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  1. I have seen seasons 1 and 2 as well as part of 3.... still working on it. My friends here got me hooked..... so I rather wish I could go... Granted I could still have a trick up my sleeve.... only time shall unfold this one though.
  2. Thanks guys! I've had a relaxing day that had a highlight of BBQ ribs for dinner.
  3. Keep me posted... it's not like they are going anywhere. Besides if I have enough people wanting them from me I could just have a battle royal for them or something.
  4. So due to various things I'm not going anymore. I had already bought tickets while they were cheaper. I no longer need said tickets. If someone who hasn't gotten them.... and want them... contact me and I'm sure we can work something out.
  5. See.... this is the version I have seen. I'm not sure if the tears I had were because I was laughing so hard or if they were because I knew I had watched it. Also... I no longer want cookies...
  6. Wow... just.... Why need such young girls go that way so soon?
  7. Rachel

    The Smurfs

    I personally was never the biggest fan of the Smurfs. So this just unsettles me a little.
  8. An artist's work (whom I watch on deviant art)