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  1. The Ring: The first American remake. It actually holds up super well, considering it's an American remake of a Japanese film. Films Watched: 52
  2. The Stepfather: It's. Fine? Terry O'Quinn is awesome in it, but other than that, it's okay. Films Watched: 51
  3. You Might Be The Killer: It's. Standard? It's basically a comedy horror movie with a very slight twist. But, hey, interesting. Films Watched: 50
  4. Mission Impossible: Fallout: It's another one of those, basically. But, hey, I liked it. Films Watched: 50
  5. John Wick 2: Not nearly as good as the first or third films, I feel. Films Watched: 49
  6. Trainspotting 2: It's pretty decent, tbh. Fairly accurately captures the energy from the first one, I feel. Films Watched: 48
  7. Here's some pretty good news: I'm currently living in a new apartment.
  8. From Beyond: I remember disliking this movie when I watched it ages ago, and I don't know why I did. With this rewatch, I've come to realize that no, actually, it's really good. Films Watched: 47
  9. Hell House III: The Lake of Fire: This series is absolutely idiotic and I completely love it. Films Watched: 46
  10. Hell House II: The Abbadon Hotel: This series somehow manages to get even wilder the further you get in. Films Watched: 45
  11. Doctor Sleep: Goddamn, that was fuckin good. Like, really, really good. Hell House LLC: Cheesy, but still fun. Films Watched: 44
  12. I'm seconding interest on at least some kind of coverage of the HBO show. Even if it's a one-off episode of TMTM, it'd still be interesting to see what you guys think.
  13. The Lighthouse: Hey, turns out, Robert Eggers is a good director, who fuckin knew? Films Watched: 42
  14. The Last Exorcism: I like this movie in spite of its ending, tbh. Films Watched: 41
  15. The Hills Have Eyes (2006): I definitely enjoy this a lot more than the Wes Craven version, tbh. I think it's mostly due to the fact that I find the protagonist family a bit more realistic, and the hill monsters to be way more, well, monstrous. Films Watche: 40