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  1. Blaqualad? POTD? Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but Wally's Kid Flash logo was basically a red version of the Jay Garrick flash lightning bolt, and isn't Bart's basically just the normal flash suit with inverted colors?
  2. Less than 55 minutes into the day, I think you nailed post of the day:bowdown;
  3. Honestly, I hope not. 1.) I'm still pretty convinced that's Wally, not Bart. 2.) I have a hard time wanting anymore character development for Tim, considering what happens to him. I don't think it's in continuity either, and I agree with you on the hair color, but Tim and Connor make me think it's Bart.
  4. I didn't see this when I posted the Batman/Flash and Booster Gold/Blue Beetle stuff. :footinmouth:
  5. Looks decent enough, I'll be watching it for Tim, Connor, and Bart.
  6. Eh, I didn't really know where to post it. I also find it kind of humorous that someone would make a cover titled UA2, when there has never been a DC Universe Ultimate Alliance numero uno.
  7. I think we did it in 7th grade, but she is a sophomore. I remember when I learned that, we were talking about how a chromosome is made up of chromotids held together by a centeromere (sp?). We also talked about haploids and diploids and now I am remembering my high school years. They sucked.
  8. My 16 year old sister Liz called my cell phone when I was at work today (I work at my local corner store, not a grocery store, but more like a gas station convenience store, without the gas station) , I haven't talked to her since I was home for the Easter holiday. It turns out, she needed me to explain the stages of mitosis to her for a quiz she would have the next class. After racking my brain back to high school biology, she hung up without even saying thank you, or sorry for bothering you at work.
  9. Over the past week I have listened to the entire runs of Bigger on the Inside, and just finished with Mike and Niki make a Podcast. I've been jumping around with World's Finest and E-2 the Show, but they are all awesome. In other news, my dog is trying to eat leftover pizza, so I will stop typing and stop him.