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  1. 50. Mike and Dan hate Adric. 51. The cancer punch is more powerful than the Falcon punch.
  2. 39. The Doctor's pockets are bigger on the inside.
  3. This. Ditto Eccleston is my favorite but I still loved Tennant
  4. With the week delay Rebel Flesh is not on the top charts
  5. #4 on itunes that's more like it fool
  6. My linkIf you like a little dumb fun online visit my channel people.
  7. yeah i'm a harry potter nut i can't wait to listen
  8. Thank goodness they fixed it with the delay, though, rebel flesh is number 10 on the tv show list the season started out so strong at number 1...
  9. If any else has had this problem please tell me. I depend on iTunes to watch my Doctor Who and I was starved Sunday.
  10. i don't feel the anger you feel Dan about the end of Day of the Moon i thought it was kind of funny that the doctor was pointing his screwdriver at the silents; i didn't think he actually killed any of them but Mike i agree about Curse of the Black Pearl... i mean spot that special effect was crap
  11. Metallo

    Episode 20

    Ian's song!!!
  12. Am I the only person who didn't like the Big Bang? Don't get me wrong, Pandorica Opens really built up the danger of the being in the Pandorica, but the last minute kind of destroyed all that tension. My favorite was the Lodger. It's a very fun episode, but the two part Angel episode was the best I thought.
  13. translating christian bale was gold
  14. the best of Ian's clip segments I couldn't stop laughing
  15. fantastic book series can't wait for movie
  16. The most unexpected team up in history!
  17. I don't know anything about the Green Hornet, but I really enjoyed the movie. I've never seen a movie theater where so many people are laughing and having fun. But, to each his own.
  18. It's all good Mike. Hope things get easier.
  19. horror of fang rock was awesome!!!