat-Family.
  10. I think we did it in 7th grade, but she is a sophomore. I remember when I learned that, we were talking about how a chromosome is made up of chromotids held together by a centeromere (sp?). We also talked about haploids and diploids and now I am remembering my high school years. They sucked.