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    Episode 04

    Ian what can i say? "Historians are professional bullshitters?!" I have been a history teacher for over 20 years! The vagueness is great. The fact that opinion rules rather than the specifics of 1 + 1 = 2. So, thinking on it , we do it so well. great cast gents. Neil
  2. Hi just finished Batman begins and loved it. I will now ignore the DVDs piling up to watch and re-watch this film. Loved it. Thanks stansnig
  3. work for two moreweeks then its holiday!!!

  4. Hi my first the show podcast and it was great! A much ignored but great show. It was brilliant to share the memories, I remembered every "Oh Boy" moment stated and it was good yo hear the discussion. I found myslef joining in it was a great reminisce (is that a verb?) Thanks again I will listen again soon. stansnig (Neil Morgan in the UK)
  5. I have just finished listening to the last show. I relentlessly listened to nothing else only discovering the show in March I think. Loved the podcsats. The last one it was great to remember that Pat Roach was in the film. In the mid 90s I was a member of a gym (long since lapsed!) and one day in the gym I was in the weight room with non other that Pat Roach! Amazing. He was massive and tackled every machine with full weights on all. It was sad to hear of his death. Now I can return to other podcasts I have been neglecting. My friend might start talking to me again now that I'll start listening again to his 'cast Looking forward to Ian and Adham's next venture. stansnig LOL that a great band name. This is the first podcast I've listened to that has ended, and it's doubly sad as it's pretty much tied with Spider-Man Crawlspace as my favorite. I can always listen back to the previous eps as I tend to do anyway, but the excitement of new life in the show's history is now done and all great things must come to an end. Messers. Wilson and Fisher, I salute you