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  1. 1 hour ago, Donomark said:

    I've personally seen memorials and WB employee obituaries spam-bombed by cries to RELEASE THE SNYDER CUT. 

    Yikes, thats not a good look. Thanks for the info - I had no idea. I'm hopeful that the described actions were those of a very small, toxic faction, that doesn't represent the entirety, similar to the toxic (and racist) Star Wars fans that surface every few years to spread hate and harass. But still, there is no excuse for that behaviour. 

    I'll amend here my previous comment to note that I am happy that all those that campaigned or were hoping to see the Snyder Cut and were respectful during the process will be able to see it. Similarly, I'm happy for my friends and those that were involved in the original principal photography and had their work scrapped, altered or otherwise removed, who will now get to see their work completed. 

  2. Wow. He is absolutely brutal - I love it. This looks excellent! Also, Colin Farrell looks unrecognizable. 

    Reeves noted in the panel that the story revolves around a murder mystery structure as a way to introduce a number of notable rogues, which I think is a great approach, especially considering HBO and Reeves are producing a GCPD tie-in show. The Gotham shown here is one I am excited to see more of!

  3. 7 minutes ago, Dan said:

    I don't give a thought one way or the other to the movie itself, but what we learned here today is if the fandom screams loud enough, and acts shitty enough, the studio might cave in and go back and change shit. It happened with ME3, it happened with Sonic, and it's happening now with JL. This is a very, very, very bad precedent to set, and I am not happy about it.

    Maybe I am out of the loop, but what was the "shitty" behaviour in this situation, aside from complaining and spamming the ever loving hell out of every forum and comment section with #ReleaseTheSnyderCut or complaints about the theatrical cut? Not trying to argue or disagree, I am just genuinely curious if I missed something, since I wasn't paying much attention to this "movement" early on. It seemed to me that fans were pouring their own money into advertising and donations

  4. Say what you will about Snyder's films, but the fact we are here is truly a testament to the dedication of the fans and supporters. I never thought this would come to be, but I am happy for all those that campaigned and clamoured for this. I really enjoyed Man of Steel, have mixed feelings about BvS, and didn't overly enjoy the theatrical cut of Justice League, so I will be curious to watch this and see how I feel about it, as well as see how Snyder intended it to be. 

    Also, in the panel it was announced the film will initially be split up into four hour-long instalments, and then later available as one large film. 

  5. 'The First Avenger' showcased Cap's unbreakable heroism and patriotism in a classic setting so well, but 'The Winter Soldier' took those characteristics, tested them, flipped them on their head, and established the same very qualities in a modern, undoubtable way. And whilst 'The First Avenger' brought the hero to life, 'The Winter Soldier' showed us why he is an enduring and essential part of the MCU.

    Not only this, but 'The Winter Soldier'  has great action, introduces great supporting characters, and really delivers where it counts. It is a powerhouse and at the top of the MCU, for me. It has my (currently deciding) vote.


    Please, someone else vote - this is entirely too much pressure.

  6. Oof, this is tricky.

    I was never as high on 'Guardians of the Galaxy' as everyone else, but it is hard to deny the fun and charm it exudes. The ensemble is great and there is a lot of fun to be had, even if the villain is a little underwhelming. The music and emotion are all there, and I think this is definitely a breath of fresh air in the MCU. 

    Similarly, 'Thor: Ragnarok' has a lot of fun moments and I enjoy it quite a bit even if it doesn't hit the highs of some other Marvel ventures. I think there is a lot to enjoy about Ragnarok, although I wish there was more for Hela to do. I can see the tonal concerns raised by some, however, as I have said before, I don't feel that is a unique issue of Ragnarok but rather the entire MCU, although this might be a prime example of it. I still have a great time with this one and think it is a great Thor outing. 

    'Captain America: The First Avenger' is a treat, and is so fun. Again, It doesn't hit the highest highs, but it does a great job introducing the character while playing up the golden-age fun and charm. I'm going to go with 'Captain America', however, the other two are not very far behind. 

  7. This was quite challenging, but I'm going with 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier'.

    'Endgame' has a lot of great moments and I am always surprised it works as well as it does, however, it still gets a little clunky and has some jokey bits that sometime take me out of it. I still think it is excellent, just not at the top for me. Similarly, 'Black Panther' is really great and does such a service to the characters, but the third act dips in quality for me. A lot of the CG throughout the film is also of lesser quality. Easily has the best score of the MCU though, that's for sure. 

    'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' is just a great continuation of the Captain America story, and really explores the themes his character is based around. I think the supporting characters are all great and the story is quite gripping. I love a lot of the action and I feel that this film is just a great time, with no supplemental viewings of other films required. 

  8. I voted for 'Guardians of the Galaxy', but I don't know (if in the 1 minute since submitting the vote) if I stand-by that. I like these both, and I think Guardians is good fun, but has a lackluster villain. In my opinion 'Infinity War' is a powerhouse and has some of the best moments of the MCU. The villain is also top-notch. This is the hardest pairing for me, and I am going back and forth. 'Guardians of the Galaxy' (technically) has my vote because it is a complete narrative, but I enjoy 'Infinity War' just as much.


  9. I am going with 'Iron Man' which is definitely one of the best entries of the MCU, in my opinion. I also like 'Thor: Ragnarok' and find it quite enjoyable, but I think 'Iron Man' has it beat. I don't quite understand the hatred expressed by some for Ragnarok, as I find it great fun and the "tonal imbalance" doesn't nearly bother me as much as it bothers some. In my opinion, the MCU as a whole has a pretty consistent tonal imbalance and it is not unique to Ragnarok. 

  10. I don't really see the problem with Time-Travel, nor do I feel the movie was lessened for including it. There is a character in this universe that walks around with (what is essentially) a time machine around his neck, so I don't think it was a far-fetched path to go down or wasn't adequately established. Sure, it may feel cheap to some, but its a comic-book movie... frankly, with the amount of comics that revolve around time-travel concepts, I'm surprised we haven't encountered more of it in these films. 

    Guardians 2 is fun, has some great moments, some not-so-great moments, and is perfectly fine. But if I were going to rewatch one I'd sooner choose 'Endgame'. On a personal level, it does more for me and it therefore has my vote.   

  11. In my opinion, 'Black Panther" gave more character to its antagonist than 'The Avengers' did for any member of the ensemble. The third act may be a bit jumbled, but I prefer it to 'The Avengers', which in recent viewings has started to feel rather silly.

  12. "GGV.2" is far from amazing, but it has a lot of fun moments and an interesting story. "Ant-Man" is perfectly fine, albeit forgettable and formulaic. I also think it is remembered favourably because of Paul Rudd's charm, when really the villain and overarching threat are nothing. "GGV.2" it is!