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  1. Apocalypse Now: Watched the extended cut in the theater yesterday, after not seeing it for ages. Except for a bit where Willard visits a French plantation that drags ass, this movie does not feel as long as it actually is. I legitimately love this movie, despite it being one of the pinnacle 'cishet white fuckboy' movies, alongside Scarface, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill or any of those things. But man, this movie still holds up really well. Like, you could make this movie tomorrow, set it in the Middle East, and not have to change a goddamn thing. Also, it goes without saying, but fuck war, fuck America, and fuck the troops. And fuck cops, especially whatever dumbfuck cop you're related to. Films Watched: 33
  2. The Endless: Watching this so soon after Resolution only adds to the experience, tbh. While you can technically watch this movie on its own, without the context of Resolution, I don't really recommend it. Films Watched: 32
  3. Hereditary: I don't think it's as good as Midsommar, but it's still really fuckin good. Films Watched: 31
  4. A History of Violence, The Road.
  5. Resolution: Still a really good watch, tbh. I highly advise you watch it before The Endless, still. Films Watched: 30
  6. John Wick 3: Nowhere near as good as the first one, but still really good. The worldbuilding is what really sold this movie for me, tbh. Films Watched: 29
  7. Midsommar: That was a fucking ride and a goddamn half. Films Watched: 28
  8. In The Heat Of The Night: It's been fucking ages since I've watched anything, goddamn. Anyway, this is fucking great. Films Watched: 27
  9. The Interview, V for Vendetta.
  10. I'd definitely love to cover Logan at some point, yeah.
  11. I haven't read it either, tbh. But either way: the film looks extremely good.
  12. As someone who's never read Dark Phoenix, I gotta ask: would it even be conducive to a film adaptation?
  13. I thought it was quite well established that Vince was an absolute nutcase?
  14. Hey Jack, I suggest you stop going down this road, you're not gonna look good at the end of it.
  15. I respect any filmmaker that can put chopped up television parts to his actors and still get reactions from them.