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  1. El Camino: It's a good send-off for Breaking Bad fans. I doubt many other people would get much out of it, though. Films Watched: 38
  2. And this is where I'll plug Beyond Wrestling, which you can watch on IWTV.com every Thursday.
  3. I don’t watch New Japan, but everything I know about Suzuki is ‘that uncle that lets you drink his Jack Daniels at 16’, and I deeply respect that.
  4. It: Chapter Two: I pretty much agree with the consensus that this movie isn’t nearly as good as the first one. The biggest problems, in my mind, are thus: 1) the contrived Native American stuff. As a white trans woman in America, I’m not really the most qualified person on Native subjects, so take what I’m saying with some salt. But like, you could’ve cut out the Native part of the Ritual of Chüd, replaced it with ‘some weirdo New England cultists made it’ and bam, no vaguely offensive Native stuff. 2) this movie is somehow super rushed and also way too long. There’s a lot of really weird pacing issues that I don’t remember being in the first movie. Related, there’s waaaaayyyyy too many unnecessary flashbacks to the first one that should have been cut. 3) look, I love nods to source material, but there were A Lot of unnecessary nods. I liked King’s cameo, I liked the little allusion to The Turtle, and a few other things, but fuck, you really had to include Beep Beep, Richie out of context? And also have one of the last shots be a reference to The Stand? And granted, I love The Stand, but like. You don’t need to do this, guys, King fans are already in the theater. Anyway, I really wanted to like this movie more. Bill Hader and the guys who played Eddie and Mike were fantastic, and the three minutes that adult Stan was on screen were good. I also liked the nod to The Thing, which I wasn’t really expecting, but still liked. But yeah, don’t watch this unless you’re a King fan like me, you’re gonna be disappointed. Films Watched: 37
  5. Watched the Joe vs Cesaro match for King of the Ring. My only complaint is that it didn't go like ten minutes longer, because holy hell. Those guys can work, and deserve better than what WWE is making them do.
  6. This isn't the 1980s anymore, buddy, accusing shit of devil worship isn't cool anymore.
  7. Halloween (2018): It's still really awesome. If none of the other movies had been made, and it was just this one, I'd argue that this movie would've been even better, tbh. Films Watched: 36
  8. I'm still sticking by my original suggestion, yeah. Tom Hardy's definitely a strong enough actor to carry an episode.
  9. I completely forgot to send any feedback for this episode. Welp, guess I’ll get on fixing that.
  10. The Sixth Sense: been ages since I’ve seen this. It mostly holds up? I feel like it’s a bit ruined once you know the twist, though. Still, it’s a good movie. Films Watched: 35
  11. Session 9: It's definitely a better tone, mood and atmosphere piece than anything else, really. It's not very plot heavy, exactly, but it's fine, ultimately. Films Watched: 34
  12. Apocalypse Now: Watched the extended cut in the theater yesterday, after not seeing it for ages. Except for a bit where Willard visits a French plantation that drags ass, this movie does not feel as long as it actually is. I legitimately love this movie, despite it being one of the pinnacle 'cishet white fuckboy' movies, alongside Scarface, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill or any of those things. But man, this movie still holds up really well. Like, you could make this movie tomorrow, set it in the Middle East, and not have to change a goddamn thing. Also, it goes without saying, but fuck war, fuck America, and fuck the troops. And fuck cops, especially whatever dumbfuck cop you're related to. Films Watched: 33