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  1. Us: I was absolutely right, Jordan Peele is this generation's John Carpenter. Films Watched: 21
  2. Suspiria (2018): An utter masterpiece. It's one of those films where I'm totally fine with not knowing what's going on, if only because of how well it's made. Plus, well. The Mother Suspiriorum sequence in the ending. Films Watched: 20
  3. So I was thinking about doing an episode on the filmography of David Cronenberg.
  4. Honestly, I don't really think anyone thought that hard about it when they were writing that gag, tbh.
  5. Captain Marvel: I'm probably gonna be in a minority here, but this wasn't that great. Like, at all. Films Watched: 19
  6. I Don't Feel At Home In This World Anymore: This movie's fuckin killer, and I highly recommend seeking it out. Macon Blair is one hell of a director, and I hope that he continues making movies like this. Films Watched: 18
  7. Seriously? Arrow's gone eight seasons? Damn.
  8. Sorry to Bother You: It's not as amazing as everyone's said it is, but it's still really damn good, and I'm definitely showing up to Boots Riley's next movie. Films Watched: 17
  9. This is exactly the kind of movie DC needs.
  10. Willow: It's very good eighties cheese, and the kind of movie I'll doubtlessly be in the mood for on a rainy day in the future. Films Watched: 16
  11. Bad Times at the El Royale: This is an amazing movie that I wish I saw in the cinema. Films Watched: 15
  12. Is that a good holy shit or a bad one?
  13. Some clarification on my feedback: I don't know why I typed Sean Penn instead of Sean Bean, tbh. It's just an honest mistake I didn't catch until I heard Ian say it out loud on the episode. And per the 'multiple abuse allegations' thing: I googled if Sean Bean was some sort of sex monster, and thankfully, I don't believe anyone's said he is. However, he's still been accused by multiple exes that he's an abusive shithead, which is less good. Anyway, good episode, lads.
  14. Honestly, this looks better than it has any right to.