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  1. I'll go ahead and ask.... why does he have little crossbow bolts, but no visable crossbow?
  2. I'm kind of hoping that the Andy Serkis rumors end up being true...
  3. Sean D.

    Ultimate Cable

    My main problems with this storyline are mostly (Spoilers follow) The fact that this Cable is not Scott and Jean/Madyline's son, (at least leaving the writers the option of killing Jean off in this continuity without having the need of Sinister as the brilliant geneticist to make a clone so Scott can have a child) Instead, they turn him into another Wolverine. We have Wolverine already.... hell, in the Ultimate Universe Sabertooth comes out and says that he is considered the "Poor Man's Wolverine" basicly saying that he is in fact, Wolverine v2.0. (not to mention the fact that he also revealed that he is Logan's son in this universe) So now we have a third version of Wolverine in Cable. Enough already! I get it. Wolverine is a very widly loved charcter. He is my personal favorite X-man, but please.... don't turn this into the Wolverine Show.
  4. Sean D.

    Ultimate Cable

    I know I don't post a whole ton around here.... but after reading Ultimate X-men 75, I just have to ask what you guys think of the new spin they have put on Cable. I, for one, think this was a drasticly stupid idea
  5. Must.... Buy .... Comic....
  6. Tactics owns every other FF game around 1) Tactics (ps1) 2) 3/6(jp) 3) 2/4(jp) 4) IX 5) VII 999,999,999,999,998) Tactics Advanced 999,999,999,999,999) Mystic Quest yes i hate Tactics Advanced THAT much
  7. i absolutely loved X-men when it came out... deffinatly going to grab Rise of Apocolypse as soon as i come home
  8. i am voting for Johnny here. like it said in the Intro... Sue's powers are tied to her emotions and her mental clarity. I highly doubt that she would be able to keep a clear mind while she is fighting her own brother. plus, let us not count out the torch's abilitys here too. Sure he may not be able to blast what he can't see... but he sure as hell can blast everything else. eventually he would get her. Sue will probably win this...
  9. the guy is out trying to make more money... i can't fault him for that. i say keep the Star Wars goodness coming
  10. "Put down the knives" "I cant" more stuff like that and it will be fine
  11. i have a questions, because i missed a few things because i had to get up during the episode, and haven't been able to see the episode again on tv recently. In the episode where it's Raven's birthday... how the hell did Slade come back, and how did the episode end... i completely missed it
  12. GTA looks like a possibilty. The adaptation of Vice city from a few decades ago seems to have done fairly well Screw Pac-man... i want frogger
  13. Did we ever confirm the return of patrick stewart?
  14. Yoda....but it is very very close. Obi-wan spends way too much time singing anyway....oh wait, you mean limit our knowledge to the STAR WARS movies... sorry