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  1. I hear y'all on that, but I NEED to see the villains in action. They need to back up all the talk. Look at Azula, she made sure that people knew how much of a threat she is. Now, Luthor and Kingpin are great examples. If I could just see them train someone progressively throughout the series, that might help me get an idea of their true power. - Remember Slade from Teen Titans? He's a good example of hands-off and hands-on.
  2. I wanted to add to the discussion about Ozais role as a father. His cold heart runs in the family. Ozai may have scarred Zuko, but Azulon wanted Zuko to be killed. That entire family needs some counseling. I compare Ozai to darth vader. Vader may have taken over the galaxy and murdered thousands, but he still cared about his son. - My real beef with Ozai is that we didn't get to see him in action until the very end. I prefer a real hands-on villain like megaton or mum-ra. Someone who will get their hands dirty. I feel that at least one mid series confrontation with the Aang gang would have helped, if for nothing else but to show who the strongest is. - As for the painted lady episode. I agree with the gripes, but not the score. Like you said, each character reached a point where they went off the schedule. I can't imagine them leaving and doing nothing at all to help. That would be like abandoning the family that needed help through the serpents pass. They may not have made it back at all to help the town, if things had taken a turn for the worst. Just my thoughts
  3. In the crossroads, this is where it really hit home for me that Zuko is an awesome fighter. I got to see how his techniques improved. When he takes a shot at Aang, it looks like this huge kameha-meha cannon. Beyond awesome. Katara had some new moves as well. It seemed like everyone took it up a notch. Maybe it's because the emotions were high. - Also, I like how that scar from Azula's lightning stays on Aang's back. Good writing.
  4. I agree with your point about filler episodes. If an episode can give me just a little bit of story, and continuity, I will give it a pass even if it is not a very strong episode overall. I admit that I look at the series with 'avatar-colored' glasses. Even when I'm critical of an episode, it still compares favorably against most other cartoons on TV right now. - What makes a bad episode for you? - For me, its when a conflict resolution seems a little too convenient. Or cheesy dialogue and plot lines that have been done before.
  5. Maybe you get bored because the action comes to a sudden stop. The team will think they are in danger, when actually its the humble swamp benders. So it's not like they pose a real threat. They were trying to protect their home, and not really hurt the team. They also seem to hop on board without any opposition. Other people they meet along the way are so oppressed by the fire nation, that they are reluctant to help. It has been a while since I watched this episode, so I can't really give examples by event. With this series, I find that I get just as much excitement from the filler episodes, because it adds to the story. I tend to rate these much higher than others.
  6. I really liked The Swamp episode. Up until this point, the bending disciplines have been pretty cut and dry. The swamp benders take it a step farther and show how water bending can be used in other ways. It also can be interpreted as different cultures in the avatar world. It is mainly asian fantasy, but I can see where other ethnicities can have a place in the avatar world. The swamp benders remind me of "country folk" in the bayou.
  7. I actually think that the Fortune Teller was a pretty strong episode. It was most likely filler to develop the characters, but there is a message behind it. That in a time of war, and a no avatar to keep balance, all you have is faith. I don't think they were trying to draw as much attention to the ignorance of the villagers, but rather to how the main characters (and the audience) thinks about life. In a later episode, "The Painted Lady," Katara poses as the painted lady so save the villagers. She could have done it herself, but didn't want to injure the faith of the town (Nor reveal her identity). - June the bounty hunter is one of those great characters that gets lost in the series. I love her design, the animal she rides. I wish she had a LOT more screen time. - The Blue Spirit was epic. No complaints about that one. Good action, mystery, and good character development. Also shows how humble Aang is. He still has hope for his enemies, even Ozai.
  8. I like the "JET" episode a lot. Every good story needs a band of rebels. Makes the story more interesting. I just hate that we didn't see the freedom fighters again until way later in the series. That was some missed opportunity. They have the same motivation as team avatar, but with more of a darker edge. They will hurt people. As far as Katara and Jet, it is kinda messed up that she is all about girl power, but still swoons over the "bad-boy." Typical teenage girl stuff though. If you notice, all the heartbreak that she goes through has made her bending even stronger. - Oh, and Jet is a TOTAL rip of Kabal from Mortal Kombat 3. - Kevin C. (the guy that wrote the email this episode. I've also called in couple times on WFP)