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  1. Hey Mike, Just bought both comic book adaptations of batman and batman returns. Both written by Dennis O Neil. Who tries his darndest to explain some things and make sense of the horrendous script treatment. The entire scene where mimes pop up to create a diversion for bob the goon to take pictures is changed. Oh sure,The joker still has those mimes but Vicki Vale is interviewed by GOTHAM ACTION NEWS and that is where the Joker spots her instead of in a photograph as in the original. Bob the Goon's line "She's datin' some guy named Wayne" is left in, but Bob delivers a note to Vale instead of her just going there. Cops are seen at the "festival". Jack Napier falls int the vat instead of Batman dropping him. I remember Mike said something about where he got the money to throw to citizens? Well, the adaptation shows a panel where someone shouts it's fake! prompting to the shot of a joker dollar. Vicki asks what is it that Batman is throwing at the joker to which he responds "It's what the media will label as a batarang." The police find Batman's costume on top of a passed out Alexander knox while Bruce runs away. Instead of Grissom calling the police, Alicia calls. the exchange between Batman and the thug goes like this: THUG: Who do you think you are? You don't own the night! BATMAN: I am the night. Bob the goon's role is shortened as Joker grabs the gun out of his hand and shoots him point blank. They still keep that "are we going to try to love each other" line. UGHH! The joy buzzer scene is cut. so is Batman fighting the goons in the alley. Batman is shown gassing Vicki Vale. The gun the joker fires at the Batwing has an exploding shell. What I'm basically trying to say is that Dennis O Neil made this movie bearable, but kept some dumb parts in.