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  1. I gotta say, when I heard your idea that Wally should have been the star of Flashpoint, and that the event should have been the return of Barry and the 'passing back' of the torch, I was, like, 'Oh, yes.' Between Barry's return and Flashpoint, Wally spent a lot of time with nothing to do. And Barry's return was in the (to me) incomprehensible Final Crisis, with the explanation of 'He ran so fast before he died that he's alive now'. Or something. If Flashpoint had been the transition, both of these could have been avoided.
  2. Hmm, just some quick thoughts: DC Agent Chase Batwoman (Kate Kane version) Marvel Deadpool Spider-Girl (Mayday Parker version)
  3. Aheh. I do come across as something of a nerd in my E-mail this week, don't I? Sorry. Worry not, I'm not usually 'that person' when it comes to the sci of sci-fi. Just that this one (as well as being noted in DWM forever ago as well), was...hmm...a twelve-science pile-up? A clusterscience? (PS: Thanks for being some of the few people to pronounce my name right. )
  4. The original will be worth thousands to collectors now.
  5. As a bit of a language geek, I'm forced to agree (especially the 'Elton John' line). I've got the impression, though, that Peri's 'Americanity' was something that was also subject to interference. Nicola would apparently try to alter the occasional Britishism in her lines to something more American, but she'd be told to go with the original (she tried to persuade them that Peri would say 'cops' instead of 'policemen', and had to push for the American pronunciation of 'herbs'). Tegan actually had a lot of the same issue. Janet Fielding really is Australian, but doesn't sound much like Tegan in real life. They were playing to 'What we think Australians sound like' rather than 'What they actually do'.
  6. Indeed; I've listened to a few that way, including some of Mike's own output.
  7. Will the commentaries be offered in PAL- as well as NTSC-timed versions?
  8. Yeah, post-Crisis, she was pretty much part of the Bat-Family. Thanks - I hadn't thought of the 'unwanted' angle.
  9. ...does anyone out there know why/how Huntress was exempt from it? I'd always wondered - and she's appearing prominently well after the Embargo is in place.
  10. This might be the case. Though I think I have at least a softish spot for it because of some decent Stargirl action (granted, she is kind of a jerk here), and because I like GL's 'Morgan the Barbarian' line, even though it's not terribly funny or clever.
  11. cannot be observed and measured simultaneously.

  12. Also, she lives on Earth in the future at that point. Future Earthlings (sometimes) have records and knowledge of Cybermen, so she may have picked it up there.
  13. Agreed. Though like the podcast we're all here for, I wouldn't have a problem shunting Epilogue to the end. Terry has a memory-refreshing appearance earlier in JLU, and in some ways the episode works better if you haven't seen him in a while.
  14. I'm re-watching Clash, having just listened to its WFP episode. Y'all are right, this really isn't the Man of Steel's finest hour, is it? He's a right jerk all the way through.
  15. I have oddly fond memories of The Horns of Nimon...but I know it's a nostalgia for how and when I watched it, not the story itself. As for Shada, I agree that it was pieces of a brilliant story. (Fun fact: Did you know David Brierly only added the K-9 voice years later for the video release? They hadn't recorded it yet when production shut down.) I think I need to get the Big Finish version now to see what it's like with all its lines and scenes in. And 2|Entertain are up to something with it? That should be interesting...
  16. MissDaria

    Episode 01

    Can't wait to try it. I'd been hoping Earth-2 would make a 'cast on this.
  17. I normally suggest Spearhead or City of Death for a complete newbie. No essential previous viewing, straightforward-and-I-mean-that-in-the-good-way stories, good moments in each. Just enough humour in City without getting too silly. Also has that 'here's a writer you may have heard of' bonus. I think most of the Third Doctor UNIT stories are pretty good for drawing someone in, but by their format they really suggest a different show to what Doctor Who usually is. How tolerant is your friend of 'good ideas and script, I can live with poor visuals'?
  18. , in deference to her roots as both a technogeek and a theatrician, just fixed a computer peripheral with gaff tape.

  19. Goldeneye, Tomorrow Never Dies, The World is Not Enough, Die Another Day and Quantum of Solace. Yeah, Royale, of all the ones to miss...
  20. This special was great listening! Came just in time for me - I was just wondering about trying Trock again. I'm glad I did by listening to this. I'm off to iTunes now, where Chameleon Circuit can have some of my hard-earned.
  21. Great episode as ever. I'm sorry to see the end of FYEO, but can't wait to see what the Genuine British People do next. Incidentally, the band that provided that version of 'Nobody Does It Better' is called Me First And The Gimme Gimmes. Cover versions like that are pretty much their stock in trade. Though I don't recall offhand that they've done any other Bond themes.